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  1. I used a 3 1/2 foot long 3/8" thick leather cord to make my wrap. Saw an instructional on here somewhere. I like it, it closed up the loop in my lever so my finger sits in it perfectly plus it makes it easier and faster to cycle the action.
  2. Just one day to go!!! I'm headed up there right now to paint targets and do the final set up!
  3. Who else has left and right pistols? Even though when firing I can't tell the difference between each of my pistols, I still have left side and right side guns. Always left gun in left holster, right gun in right holster. Also, I shoot one handed and draw the left first. Anyone else do this or am I just weird?
  4. If you beat me again, I'm throwing my guns in the river! Lol... See you there!!!
  5. Punch, twin and Cody are still shooting. I don't know dig em deep. Cody doesn't shoot with us much anymore, he's in love with that Damascus place ...lol... He always makes the showdown though...
  6. Oh I forgot to mention, it's also the first match I've ever written!
  7. So it looks like it's going to be nice weather this Sunday in Largent WV for the first WV CASS shoot of the year! I wrote the stages for this match and I promise, you've never shot a match like this! One stage only has one target, one has 28! I highly recommend coming out and shooting with us! Beautiful range, friendly people and a ton of fun! Don't worry about coffee or lunch, we got you covered!
  8. I'm looking to trade my 45 cal Spanish flintlock for one of the following: Steel 1860 army 44 Steel 1858 Remington 44 Drop in 45 Colt conversion cylinder for a 58 either Pietta or Uberti 47 Walker Antique s&w 38 top break If you have anything else you think I might like, message me.
  9. I'm looking to trade my brown large dryzabone oilskin duster for a black large or extra large oilskin duster. Pm me.
  10. I wish I could get more people camping out with me! I'm going to the Mason Dixon stampede this year and tent camping all 3 days and of course I'm camping at the showdown Thursday through Sunday again.
  11. I took second place in the PP side match last year at the WV showdown with an early first model iver johnson top break in 32s&w I bought for $100 shipped... 1.31sec, 4 rounds on 2 targets. 1st place was 1.29sec with a s&w... this year im going to try slip hammering my 63 pocket Remington in 32s&w...
  12. go for it! I shot the WV state match my first year shooting CAS/SASS (going on 3 years ago) and my main regret was not doing it sooner!!!! you'll have a blast! no one will judge you!
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