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  1. Got the same from him. It's been going on for awhile now. OLG
  2. NO It's synthetic and a dang good oil. OLG
  3. Hope you bought a Lotto ticket on your way home-- Good find OLG
  4. An answer to a question, that was never asked....... OLG
  5. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop?olsPage=products%2F230-grain-45-colt-or-acp-sized-452&page=2 OLG
  6. Use a RN lead with about 5.6gn of WW231 powder. OLG
  7. I can use a rod and patch for about ZERO cost. OLG
  8. Trust me-We knew before you did............ OLG
  9. Had to stop be'n a Duelist because of shoulder and hand issues. Now, I be a SS...... Best of both worlds. OLG
  10. One of the reasons I like Bear Creek moly coated? No lube to 'fall-off' and the moly doesn't gunk up the dies. OLG
  11. If a police Sgt won't help. Demand to speak the the station commander, ASAP. Kris-where you work(think I know the location)would you be allowed to have 'bear-spray' in your car, while on the property? OLG
  12. FYI-The OP hasn't been 'on' since the 10th. OLG
  13. Call the bullet maker and ask for replacements. You paid for lubed bullets. OLG
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