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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas, I appreciate it!
  2. I shot a doe this past season with my 1886 in 45/70. I've been tempted to take my Uberti .357 out a few times.
  3. It came from a local guy called Unique Custom Furniture out of Fredericktown, OH. A web search will bring him up.
  4. Ha you always crack me up! I also know the pleasure of pulling shot out of carpet
  5. I appreciate all the replies! I was thinking something along the lines of Conestoga. Mounting extended pegs or hooks to a barnwood or hickory board and hanging them on that. Mike, I will throw a picture up of whatever I come up with when it happens so you can see. Trust me the room isn't as clean as it appears. The mess is just behind all of those cabinets! The stuff that stays out is just dumped in the cigar boxes behind the presses. If you open the doors you'd see it. It's just hiding.
  6. Prayers sent. Keep us updated on how he's doing. Missed seeing him yesterday.
  7. Howdy, I am starting to accumulate a hefty collection of holster rigs. How do you cowboys and cowgirls hang or store your rigs when not using them? I'm looking for ideas on how to hang 6 rigs on the wall. If anyone does this, pictures would be much appreciated. Here's a picture of my gun room. I'm looking to hang them just to the left of the cabinets on the wall. Sorry it's not a closer picture. Thanks Raging Thunder
  8. What a great Thread! Thanks everyone for all the great info. This is quickly becoming the go to thread for Brass BP loading.
  9. Dawg and Coffinmaker are experts when comes to this. They give great advice. Love the Pics Dawg!
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