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  1. Having trouble getting a message to you. Please go to SASS clubs in Montana, Black Horse Shootists and send a message to that e-mail address. Thanks Jeb
  2. Hi X Mark Having trouble getting message to you. Please go to Montana clubs, Blackhorse Shootists and send message to that e-mail address. Thanks Jeb
  3. I would bet there are a lot of Gunbroker sellers that just might be in violation of the law. Thanks for the info.
  4. A specific license, or can an FFL holder ship legally?
  5. Correct, haven't shipped primers that I had sold in over 15 years.
  6. So why all the interest in how I used to ship primers?
  7. Was $8.00 at the time. That was about 15-20 years ago when we were going thru another primer shortage.
  8. Yes, UPS. Don't know about FedEx, have never use them, but you can't ship anything like that thru the post office, primers or loaded ammo.
  9. When I took the primers to the local shipping outlet, I just declared what was in the package and paid the HazMat
  10. I think scalpers are shameless. But not all of the people selling primers on GB are scalpers. I have looked at several of the auctions, and some started the bidding at a fair price, a few even started auction at a penny. I have sold primers on GB and have always started auction off at a fair price, have no control how the bidding goes after that. So my point is, not all GB auctions selling primers are scalpers.
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