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  1. Has anyone been in contact with Nate recently? I have sent several e-mails and left several messages in the last two weeks with no response.
  2. Tried to send you a message. Says you can't receive messages. How much do you want for your M-1 carbine?
  3. I'm guessing he meant 2 1/2 inch. If you are shooting Wild Bunch, and your 97 won't hold 6, you can load two- 2 1/2 inch rounds and four- 2 3/4 rounds to get 6 rounds into your gun.
  4. 2. .380 Mixed range brass 200 $28.00 shipped 3. .223 L.C. once fired military 500 $75.00 shipped 4. .223 F.C. once fired military 250 $ 45.00 Shipped
  5. If you are going to be in Montana around the middle of July (15-18) you could come to Great Falls and shoot the SASS MT state shoot. Jeb
  6. Do you shoot a 97, or SXS. If you shoot a 97, and use dummy's that are the same weight as live ammo you'll run the risk of damaging your ejector.
  7. Highwalls will handle more (warmer) loads than the Trapdoor
  8. Haven't had it long, but it has done this from the start.
  9. On the Hodgdon reloading site, International powder is not listed for 45 colt or 38 Spl. On the International container I have, it states that it is for hotter 12 ga. loads.
  10. Yes, Sun River Rangers in Montana combine the two on the fourth Saturday of the month. Round count for Wild bunch is normally 4- 7 round mags for a total of 28 rounds per stage. Five or six 7 round mags (35-42 rounds) would be a lot, especially for the brass pickers
  11. Bullets are crimped with a factory crimp die. Bullets aren't being pushed into the case, rifle just stands them up and won't chamber them. I put them back in the rifle and they go in fine the second time.
  12. I'm having a problem with my rifle that I hope someone will have a fix for. I have a very nice original Win 92 in 25-20 At least once every 10 rounds, one live round will stove pipe instead of chambering. My load is 87 gr. RNFP cast loaded to the correct O.A.L. Doesn't matter if I try running it fast or slow, same results. Thanks
  13. It's a shame that gun shops are gouging like that. Our two gun stores have had primers on and off the last two months and have been selling them for right at $35.00 per 1000
  14. Is this new or used? Even if it's new, $2.40 each seems a bit high when Starline Brass has them in stock for $1.79 ea, free shipping.
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