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  1. GUN? what ever cycles and shoots. NOW ammo is the biggie! It must be perfect reloads. Mags must function ever time. OK so I use a Smith Wesson custom, and a Para Expert. Both shoot well when fed properly.
  2. 45 slugs 250 grain, I get good spotter.
  3. Howdy; Slippery hands slide up and pinch the web of your hand with the hammer and stop the gun from cocking.
  4. Howdy; Not Winchester but another brand mashed the primers DEEP. Need a needle fireing pin to reach.
  5. Safety ? Heck we all step over to the side berm and the posse loads all guns, then we shoot in turn step to the other side berm and unload the brass and clear our own guns. ITs a private range on a farm. No one can see us behind the corn stocks.
  6. EOT Dates. DETAILS; Go to 2019 EOT the hit the register button, there you find the dates and when registration is open. hint;18 to 28 June 2020. EOT Thanks all.
  7. Hello; What are the start and end dates for the EOT next year, 2020?
  8. So the old days were different with different people. Things change, for the better or worse? lack of respect from other shooting games. We are what you see in the mirror. Accept it.
  9. I have used claybuster CB 175-12 for 3/4 ounce loads with red dot. Less lead is less recoil.
  10. HOWDY; The MEC machine says not for loaded rounds. BUT I have been doing it to all factory and reloaded shells. Also started trashing all but Remington STS hulls, Like GJ says, his words ring true.
  11. Howdy; I zero the rifle at 50 yards. I like the bullet to hit above my sights as sometime I pull down on the trigger. Also use the same rifle for field pistol silhouettes with a different load. Revolver are set to 15 yards, as minimum target must be 10 meters are not always huge.
  12. WELL Howdy; I could not resist. Ran down and got the Winchester 73. So for now just looking to shoot it. I like the idea of not dumping huge dollars. Please let me know what you have found out with these rifles. I have been a Marlin only shooter for years. Near Toronto Ontario, Eastern time zone.

    Thank you


  13. Howdy. Speed may not always be the reason. Some folk have hand issues and it may be less painful to reach and pull a round out not up.
  14. Hello from Canada. always enjoy your stuff. Best  wishes  VICIOUS

    1. Doc Shapiro

      Doc Shapiro

      Thank you!  Glad to hear B)

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