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  1. What's the best place to buy about 500 rounds once fired .44Spl and 200 rounds .once fired .30 Carbine brass, in your experience? Is Whyte Leather works still selling cast bullets? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. Should be able to get something useful from these sources. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  3. Want to buy a 3, 4 or 6 cavity bullet mould for an authentic .44 cal, 250 gr Keith bullet design. To me that means semi-wadcutter nose, square bottom grooves and a sharp square base. New or good condition used is fine. I wish to increase production. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  4. Can anyone provide the name and contact information for the English trained gunsmith in or near Kerrville, Texas whose speciality is double shotguns? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
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