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  1. I forgot the cylinder for the knife gun is stainless. It's sporting a conversation cylinder in the first picture that does not go with the gun.
  2. I posted what i have in BP guns in another forum and thought "geez, i could sell the bp guns i have never shot or dont shoot and put the money into the GTO" so heres a list of what i'm going to let go. I'll get pics of what i dont have pics of upon request, im at work and only have the pics i can get from my attachments here. Traditions Philadelphia derringer kit. never started, still in the box. IIRC the screw that holds the hammer on is missing. i paid $200 for it, i'll take $200 for it shipped. SPF Pietta 1858 target remington: 44. adjustable sights. this gun has a bunch of scratches in the frame but it shoots well and is extremely accurate. $250 shipped SPF Pietta 1858 "knife gun" I cut this down myself, rounded the grips to a birdshead style and sharpened the loading lever into a knife blade. $250 shipped NAA super companion cap and ball .22 "magnum". just the gun, no accessories, like new, $200 shipped CVA? .36 cal pepperbox kit gun. its together but never finished, i.e. no bluing, never fitted properly. $200 shipped euroarms (i think) 51 navy "avenging angel" steel frame. i bought this years ago, don't know why, i dont shoot .36. its a 2" barrel and the grip has been cut into a birds head shape. $200 shipped cobra derringer "kit": i have 22lr, 22mag, 25acp, and 32acp barrels for it along with the firing pins for the rimfire rounds. you have to swap the pins to fire rim fire rounds and back to fire centerfire. whole kit with the original box $300 plus the ride to your ffl. make sure your ffl will accept from a non ffl... "frankengun" H&R .38 s&w bobbed hammer and a .32 S&W long barrel and cylinder. i build this "kit" and fitted the 32 long barrel and cylinder to it so all you have to do is swap the barrel and cylinder to be able to fire 38S&W, 32S&W long, 32S&W short 32ACP from the same gun. yes i have tested it with 32acp lead bullets with zero issues. pre 1898 ANTIQUE frame so it can be shipped to your door. $500 without the pearl grips in the pic, $600 with the grips. i may have the original grips to go with it, not sure, ill have to look everything remaining together totals $1950, i'll let it all go to one buyer for $1850 shipped. cash, paypal F&F, postal money order, zelle, or certified cashiers check.
  3. I'll take it!!! I must add that to my collection of "weird crap boomstick brings to the range"... would you be interested in a trade for either my avenging angel "knife gun" 44 remington or my 51 fluted avenging angel .36? i lieu of cash? maybe work some kind of deal (im kind of broke right now) pm me, I'll work something out!
  4. Howdy,

    How much and what size coins??

    Lets talk at least.




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    2. Chili Ron

      Chili Ron


      Please contact me soon.





    3. Boomstick Bruce

      Boomstick Bruce

      Sorry, ive been busy with work. with everything going on right now in the world, i think i'm just going to hang onto my gold and silver. if i decide to sell in the future, ill let you know first



    4. Chili Ron

      Chili Ron


      I hope all is well with you and yours.

      There are many places to shop.




  5. I have three one ounce south african krugerrands i might let go for spot price...
  6. Actually, 9x19 will drop in but so goes so far into the cylinder the firing pin would never make contact with the primer. and it gets stuck so you have to poke it out with a stick...
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