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  1. You sell the 45-70?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      I believe I had it posted for $1175 and I'll pay the shipping to your FFL.


    3. Pit Bull Tex

      Pit Bull Tex

      Thank you.Just looking.Thanks again.


    4. Jeb Stuart #65654
  2. Hi Renegade, I would be interested in the 3 1/4 inch 38 S&W barrel from the Iver Johnson if you are parting them out. Thanks Jeb
  3. I have a Lyman 450 sizer that I'm asking $50.00 for. Takes the same sizing dies as the RCBS
  4. I'll take it. Let me know where to sent the money. Thanks
  5. So, are we doing shorties or 25-20's next weekend? I just received my 25 cal bullets yesterday.
  6. Now that right there is funny!!
  7. I'm having my 7X57 Remington rolling block re-bored to 9X57 because the bore is shot. Does anyone have a set of 9X57 dies sitting around that they would like to part with? Thanks Jeb
  8. One advantage with living in Montana. If you have a carry permit, you pick out your firearm, fill out the 4473, show them your carry permit, lay down your money and walk out with your new toy.
  9. Hi Mike, How accurate is it? Am looking for a 38 S&W for side matches. Jeb
  10. Hi Jabez Yes the Montana SASS state Championship is still on, July 16-19 Jeb
  11. Couldn't shoot yesterday as I had already committed to helping with the MRSA's ladies group. Today I had to many jobs I had to clear up. Glad your 25-20 ran OK. When you come up for the May shoot we'll do 25-20's on one of the days.
  12. Boy, you either have a great memory or you don't get over things easily. How was the shoot today?
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