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  1. What's the length of pull of a Winchester M94 of 1940's - 50's production, please? I gave mine to my youngest grandson. Cordially, J.C. Bell SASS #15217
  2. Thank you Pale Wolf. Apologies to moderator for putting post in roam forum.
  3. I have an M1 carbine made by Saginaw. It's a later model with bayonet lug and adjustible rear sight. It's mounted with sling, oiler, butt cuff with two 15 round magazines and has a 30 round magazines inserted. Excellent bore, never buffed or sanded. I'm no expert on carbines but I'm sure it's just as it was when the government released it. Any help on a range of value for a private sale between individuals? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  4. Sharps Firearms, The Percussion Era 1843 - 1865 by Roy Marcot, Ron Paxton and Edward W. Marron, Jr. Autographed by each author. Definitive work on Sharps percussion arms but it's a gifted duplicate of one that I already had. Excellent photography of details of all models. Pages of details and extensive discussions of each model. This book will be a decorative addition to your Cowboy room as well as an excellent source of information about Sharps Firearms in development of the United Statea. Price $90 plus actual shipping costs. Book weighs 6lb-6oz. Note that this can be sent more cheaply by USPS Media Mail if you don't mind waiting for it.
  5. Thanks to all for suggestions. Good ideas to compare.
  6. I'm in the process of selling my house and downsizing. I no longer compete in SASS events, though I still attend some. I know the websites on which I can best advertise items that won't go with me when I move. I've sold a few things on this site quite satisfactorily. I'll be disposing of things as light as a wild rag and heavy as five hundred buffalo rifle bullets. I won't be selling BATF items here. The problem I foresee, and have encountered, is the cost of shipping. I'll be grateful for suggestions about how to ship items economically for both me and my buyers. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  7. Sold to Tell Sackett when he can get to it. Please PM address and I'll mail Monday. USPS flat rate is $17.10.
  8. Tell Sackett Monday is fine. p.m. your shipping information. I won’t be at Land run.
  9. Color is actually a bright red. Any takers at $45 plus Flat Rate sipping of $17.10?
  10. Shirt a gift. Never worn. Size XL. Price $60. Will ship for postal cost in USPS flat rate box.
  11. Shirt was a gift, never worn though merchant's hang tags removed. Size XXL. $50. Will ship in USPS flat rate box for postal cost.
  12. I have an outside hammered double shotgun for which I need new hammer springs. It is marked as manufactured by TULA USSR and imported by Universal Spg. Gds. of Haleah, Fla. Suggestions where I might find them (both left and right needed)? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
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