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  1. I know this isn't SASS related but i wanted as many people to see this as possible before it gets moved. So there is a guy on GB selling SB tactical SBA3 arm braces for AR15's. The ad says call him first before ordering (so he doesn't have to pay GB seller fees, i found that out afterwards) and that the brace comes in a plain box "for cost savings". Well i bought one not knowing it was a fake. I told a friend of mine what a great price my SB was and he asked me if it was a fake. Huh? I didn't even know anyone made fakes of these. Well once i got it and compared it side by side with the one a buddy of mine has, i started seeing the differences so i sent a message to SB tactical letting them know there are fakes being sold on GB. They messaged me back thanking me for bringing it to their attention and asked if i they where to send me a real one, would i send them the fake! Well the new one showed up today and the fake is on its way to SB. What a great company! it isn't their fault or even problem i got scammed but nonetheless they sent me a brand new SBA3 just so i could return the fake to them so they can see it! What an awesome company!!!
  2. Would you be interested in selling just the site? I'm looking for a decent knock off for my duty rifle so I don't beat my eotech up anymore
  3. Frederick co just went 2A sanctuary!
  4. It's 14 1/2" and no I didn't change the comb. I never noticed it shooting high. I shot it in 3 or 4 matches with the 20" barrels and it ran great, I just like the feel of my old Stevens 315 better, it's what I'm used to...
  5. So ive decided to sell my baikal single trigger izh43e. 12ga 26" chrome lined barrels with the factory chokes and a 20" bounty hunter II barrel in 12ga also included. (i couldn't bring myself to cut down the choked barrels so i bought a set of 20") it has ruger vaquero springs, stay open mod done, barrels funneled, ejectors on the 26" barrels converted to extract only and split and epoxied, ejectors disabled on the 20" barrels and modified to extract only, auto safety deactivated, polished the action, i.e. the works!!! i made a spacer to lengthen the stock and it has a leather cover over it (it looks like something i made, hence the cover). all the work was done by me and she is a great, fast, light great shooting shotgun! (the skull and crossbones is just a sticker i can peal it off if you like) $850 for everything shipped from me to your ffl
  6. Well, after 22 years of ownership, i have sold my 1978 0138 SKS to buy a 73 in 45acp. The new owner had zero interest in the 6 steel mags i had for it so im selling them separately. 2 are 30's and i think the other 4 are 35 or 40... i dont remember as i havent had that gun out since i got into cowboy action several years ago. i had dozens of these steel mags and kept these 6 since these all functioned flawlessly in MY rifle but as you know they may need adjusting to function in yours. $100 for all 6 shipped in a flat rate box to your door. no shipping to communist strongholds were they are discriminated against (i.e. md, nj, ny, ca, ma, etc) paypal "friends and family" preferred now posted on several forums, first "ill take it" gets them
  7. Thanks for all the replies!!! Ok, to answer a few questions. I use a Hornet AP press with the Hornady powder drop. I buy primers by the 1000, bullets by the 1000, prefer by the jug and load 500 at a time. Sometimes. I also load 45acp, 5.0 gn tb and use the same bullet and same primers but a taper crimp instead of roll crimp. Very consistent and have never had a "pop". This problem is only with the 45colt. I don't know what funnel is in my powder drop. I bought it used about 3 years ago and it just started with this problem this year. I can post a picture if that would help. I have measured my drops and calibrated my digital scale. I'm thinking of buying a powder cop... Or buying 45acp cylinders but that won't elevate the problem in my rifle... I do leave my powder in the drop with the lid on it when I'm done loading and refill it as needed... But I've always done this... Like I said, the only thing I've changed is my bullets, I like routine and consistency...
  8. so my standard 45colt load for trailboss is 5.5gn with a 200gn bullet, federal large magnum pistol primers. this year i have had the most inconsistent loads i can imagine... one round will be a pop, the next is a boom... so far i have not had many that sounded or felt like the previous... i.e., nearly no two are alike... i ran this same load for the last 2 previous years without this problem... it doesn't matter what guns i fire them through, they all do this... i know TB is inherently inconsistent but this is ridiculous! i have installed a fish tank pump on my powder drop and that has not helped, i stepped my charge up to 6grains and im still getting "light loads"! seriously, you can almost count the time from the muzzle to the target! im at my wits end here trying to figure this out! the only thing i have changed is bullets (im now using Missouri bullets' "cowboy #4 Brinell 12 , i was using stateline bullets 9-10 BHN ) any ideas?
  9. Blue 32's, black 31's and 2 more pair of the 34 brown striped still available
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