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  1. Some of the 32-20's are called jr's and are smaller. Mine are the colt clones so should fit i would think.
  2. Howdy Pard, I recently bought a Hell's Forge on Ebay... $249 free shipping been using for 9 months very regularly with no issues. 2 burner forge, reaches welding temps with no issues. Then built a brake drum coal forge and use it alot too. Very easy to build if that's your cup of tea. I picked up some reasonable starter tongs on Ebay as well and working into making my own now. Just bought a new Emerson 100lb anvil from Jantz knife making supply. Give them a look, they have tons of stuff. Hope this helps Larabee
  3. The Good Lord willing and creek don't rise this cowpoke will be there !!!!. I wonder if that ole rascal Leadpumper will be there !!!
  4. I was wanting that Big Lube with extra big lube cavity for black powder lube.
  5. Hello Pards, I'm looking for 200 grain Mav dutchman, Big Lube bullet mold if anyone has a good used one with or without handles. Either way is fine. Thought I'd check the waters here before i bought a new one. Thanks in advance. Larabee
  6. Will take snubies but want sent to me...45 cylinders sent separate package...


    Texas Lizard

  7. Hello Pards, I hate to do this but hard times call for drastic measures and medical bills are stacking up... enough of that, the snubbies were the work of Colorado Coffinmaker and the finest cap gun actions I've ever turned. They the longer 1860 grips installed on them, along with slix shot nipples in 5 of the cylinders in both guns. Both have 45 colt cylinders that have been tuned to each gun. They have custom brass front sights and the guns are Piettas. I only shot them in one match. Price is $1000.00 Shipped from my FFL dealer. Brass frames are basically new, fired once. Piettas. $400 shipped for the set, dont want to split the set. Last is a IAC 1911 that i purchased from Johnny Meadows and was his 1911 when he tried wild bunch. He said it had been slicked up by a friend of his and the action and trigger is very nice. Comes with 6- 7 round magazines and 3 - 8 round Metalform magazines. $585 shipped. Would enetertain offers for a package deal on everything. Also have a cap n ball cylinder loader, deluxe model, gave 160, would take 100$ shipped. Thanks Larabee. Can call or text at 618-843-9249 with any questions or more pictures or pics of cylinder loader
  8. I'll get them packed up Boomstick, pm me your address again, i had it but probably misplaced it by now !!
  9. I have an extra set of .45 colt dies I'd be glad to donate if someone needs them.
  10. Larabee: Do you have a tracking number for me yet. Thanks Bulldog Brown

    1. Larabee


      Which one did you get ? Sorry, i have shipped 8 things this week !! Bare with me !! Larabee 

    2. Larabee


      9114 9014 9645 1539 2891 96. Sorry about that, i couldn't remember what went to who !! Should be there in a day or so.


  11. Go west, i saw your mernickle rig on a classified add another pard had and saw he passed on it. It's the exact size and caliber I'm in the market for. I'm very interested in buying yours. Could you contact me and let me know what you are asking for it and what the holsters fit. Thanks a bunch,


    I tried to pm you, but said you can't recieve messages ?  Wasn't sure how else to reach you. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Larabee


      Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate the great deal on them.

    3. Larabee


      Got the rig and couldn't be happier !! Thank you so much for a great deal on the rig and great transaction. If you ever move back to Illinois, please contact me and we'll meet and hopefully we can go to a cowboy match together !! Thanks again Pard,


    4. Go West

      Go West

      Put it to good use and enjoy the heck out of it.


      Go West

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