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  1. Moving houses around used to be not uncommon. I know of a couple in my neighborhood that were moved in the pre-WWII years. One a couple of miles.
  2. Variations of this canard have been around for years. Used to be they were going to charge for email. Doubt it....
  3. That Lexington episode is still remembered here, with an article in the paper every few years.
  4. His WWII anti-Japanese-American cartoons have hardly been a secret. I saw some of them many years ago. I remember one where very slant-eyed buck-toothed Japanese-Americans were lining up at a telephone eager to call in information to Japan. Not very appealing, to say the least. And not just now; there were many people back then who objected to these depictions. It was the times, and his work 'atoned' for it many times over, if that's the word. After all, it was Franklin Roosevelt who put them in the camps...but then the cancellation project is underway with him, too.
  5. While those have been around a long time, they've never been universal at all. We've never had one; just checks and a small ledger book in the checkbook. I stopped writing the checks in the ledger and balancing the checkbook years ago. We only write a few checks nowadays, and for several years now. We keep the balance up, and know we are always well within it. Then we look at the check copies and statements monthly. Not like when you're younger, and have to be painstaking about the record and the balance in the account.
  6. My house is worth up to ten times what we paid for it 40 years ago. Life on the West coast. Doesn't matter to us, because we won't be selling it. Good for the heirs, though. Taxes are pretty substantial.
  7. I get mine from my bank; photocopies of the front, that is.
  8. There were quite a few biplanes that performed useful specialized roles in WWII, the Swordfish very much among them. There were a lot of biplanes developed in the interwar period; very advanced over their WWI predecessors. I personally knew a WWII British Spitfire ace. Two of his credited kills were of Italian C-42s (as I remember the model); biplanes the Italians sent to Britain in the last days of the Battle of Britain (wanting to get in on the 'kill' as they were misled by their German allies). He said they were slow but could turn very fast and narrowly. The machin
  9. On the ammo front, my last three visits to Bass Pro found some ammo in stock; they bring it in on those rolling steel shelves. At my local store, they now have a clerk standing at these shelves. It's always a mixed bag, this time they had a lot of .45 Colt, so I picked up a box; I have quite a bit in stock. They had .300 Win Mag, .308 and a few other rifle rounds. .45 acp; no 9mm. Last week I picked up three boxes of .38spl there, topping up my supply. In short, more and more is gradually making it to the stores.
  10. I drink a Coke maybe 2 or 3 times per year. Not a soft drink fan much. A few 7-Ups per year, and a Squirt or two....
  11. "Until work has reached its previous stage, nympharium privileges are denied to all."
  12. From the earliest times firearms, like swords, armor, and other weaponry before them, have combined function with art and high artisanship. Even more, a quality 'functional' gun, without 'extras', is a intriguingly well-crafted, intricate purely mechanical device. I've known many people, ignorant of firearms, when they are shown and handle good guns, with good explanations, 'get it'.
  13. I count myself lucky: 6 siblings, none of whom are anti-gun. The opposite, in fact. The five brothers divided our dad's gun by lot to make it fair; he had quite a few. No antis among the many offspring, including lots of grandkids, nieces and nephews, etc. And the spouses. It's good.
  14. I bought a Charter Arms Bulldog, .44 spl. a couple of years ago, 'just because'. I liked the idea of a lightweight, easily carried snubby in the big bore. I enjoy that revolver, shoot it regularly in the mix at the range, and use it for pocket carry while backpacking.
  15. Lots of commercial rifle ammo, at 'non-shortage' prices, is close to $1.50 per round.
  16. My dad had several high school friends here in Tacoma who were sent to the camps with their families in 1942. It was not a happy situation. These kinds of things bring out the best and worst in people. Many of those interned were truck farmers hereabouts. In some cases, their neighbors worked their land for them, paid their taxes, and returned the land to the homecomers with some rents and profits. Others in effect stole properties at tax sales (obviously those sent to the camps couldn't pay property taxes); those owners received nothing when they came back.
  17. I have practiced before the courts of this country for 45 years, state and Federal, and have never lost faith in them, nor in juries, though both at times can make errors, as is true of every human institution and condition. This truncated, out-of-context quote is, to put it frankly, meaningless. My guess, based upon long experience, is that it makes perfect sense in the context of whatever narrow dispute gave rise to the case. And the subject matter is on the face of it some obviously very narrow controversy indeed. Why not print the whole opinion, if a point is to be made?
  18. My grandad was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He was a pilot in the Royal Air Force in WWI. My dad was born in British Columbia. They immigrated to the US in the late 1920s. So I am the son and grandson of immigrants. It was tough in those days. They said 'eh' and 'shedule' and 'aboot' and 'zed' and were relentlessly persecuted for it. People can be so cruel!
  19. I got my dad's Win Model 12 in 16 gauge, which in turn I gave to my oldest son. I have my dad's 12 ga. Browing semi-auto, and his Model 12 S&W .38 spl. My brothers have other guns of his, and one has our granddad's Stirlingworth 12 ga double.
  20. I do believe it likely that a little more context is needed for that quote...
  21. Best thing that ever happened was the AAA tire-changing service! I changed a whole lot of tires in my time. But not for the last 20 years or so....I could if I had to... Heck, my Toyota Sienna doesn't even have a spare. 'Run flat' tires.....
  22. It was the on-line bookstore, and very nice that was! It seemed like overnight it became....everything. An amazing story, like a lot of technological amazing stories these last few decades.
  23. A brother of mine got his at one of the local drive-in sites. He then drove to the 'waiting' lot for the 15 minute wait.
  24. This is very poor colorization. Contemporary AI-assisted colorization is very realistic now. Except in the case of black-and-white movies, I don't see colorization as an 'abomination'. On Youtube now you can see many old film clips, street scenes and the like (not cinema firm), fixed up to proper speed and AI colorized. They are very impressive. You see the 'reality', just like our own reality, rather than the jerky b&w that somehow makes it seems like the past is a very different and distant place. It has quite an impact. The recent great example of t
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