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  1. my Remington "knifegun"...
  2. My main match guns. Stainless Uberti 58's, 5.5" barrels with Kirst conversions and Mason ejectors in 45 colt, wolff saa springs and TOTW hawken rifle sites that I modified to fit the dovetails that are nickel and brass.
  3. My Lee single stage... Now that I reload 32&38 s&w, I wish I had that press instead of having to re set up my hornady LNL everytime I change calibers...
  4. I'd like to see a big bore category, 40 cal and up, 12ga only. Shoot any style any sass legal guns. The only change I would like to see in the current categories is age based categories are just that, aged based. In other words if you're 65 and can't beat the guys in your age group, picking categories and shooting against inexperienced 20 year olds who just started just so you can win a plaque, buckle, whatever.
  5. Can't use an o/u in cas.... The 100 is so expensive because we cowboys drive the price up. It's all supply and demand... No other sport shooters favor the SKB sxs... If it weren't for us, it would barely break $400... Just like the 97 and model 12... Or pistol caliber lever actions... Etc...
  6. I think I'm good now, I'll let you know if I need to grab a couple from you. Thanks!
  7. No but my HK45 just does not like pure lead bullets, at least not the ones I make for wild bunch...I think it's because of the flat point and soft lead. I load missouri bullets cowboy#4 for 45acp and 45colt. They run perfect in everything but my HK45 (ria1911, Iver Johnson 1911, auto ordnance thompson 1911, both my hi point 45 pistols and both my hi point 45 carbines)
  8. It's the most expensive single gun purchase I've ever made. But not the most expensive gun I own. Either of my 58's take that title but I built them over time...
  9. I say Rossi 92 in 45 colt. It will handle "Ruger only loads", is sass legal and is just a good reliable rifle.
  10. Triple k makes a holster for a 12 in adjustable sights '58 Remington that should work. I have 2.
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