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  1. I have many times- Getting the timing 'rite' on the 87 to feed all brass was a challenge. OLG
  2. Look at Ruger 22 pistols. The removable barreled section has the serial #. Not the firing mechanism that holds all of the 'controls' OLG
  3. I would never totally disable a firearm safety. One heck of a liability issue for you and where you shoot if someone is injured from a ND. OLG
  4. Guess what the vacuum will smell like for a long, long time? OLG
  5. NKJ is a FFL. You would do well to listen to him. Also, state laws come into play here. OLG
  6. These are VERY well made knives. https://www.knivesofalaska.com/Home OLG
  7. Like buying guns-Only she will know what fits HER hand and works for her. Good outfit to deal with......... https://www.bladehq.com/ OLG
  8. Pistol and rifle reloads, ain't uncommon out here. OLG
  9. The first thing the ATF person will ask is if the ammo is commonly sold today. I would NOT risk it........ OLG
  10. They are called 'Ghost-Guns'..... I'll be leaving PRK soon.......Headed to Missouri. OLG
  11. Also-Let's not forget who he is related to........ She is pull'n his strings for sure OLG
  12. Ceramic is easier to separate from the cases. I use a Dillon case separator. Yul, best of luck with that root canal. OLG
  13. Get's me out of household chores...... I found it very beneficial for match grade ammo in both BP and 'white' powder. I use ceramic media for all case cleaning now. OLG
  14. Best to have 2-4 more SG shells than what the stage calls for. Murphy is alive and well. OLG
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