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  1. At our club that's what we would have done. Cease fire, allow reshoot.
  2. Ruger Super Blackhawk, 44 Mag, 4 1/2 in barrel, adjustable sights. This gun has had less than one box shot thru it. I just don't shoot it now that I have a S&W 629 Comes with Ruger box and all of the paperwork. $775 shipped from my FFL to yours.
  3. Ruger makes a Blackhawk in .357 mag with a second cylinder in 9mm. May not be as accurate, but it works.
  4. I use the towel method to get most of the water off, then place in food dehydrator for 45 minutes. Come out shiny and dry.
  5. For sale, pair of Ruger 32 H&R S/S revolvers, birds head grips, 4 5/8 bbl. Cylinders are free spin. Previous owner tried to do a home checkering job on one of the grips. Guns have consecutive serial numbers. Ruger boxes and owners manuals. Since I've owned these, I've sent them to Longhunter for an action job. They shoot very well and hit point of aim. $1700 shipped from my FFL to your FFL.
  6. That's interesting. When trying the three gun game, I bought an extension for my M1200 to bring the total to 9. After firing my 9 shots, I started grabbing two at a time, loading over the top and finished the scenario. When I finished I have several shooters come up to me and asked how many rounds my gun held. When I told them 9, they said, but you engaged all 16 targets and never stopped to reload. Next time I shot all eyes were on me to see what my secret was.
  7. My apologies, should have done my research first. The 97 Trench gun was designed to be slam fired so that the soldiers in WWI could get shots off faster when clearing trenches. I still don't think it is a good habit to get into.
  8. I bought a Taurus in 45 Colt, and it ran very well. Then I bought a Pedersoli in 44-40 and it is much smoother to run. Both rifles were stock, so I will second all of the other posts that recommend not getting a Taurus. I believe mine was the exception.
  9. I don't believe that. I'm sure it was just an accident of design. Why in 1897 would they build a shotgun for the average citizen to be shot that way? I believe in the old saying that you perform the way you practice, if you practice by pulling the trigger first, I think it will only be a matter of time before you pull the trigger when you didn't mean to.
  10. Our local gun shop selling Fed SP for $69.00 per 1000 A few months ago they were selling for $59.00 per 1000 Sounds like there is still price gouging going on
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