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  1. If you do a search of "Hairtrigger Hayes" on YouTube, you'll find a treasure trove of great videos.
  2. I bought one a while back to shoot in Plainsman side matches, and I've been pleased with it. Mine came with a pretty stiff hammer pull, which I was able to alleviate with this relatively simple spring modification. https://www.go2gbo.com/threads/henry-h015-single-shot-rifles-trigger-hammer-fix.385560/. Unlike that of an H&R Handi-rifle, the Henry's hammer cannot be cocked while the breach is open due to an interlock. I have not run across anything on the web or otherwise showing how to disable the interlock. Mine shucks spent cases very nicely, and the iron sights allow POA
  3. Looking forward to Defend the Fort in November.
  4. Dawg, if you find a source, I’ll be right behind you in the checkout line.
  5. That's my dream pair of pistolas right there, boy!
  6. https://www.ungerglobal.com/en/products/niftynabber-trigger-grip
  7. Mesquite wood extended gunfighter grips on my OM Vaqueros by Texas Grips, Corpus Christi, TX.
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