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  1. Not sure if it's a Montana law or just in my county, but police departments are not allowed to destroy guns. If they are legal, they have to be sold back to the public thru auctions. Only FFL holders can bid.
  2. Yes, I have loaded 45 Colt shotshells using two gas checks. I have also made some shot shells for a 41 Mag using cut down 30-30 brass and loading with card wads
  3. This is how I do it. Use a small flat screwdriver to open up the pedals, just slid it in, place your thumb on the folds and lift up. Then pour out shot. Then I use a 3 inch sheet rock screw, place the point in the middle of the wad and screw it in a 1/4 of an inch. Grab the head of the screw with a pair of pliers and pull wad out. Doesn't really hurt the wad as the plastic more or less self seals.
  4. Anyone out there know how to work on these. I have one that I'm having a couple of issues with. Thanks
  5. Would be interested in learning more about the building you shoot in and how the match is run. Some pictures would be nice also.
  6. I don't shoot deer at 20 feet, but that would be my longest shot in my home. Cowboys shooting a stage often forget or get rattled when the buzzer goes off, an armed person in your home, you're trying to protect your family and you're going to be calm enough to think about your fire zones? Sometimes it's a little hard to get the intruder to move to a safe position so you can shoot. I think I would use the same principle on and intruder as I do shotgun targets, shoot till their down.
  7. Smaller pellets lose their energy faster, so by the time they go thru two sheets of drywall, insulation, and maybe external shooting they are going to be spent. Those items won't do much to slow down a large pellet. Just think about the light loads we use in cowboy and how well they flatten metal targets at 15 feet, don't you think they would also have a devastating effect on a human?
  8. I have heard this reasoning for using factory ammo several times. Don't know how true it is, but I heard although this has been repeated often, there is no known case of a prosecutor going after someone for their hand loaded ammo.
  9. I have read that some suggest just using 7 1/2 shot for home defense. 00buck can possibly shoot thru walls. At home distances a trap load is devastating. Also, 00buck most likely will penetrate thru a body, trap load with 7 1/2 not as likely to.
  10. Thanks for the info. Hard to believe that a website messed up Read your story on your Avatar, very interesting. Years ago our club did a longest day shoot in June. I was timing for a black powder shooter right at dusk, just a little after 10 PM His shot was caught perfectly by a fellow taking pictures. I have the picture on my wall in the gun room.
  11. They don't have any powder or primers in stock, so how is this a big deal
  12. I just tried again and it said you couldn't receive messages.
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