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  1. Suggestions to where I might find a replacement barrel for a 1956 vintage , 12 ga,. 2-3/4" A5 shotgun? I'd prefer 26", improved cylinder with a vent rib. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS 15217
  2. Can 5.56mm brass be reformed to .222 Rem?
  3. Skip it, please. I searched some more and found their price list for letters.
  4. Anyone know what Colt is charging now for factory letters? Their website doesn't say (that I can find). I'd like to get two second generation SAA's and an original M1860 Army with government inspection marks lettered. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. Should be able to get something useful from these sources. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  6. Want to buy a 3, 4 or 6 cavity bullet mould for an authentic .44 cal, 250 gr Keith bullet design. To me that means semi-wadcutter nose, square bottom grooves and a sharp square base. New or good condition used is fine. I wish to increase production. Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
  7. Can anyone provide the name and contact information for the English trained gunsmith in or near Kerrville, Texas whose speciality is double shotguns? Cordially, J.C. Bell, SASS #15217
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