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  1. Do you have an "old school" weightlifting gym in your town? If so and if you're looking for "York" plates specifically, that might be a good place to try.
  2. They look like Mr. Bill and a bunch of his relatives. Where's Sluggo?
  3. Caulk backer rod works great with real black. I use it in my Plainsman 45-70 light rifle loads.
  4. That would make for a hot load, Abilene!
  5. Alliant Extra Lite is another good alternative to keep your eye out for.
  6. Last seen in a Dodge City saloon looking for the man who shot his paw.
  7. Did he have anything to do with the gun knocked off the loading table? Asking for some friends.
  8. What markings identifying an 1887 worked on by Coyote Cap should one look for to verify authenticity? Thanks.
  9. I can see it all now. "Hey, mister! Are you one o' them . . . Classic Cowboys?"
  10. A couple more questions, please. The only stated rationale I've seen for the proposed rule change is "shortages of some of the current standard components in a lot of areas". Is this the only rationale or are there other stated rationales? Is there any quantifiable data regarding the number of requests made for the proposed rule change, regardless of rationale?
  11. As a practical matter, are black powder smoke tests conducted at matches?
  12. Howdy, Dusty. Sorry to hear about your situation. I went through that sometime back. You can get replacements from Slix Springs. https://www.slixprings.com/ I went ahead and replaced both springs at the same time. Good luck and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Will Kane
  13. Yes! Please let us know what happens if you go through with your plan. I've been holding off on ordering one of his 6-cavity .454 round ball molds due to the non-communication concern.
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