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  1. This is the rig im getting but in the black and red like the second pic instead of the brown. I was going to get solid black but when the maker send the red and black pic I was sold!!! for those of you that have shot with me you know my outfit and look is kind of dark, evil and ominous... I wear all black, black pants, boots, black shirts, long black leather duster, black leather vest, (courtesy of trooper ozzy) and a black leather hat. eventually i'll be adding a Damascus and died bone handles straight razor as soon as I find a sheath, razor is also courtesy of trooper ozzy (its badass!!!!)... there are skulls on my guns, my bolo tie is a skull and I'm going to be adding imitation human finger bones for the buttons on my duster and a hatband made from bones and teeth strung together... unfortunately my current holsters are reddish brown but the whole rig cost me less than $80 and has worked well thus far... for me the shooting and showing off the gear is the most fun, yes I would like to be faster and to win but its not going to happen any time soon if at all... this is the steps I will be taking in the future when I feel my stuff is a MAJOR hindrance... switch from 45colt to 38 or 32 switch from my kirst converted uberti 58's to colts, rugers or a pair of 75's with all the "fixin's" switch from my rossi 92 to a short stroked '73 switch from my Baikal single trigger to a SKB 200 get "SASS" ready leather, i.e., mernickel, kirkpatrick etc... in the meantime, im just still having fun finishing in the middle of the pack and building my "outfits" "if you're going to be slow, you better look good doing it" -my dad
  2. So I found this brand of holsters on eBay. The guy makes them to order and they are quite expensive. Before I spend a pile of money on a rig, I'm looking for someone with experience with them. Anyone have this guy's holsters? Are they worth the $300 they will set me back? Thanks!
  3. Funny, my holsters got flared just from me resting my arms on them between stages, they got rained on at a match my first year and have been flared ever since...
  4. I ran a Stevens 315 single trigger my first two years shooting CAS. I switched to a single trigger Baikal just this year. I agree, the lug actually helped load the shells faster but the amount of strength and time needed to open and cock the Stevens negates the lug advantage. I'm still 50/50 on which gun I like better... I need someone to time me with the two different guns... Btw, those single trigger 315's are more rare than hens teeth... I've never seen another and haven't met anyone who has either...
  5. I bought a brand new blued Rossi 92 20" saddle ring carbine in 45 Colt when I started 3 years ago because it was cheap and reliable, about $400. It served me well for two years, but as I got better and faster, I replaced it with a stainless Rossi 92 saddle ring carbine in 45 Colt... I love my 92's, they are light, well balanced, durable, strong and reliable.
  6. Not everyone can afford a $300 cart to haul their guns... others, like me, just can't justify the cost... I paid $25 for my Schwinn stroller and $55 for both sets of gun mounts and I still think it was too much... besides, ive seen two rugged gear carts go over when that front wheel caught a rut... the only thing about my set up is it holds the guns at about a 45 degree angle so I'm staring down the barrels when I'm pushing it to the next stage... its a little unnerving and I don't think I'll ever get used to it...
  7. I use the kolpin on my stroller cart, works fine. Do not buy the eBay/Amazon knock offs! They will break trying to flex them for the double, the kolpin is more flexible and works well.
  8. I've decided to sell my pietta 31 Cal pocket Remington. Other than a faint drag line and one small spot on the recoil shield that has turned a strange color, this gun is nearly perfect! I do not have the box or papers. I have only fired it once to test it. It shoots great and is unbelievably accurate! I set it up for a side match gun and I did my typical "fluff and buff" action job on it and lightened the mainspring and smoothed out the trigger and it is smooth as silk now! I hate to sell it but I need money for car repairs so I have to thin the herd. Cost $330 new, selling for $250 shipped.
  9. Yup, video games, board games, card games, and of course shooting games. Dark orbit is the primary video game/ MMORPG I play. It's online, real time with lots of interactive play, PvP, questing, team play, etc. I also have my motorcycles, guns and Jeep...
  10. We grow strawberries in the summer on our back deck. We cover them in plastic netting to keep the birds from eating them. We store said netting in the basement in the winter. I found this guy on the floor by my workbench with some of that netting embedded deep into his skin. It took me a while to cut it all out of him. He was so weak and sickly, we didn't think he would make it. After a while he got better and discovered he was strong enough to open the aquarium and got out. Didn't see him again for about 2 months until I was downstairs working on that knife gun '58 Remington I made and my cat found Mr snake under the soft top for my Jeep. Needless to say, he is feeling much better now and is way more active! Poor kitty got bit several times as did I. And yes he is a black snake. I know this for a fact since the several holes he had put in me since I caught him this second time around, haven't killed me...lol... If you listen to the video you can hear him mimicking a rattler. It's kind of unnerving even though I know he's mostly harmless. Although, snakebites, no matter how small the snake is, bleed like crazy!
  11. This has got to be the most p.o'.d snake I've ever had! This guy is wanting to kill me ALL. THE. TIME! We found him in the basement about 3 months ago. It was too cold and snowy to evict him and expect him to live. I'm going to be releasing him back where he belongs at the end of April when it warms up. VID_20190320_130350.mp4
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