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    Guns and shooting, history, dogs, family and friends. Finding my lost horse, staying sober so I won't lose my horse! Fly fishing, laughing and storytelling. Honorary JEDI GF #222

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  1. Shooting last so you..... don't have to... JNH

  2. Shooting last, so you don't  have to...

    Jim No Horse

  3. Howdy JNH,


    Sorry I missed you at EOT. IFYou get out here later this summer give me  a call, I'd like to buy you lunch.



    1. Jim No Horse

      Jim No Horse

      Thanks Yui...lunch sounds good...will call when I have a better ETA...Jim

    2. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      Sounds great. PM me when it gets closer and I'll give you my phone number.



  4. You guys crack me up...if I only lived closer I could shoot last with you guys....Jim
  5. Rye Miles???????????????? Do we have to include him??? ?...Jim
  6. Thanks for the video Warden....I like seeing the actual process...Jim
  7. Rye...what will they call you? Weinie...sissy...quiter...weather conflicted...32....are you guys serious...that is hardcore...good luck and have fun...you Tusco guys are the real deal....Jim
  8. Man oh man..you shotgun shell reloaders are hardcore...Jim
  9. Come on down...I will actually loan you good pistols...unlike Hoss... in fact my sights have little or no wear on them...welcome to the game and look forward to shooting with you...Jim
  10. Thanks Dan...a heads up for us all....Jim
  11. Good on you Pit Bull...you make me smile...looking forward to shooting with you some day.....Jim
  12. Another good man gone. God bless him and all who loved him in this time of darkness and loss....Jim
  13. It seems to me thank you post threads don't llast as long as grumpy threads. Heres to a nice guy....Jim
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