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  1. Howdy; I have stiffened holsters by using real bees wax and hair drier to apply heat and melted the wax into the leather. It will soften in the sun and smell nice.
  2. http://www.bullseyelondon.com/norinco-1897-trench-shotgun-12-gauge-20-barrel-wood-stock.htm    Looks are one thing but touch and feel, well that may be different. 

    1. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      Well, the picture on Bullseye's site shows a walnut stocked gun, and implies this is a new import batch.   You're in Canada, which does not prohibit import from Norinco company.  U.S. black listed imports from them 15 years ago, so IAC has imported 97s to US from that time.


      IF this is new production with all the improvements that the IAC batches had from 2006 forward, that is a killer price!   A big IF. 


      You probably want to get a look at them - a close look.


      You may want a standard gun rather than a trench gun if using it for Cowboy.    And a trench does not add anything but style points for WB.


      Garrison Joe

  3. YEP. some dealers order direct, maybe. New batch inbound 299 dollars Canadian. Can not bring them into USA . The ATF will reject them on a form 6 1a for cowboy match's into the states. The batch a couple of years ago had issues. Will go to the store in a week and look at the this batch. The 1911 pistols have frames and slides so rock hard it takes a long time to shoot them in.
  4. Howdy; A local gun store (in Canada) is selling Norinco solid frame Winchester 97 with 20 inch barrels. What were if any were the issues with the last batch of Norinco 97 that made it to USA?
  5. 357 Bain Davis. Perfect for black powder
  6. Also the 22WRF is. Not allowed. Got a framed letter telling me so 20 years ago.
  7. Enforce the rules as they stand. That's the best way to get unnecessary ones changed. After decades of CAS shooting this is a old dance. The Wild bunch shooters got rid of extra rules.
  8. Leaf-peeking is perfect north of the boarder. Canadian that is,, even some snow for you to enjoy.
  9. WELL Howdy; I could not resist. Ran down and got the Winchester 73. So for now just looking to shoot it. I like the idea of not dumping huge dollars. Please let me know what you have found out with these rifles. I have been a Marlin only shooter for years. Near Toronto Ontario, Eastern time zone.

    Thank you


  10. Howdy. Speed may not always be the reason. Some folk have hand issues and it may be less painful to reach and pull a round out not up.
  11. Hello from Canada. always enjoy your stuff. Best  wishes  VICIOUS

    1. Doc Shapiro

      Doc Shapiro

      Thank you!  Glad to hear B)

  12. Marlin 1894 have there own set of needs. So it is just simple and easy to use a 250 RNFP and shoot.
  13. Howdy; 250 RNFP, PITA to try and get 200 to not blow powder into your eyes over the bolt.
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