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  1. Aren't those specs backwards? -HS increases, as wear sets in? OLG
  2. The way it should be in all 50 states OLG
  3. Until that, and being allowed to 'stoke' becomes SASS, SOP-many folks will never know the fun. Such small changes could go a long way is slowing down the participant loss we are now seeing. OLG
  4. You hands are gonna get tired of the hand depriming. Call Dillon again and maybe send the press in for rebuild. Your hands-Your choice........ OLG
  5. And some accountability to where all the money is go'n. I really like the idea of being allowed, without penalty, to use the rifle targets with the handguns Perhaps, this could become a rule proposal. Just have the shooter when they come to the line say their intentions, so the spotters know. OLG
  6. Was one of'em a bubble headed bleach blonde?............ OLG
  7. If you bought the car from a dealer-Try the dealer. OLG
  8. Well to start with-How do the firearms get registered to the club and not an individual member? Also-who will be responsible for their safe storage etc? Before anyone advocates such as this-- I strongly urge you to discuss this with a lawyer that deals in liability. It will be an eye opener for you. In today's sue happy world-It just ain't worth the chance........... Carry on, OLG
  9. Having a 'club' provide loaner guns is a liability pit that they should not have to deal with. Also-Many clubs just don't have the $$$. OLG
  10. Larsen, PLEASE find a local rescue and look for a new friend. Bet you'll be saving 2 lives. Trust me, when I say it helps with the pain you feel now. BTDT Good luck to you! OLG
  11. Guess you have no mirrors in your house then............ OLG
  12. Use the lights as a back warmer...... OLG
  13. That should be a top of the page, forever type 'sticky'. OLG
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