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  1. So the next time I drop a pistol, just yell "I meant to do that!" and I won't get another MDQ!!!
  2. the two flat ones are for an old black powder h&r top break, if they are different sizes, the smaller is for 32 S&W "short", the larger is for the large frame either 32S&W long 6 shot or 38S&W 5 shot. the bottom wire spring is supposed to be a "modern replacement" for the flat springs that have a tendency to break, but they never fit... find them on numrichs yes ill take them, i collect those old top breaks and always need those springs... pm me your address and ill send you the gold thanks! P.S. i dont think $3 will cover the gas money for you to drive them to west virginia from wisconsin...
  3. I've been trying to get on gunbroker for about 3 hours now and the url doesnt exist... Illuminati finally take them out???? Error 502 Ray ID: 5b6b20bbbe357439 • 2020-07-22 06:33:02 UTC Bad gateway
  4. As you know i shoot a pair of 58 remingtons in 45colt with kirst conversions, a stainless rossi 92 saddle ring carbine in 45 and a single trigger stevens 315 SXS for main match guns but... i have a pair of 12" 58s with taylors drop in cylinders in 45 and a 47 walker with a taylors cylinder in 45 for jose wales matches i have a pair of 8" uberti 58's i use for blackpowder matches along with my blued rossi 92 SRC i have a 2.5" barrel for my walker and a snub nosed 2.5" 58 remington with a taylors 45lc cylinder for the WV showdown night matches i shoot with black powder
  5. The only way anyone will drop the "better guns, better times" argument is when one of the top champions wins a national with a pair of converted walkers, a single shot shotgun and a henry big boy... I have won two state championships in two different categories shooting a pair of uberti 58's i converted to 45lc, a rossi 92 in 45lc and a stevens shotgun... all the work done to them i did myself. last year i came in second in the pocket pistol side match with an iver johnson first model 32 top break. the guy that won, borrowed my $50 IJ because he forgot his S&W and then beat me with it! how? same way you get to carnegie hall... practice
  6. LGS is closing their doors permanently they have a bunch of large pistol primers, but only winchester and cci... i picked up 1000 winchesters for my 1911 ammo
  7. The untouchable to me: Don't change the people! I've participated in a few other shooting sports and there are no more down to earth, nicer folks like the ones I've met shooting CAS. We have the best people! never change that! What would i like to see changed? One new category for new shooters that doesn't get scored. no "dress code", no gun restrictions (DA being fired SA only, any pump gun loaded one at a time, mossberg 500's and hi point pistols in WB ), just let them have fun and "run what ya brung" while getting the proper gear together. obviously they wont be able to shoot non-sass guns for ever but give them time for the addiction to set in ...
  8. Glad it went well! You'll feel better and more normal as each day passes. GET A LOT OF REST! I can not stress that enough! No news, no drama, no excitement! You'll get back to normal much quicker if you stay relaxed and let your brain heal. (I wish someone told me that 24 years ago) After my head injury back July 4 '96, it took me months to get back to something that resembled normal and years to recover almost completely. The worse part was at first, I would forget things like where I lived, where I was, how to get home, my name, my girlfriends name, what kind of car I owned, etc. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and not know where or who I was. That was scary. It still happens sometimes when I wake up and I'm not home, like on vacation, camping, etc. It's weird when it happens now because I know I'll remember in a few minutes so I don't freak out about it anymore, I just lay in bed and wait until it comes back. Anyway, take care, I hope you feel better soon!!!! P.S. I've never owned a 44mag of any type so I can't help you there...
  9. John Kloehr is correct, he had 3 cases but mine was the last one, sorry.
  10. Got my 5000 yesterday. and yes he shipped them hazmat, very well packaged too.
  11. I have a pair of Rossi 92's that have been worked over and they still aren't as smooth as the chiappa right out of the box. I'm not good enough of a shooter for it to really matter, but I still want one.
  12. We need a "wow" button! What a beauty!!!
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