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  1. I didn't know how to attach the pix you requeswted to a "message", so i added them to the post.


  2. Are you not willing to ship rifle?
  3. I have a bunch of 9MM and .223 brass for sale. This is range pick up from the 3 gun shooters, most of whom don't reload, so most of this brass is once fired or once commercially reloaded brass. Mixed head stamps Has been cleaned. 2000 9MM shipped $45.00 1000 .223 shipped $45.00
  4. Congratulations to Medicine Creek Johnny and Alberta Annie, top non Montana shooters.
  5. Congratulations to May B. Shecann and Graydog, the new Montana State champs. Thanks to everyone who attended our match, we hope to see you again next year.
  6. Howdy Jeb,


    This simply is not an offer.  You will probably sell the pistol for your asking price, or decide just to hold on to it.  I am just letting you know I have been looking for a Vaquero for a couple of months now.  My budget is very tight.  I have $500.00 I can put toward the pistol, plus $20 for the FFL that would receive the pistol.   So, if you reach a conclusion you want to move it, and you can let it go for $500.00 including the shipping, I would be interested in being it's new owner.  


    Thanks for your time, 


    Knob Creek Drover

    1. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654


      I think I'll pass.  It's a new unfired gun ,would be close to $700 in a store, I think $550.  is fair.

      Thanks Jeb

    2. Knob Creek Drover

      Knob Creek Drover

      I know you will sell it for $550, just keep me in mind.




      Knob Creek Drover


    3. Jeb Stuart #65654
  7. Hey Jeb, sounds like a nice '73.

    If you could ship it to me for $1025 I'd take it.  My dealer takes shipment from private persons.


    1. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654


      I'm a dealer also.  I received an offer for the $1075 shipped from a guy five hours after I received your offer. If you'll do the $1075, it's yours.

    2. Dollar Bill Charlie

      Dollar Bill Charlie


      Picked up the USFA 45's today - They look great - Thank you - very nice guns.  My son said I should shoot them, If I don't he will some day.  Currently shooting Uberti Smoke Wagons from Long Hunter.

      Any thoughts on  Stag grips for the USFA's?

      Thanks again.

      Dollar Bill Charlie

    3. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      Glad you like them.  I have only bought one set of grips for a single action and I got them from Altamont grips.  Good quality grips at a good price.

  8. Jeb;

    First thanks for your clubs great camping spot ...

    You have a great club, and a lot of room to develop futher , and plans to improve even more ....

    I wish I had your range and it's potential ...

    As to your Sunday shoot , first let me say I enjoyed it and shooting with your club ...

    I really enjoyed your Knock-down targets  and found them to be fairly set , not hard to knock down ...

    Seems some folks used loads on the light side ...

    And I like stages with movement  forward , to bad your shoot the door open didn't work as intended..

    I think it was a good idea and fun to shoot ...

    I really like a mix of stage types with-out a lot of "Stand and deliever" stages ...

    I will certainly keep your state match in mind for 2018 ...

    Again I had fun and thanks to all my new friends in your club ...

    Tell Jughead and Smoke Nelsen Howdy ...


    Jabez Cowboy

  9. Howdy Jeb ;

    I am thinking of heading down your clubs way in mid. Sept. , could you send me an invite ?

    E-mule works best ,,,, JabezCowboy@shaw.ca





  10. When all else fails with the computers and e-mail system, just try calling them. I hate computers so I used the phone option as my first choice. They were very pleasant on the phone and told me the MSRP for the 45-70 is $999.00 and the other two calibers are $899.00. If you have and FFL there is a dealer discount.
  11. Thanks Slim, Would be nice to get a better idea of what they are like other than just what the picture shows. As stated in one of the other posts, I too think the hammer looks odd.
  12. Saw the ad in the Chronicle for the Tippmann rolling block rifles, and as I have been thinking about replacing the rolling block I sold years ago, I'm thinking about about getting one. Has anyone purchased one of these, and what's your opinion? Thanks in advance, Jeb
  13. P Dog, was so sorry to hear of Sue's passing yesterday. Jeb's Lady and I always enjoyed our time with you and Sue working on the State shoot or just shooting in a weekend match. You will both be in our prayers. Jeb
  14. I built a 6.5x55 many years ago with a shorter carbine military barrel and screwed it into a 98 action. The military loading was for 160 gr. bullets, mine will shoot MOA with anything from 85 gr. to 160 gr. using several types of powder. Great cartridge for antelope and deer. If you want my pet loads I'll be glad to send them to you.
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