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  1. RIP, Johnny Crawford. A truly gifted child actor. Battled Alzheimer's for a good while before his passing.
  2. Many thanks, GJ and WC. I couldn’t ask for more authoritative replies. Much obliged.
  3. The left firing pin nut on my trusty 1878 came loose and I'm trying to figure out the proper size nut driver to get in order to secure it. The parts manual I found online does not specify. Can anyone educate me? Please and thank you.
  4. Thanks, Rusty. It sure is a beauty! I already have a pair of sheriff’s models, so I’m not in the market for another pistola right now. I’m just looking for one more extra cylinder.
  5. I really like my Henry single shot in 45-70. I’ve used it in two Plainsman side matches so far and it shoots just as good as an H&R Handi Rifle, IMHO. TWO drawbacks it has in stock condition, compared to a HR are a pretty stiff hammer spring and an interlock that won’t let you cock it when it’s broken open. I’m planning to replace the stock hammer spring with a lighter one. I haven’t seen anything yet regarding disabling the interlock.
  6. I found one. I'm still looking for one more. Thanks.
  7. Found one. Need one more. Thanks.
  8. Sedalia Dave, you might consider contacting Henry Lance at Texas Grips in Corpus Christi. https://texasgrips.com/ He made me some very nice checkered gunfighter extended grips for my OM Vaqueros.
  9. An annual match par excellence in all aspects.
  10. Oklahoma Dee is one prince of a guy.
  11. I've had pretty good luck finding lead sheeting at the local recycling centers. Anywhere from $0.90 to $1.00 per pound.
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