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  1. I would purchase one if I could find another brass bag like that
  2. Wasn't sure where to post question feel free to move it. Me personally I could attend a lot more on Saturday Sunday. Match directors know how to schedule to get their numbers and I'm fine with that thankful for the matches I get to attend
  3. No complaints just a question why are the majority of State and annual matches held on Friday Saturday versus Saturday Sunday.
  4. Saint Elmo's steakhouse Indianapolis Indiana
  5. Wild lead


    Sorry Tom it's just my nature. Don't get me started on the names that we call you
  6. Wild lead


    I feel when most people say it it's non complementary almost derogatory term.I think of a gamer as being someone that has figured out a better or quicker way then what the majority thought of.
  7. Wild lead


    We all play this game.so what is a gamer?
  8. Snake oil George you won't be disappointed
  9. Eggs I cannot and will not eat them. I could come much closer to eating cow manure
  10. I have that very bench with a 550 mounted on it little to no movement. Highly recommended
  11. I was truly hoping there wasn't a cure
  12. If Diego's not interested I might be
  13. James Arness. me and friend we're delivering firewood in Iberia Missouri when a helicopter landed in the field we sat there and watched Marshal Dillon get out of the helicopter and meet a man about purchasing a cattle dog. We watched from a distance after he left with the dog we went and spoke with the gentleman ask him is that he thought it was he said yes
  14. I have been waiting since October also after talking to somebody mid December they said they would ship at the end of the year I called today and they said my order has been cancelled that they had sent me an email for me to respond but no email was ever sent
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