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  1. Howdy; Just cause some of us remember 30 years back and may talk about them it is not a slam on the current shooting. Just means we can still remember some crazy and un-safe stuff we done. So please allow us to ramble on. Its all part of the game. That was then this is now and I am just glad to still be here.
  2. HOWDY; Got a Winchester saddle ring carbine, 357. Buy it shoot it. It works for me.
  3. CLEAN? I guess after 10 years I give it a lube job.
  4. HOWDY; Come to southern Ontario Canada, no snow and above freezing. Take care of yourself. Off to a pistol match in my track shoes.
  5. Howdy; I have done well at local match's against better faster shooter doing exactly the stuff Garrison Joe has stated. That is my gun always fired and not jammed, theres failed.
  6. I am alive and got 3 hots and a cot. Everything else is gravey.
  7. Howdy; I have a 25 year pin from the Butler Rangers shoot commigrating the 25th year of consecutive CAS shooting at the first club to do CAS in CANADA .( Guelph Ontario still hosted by Indian Frank) That 25 year pin would look nice beside it.
  8. JOHN said if you think you going to need six, load six.
  9. HOWDY; Do not need any stinking pins. Load six and lets start the dance!
  10. WELL Howdy; I could not resist. Ran down and got the Winchester 73. So for now just looking to shoot it. I like the idea of not dumping huge dollars. Please let me know what you have found out with these rifles. I have been a Marlin only shooter for years. Near Toronto Ontario, Eastern time zone.

    Thank you


  11. Howdy. Speed may not always be the reason. Some folk have hand issues and it may be less painful to reach and pull a round out not up.
  12. Hello from Canada. always enjoy your stuff. Best  wishes  VICIOUS

    1. Doc Shapiro

      Doc Shapiro

      Thank you!  Glad to hear B)

  13. Marlin 1894 have there own set of needs. So it is just simple and easy to use a 250 RNFP and shoot.
  14. Howdy; 250 RNFP, PITA to try and get 200 to not blow powder into your eyes over the bolt.
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