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  1. I have a Pedersoli sharps in 45-70. It came with a 32 in barrel, I had it cut to 28 inches and have no problem hitting 500 yd. targets with it. I also have a C. Sharps 1885 high wall in 40-65. Several years ago I shot it at the Quigley match in Montana and hit the 865 yard target 4 out of 8 shots. You won't have a bit of trouble with your rifle, the shorter barrel will be nicer for hunting.
  2. Our club, the Blackhorse shootists host the Montana SASS state championship. We have 6 bays to use to put on a 12 stage match. So we can shoot 6 one day and then re-set for the second day or just shoot 2 per stage. May initial question was not how does your club do it, the question is what do you prefer.
  3. When shooting a match, do you prefer to shoot only one stage per Bay before moving to next stage, or do you like to shoot two stages per Bay before moving?
  4. Not sure standard 1911 parts are interchangeable. Had a friend look at my gun before I sent it in to Taurus and he told me that the parts didn't look like they were the same as a standard 1911
  5. Read a post here recently about problems with shipping firearms to Taurus for repair. Here is my story. I bought a used Taurus PT1911 last year. Shot it in several wild bunch matches and then it developed a problem. Contacted Taurus and explained the problem and made it known to them that I was not the original owner. I was told to ship it to them and then expect a 12 week turn around time. I shipped the pistol on 5 Oct, Taurus received it on 7 Oct. Monday I received an e-mail telling me my gun was fixed and ready for shipping. Today, 28 Oct I received my gun back fixed with a explanation of what work was done. My only cost was the shipping to send gun to them. I'd say that was pretty good customer service. I think good service deserves to be acknowledged just as much as poor service.
  6. Where is your club, or the location of this shoot? Thanks
  7. Years ago I read a book about the start of the Remington Firearms company. After the invent of cartridge ammo, Russia ordered I believe was 10,000 rounds of center fire rifle ammo. The boat sank right after leaving the dock. The ammo was recovered 6 months later and Remington decided to see if the ammo would shoot. All 10,000 rounds fired without a single malfunction after being submerged in salt water for 6 months.
  8. Had a Remington M700 BDL in .243. Very accurate and fun to shoot. Shot many deer and antelope with it and never had one take more than two or three steps after being shot.
  9. Having trouble getting a message to you. Please go to SASS clubs in Montana, Black Horse Shootists and send a message to that e-mail address. Thanks Jeb
  10. Hi X Mark Having trouble getting message to you. Please go to Montana clubs, Blackhorse Shootists and send message to that e-mail address. Thanks Jeb
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