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  1. It was a 1-3-1 sweep, twice starting on the same target twice. The stage writer didn't want you to shoot it as follows 1-3-2-3-1
  2. This happened to me at a recent wild bunch match. My 1911 failed to chamber the last round in the mag and locked the gun up. After trying to clear it, I decided to just lay it down and continue with my rifle. Don't know what exactly happen when I laid it on the table, but it ended up on the ground. My question is, with one live round in a jammed gun is it scored differently, or is still considered a loaded firearm and scored as a MDQ
  3. Would be nice to know the maker. They look like Hi-Point?
  4. There are several Les Baer Premier II pistols, as long as it is a 5 inch barrel 45 ACP. The beavertail safety would not allow you to shoot in the traditional category, but it would be ok for modern. If you go read the Wild Bunch hand book and read the requirements for Wild Bunch pistols it will tell you everything.
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