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  1. Besides Lash Larue and Whip Wilson who were the whip artists of the movies? Example who did the stunts in The Kentuckian?
  2. Ketchup on a good steak is an insult to the entire cow race!
  3. Clear it wasn't custom made for Cookie. Billet is buckled in last hole and pistol barrels extend out bottom a couple of inches. Never noticed that seventy years ago. ⁰
  4. Where can a good picture of Andy Devine's gun rig he wore as Cookie Bullfincher in the Roy Rogers movies be seen, please? Cordially, J.C. Bell SASS #15217
  5. Where can I learn dates of manufacturing of a Marlin lever action. 22 and lever action. 30-30, please? I THINK both are probably post ww-II to maybe 1990.
  6. Thank you for the suggestions. Should be able to get something useful from these sources. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  7. Want to buy a 3, 4 or 6 cavity bullet mould for an authentic .44 cal, 250 gr Keith bullet design. To me that means semi-wadcutter nose, square bottom grooves and a sharp square base. New or good condition used is fine. I wish to increase production. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  8. Can anyone provide the name and contact information for the English trained gunsmith in or near Kerrville, Texas whose speciality is double shotguns? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
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