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  1. Back to arbor fit issue, if you please - how is the "too short" arbor fixed?
  2. What is the arbor fit issue, please? Cordially, J.C. Bell; SASS #15217
  3. Collector's Firearms in Houston has a case full just inside the door if you're in the area and interested. I'm struck by how many of them seem to be found with the hammer cocked and the cylinder containing both unfired cartridges and fired cases. It makes for interesting speculation. I'd guess (strictly my guess) that about one in five of the old pistols I've seen have been in that condition. Anybody have an interesting story to share about these relics? Cordially, J.C. Bell; SASS #1521`7
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I've heard or read nothing but complimentary things about Mr. Shaver. I was hoping to learn of someone within a couple of hundred miles of Texarkana. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS# 15217
  5. Can anyone identify a gunsmith in the Texas-Louisiana-Arkansas-Oklahoma four states area that chambers single shot rifles in .45-110, aka .45x2&7/8 inch? I would like names, phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses, please. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  6. Thank you. I'll follow up the suggestions. Cordially, J.C. Bell; SASS #15217
  7. Can I be directed to a place that lists the rules, regulations and laws that prescribe how an individual can ship loaded metallic cartridges to another individual? Is a distinction made between shipping cartridges loaded with black powder and those loaded with smokeless powder? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  8. Were the Colt 2nd Gen. barrels for .44 Special bored for a nominal groove diameter of 0.427", like prewar, or 0.429" like modern .44 Magnums? I really don't want to slug the bores. Cordially, J.C. Bell; SASS #15217
  9. I'm always impressed with the excellent inletting of the lock plates on trapdoors. Cordially, J.C. Bell; SASS #15217
  10. I'll take 250 if still available. Please send PM w/ preferred details of payment, shipping, etc. Cordially, J.C. Bell. SASS #15217
  11. Thank you for the suggestions. Should be able to get something useful from these sources. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  12. Want to buy a 3, 4 or 6 cavity bullet mould for an authentic .44 cal, 250 gr Keith bullet design. To me that means semi-wadcutter nose, square bottom grooves and a sharp square base. New or good condition used is fine. I wish to increase production. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
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