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  1. How much did it set you back? I have a buddy that's been wanting one, I might get one for him for Christmas...
  2. I had the same problem with my single trigger Baikal. That and the tip of the trigger was so sharp it poked a hole in my finger. I smoothed out the tip of the trigger and solved that problem but ended up selling the shotgun because I just didn't like it.
  3. Anyone have any experience with the new Iver Johnson doubles??? I really want one just to have as a back up to my SKB... Or so I tell the little lady to justify another double...
  4. I just want one as a back up to my SKB... AndI collect everything Iver Johnson... I use one of their 1911's for WB...
  5. Does no one have experience with the new Iver Johnson sxs?
  6. Honestly, I'd have a hard time not trading it for two of those new Ivers...
  7. I didnt know they were making double barrels!!!! if i had i wouldnt have bought my skb!!!! if the quality of their new sxs is anything like my iver johnson 1911, ill take 2!!! maybe santeeklaus will bring me one for my birthmas! https://iverjohnsonarms.com/store/c53/Side_x_Side.html kind of even looks like a stoeger...
  8. Anyone want to buy an unmolested SKB 100 barrel...
  9. This feels very appropriate right now...lol...
  10. So I bought a "sacrificial" barrel for my new SKB 100 to chop up and funnel. There seems to be a bit of a difference between the original barrel (top) and the new one (bottom). I'm sure I can machine out that extra metal and make the new one fit bit I'm not quite ready to start without talking with someone. Has anyone seen this style lug on an SKB? It doesn't look like any SKB I've seen, which aren't many btw...
  11. What he said! I ran a Stevens 315 single trigger for the last 3 years and it worked great for me but it has its issues (that lug is not one of them). Finally I bought an SKB 100 4 weeks ago. I shot it Sunday for the first time in a match and wow! What a great gun! The only complaint I have about it is the weight, or actually the lack thereof. I like a heavier shotgun, I feel the weight sucks up a lot of recoil and actually helps me shoot faster. So I flattened out fifteen 45 colt 200gn bullets and dropped them down inside the stock bolt hole to add weight and it worked out perfect!
  12. I have a model 10-5 .38spl with a 6 inch pinned pencil barrel that needs a good home.
  13. I think I'll stick with shooting single duelist...
  14. I shoot one handed duelist. I tried shooting the first stage of WV showdown night shoot double duelist for my first time... Here's the results...
  15. I know everyone says lengthening the forcing cone on a shotgun reduces felt recoil but what is your experience with having it done? Is it a major reduction in recoil or hardly noticable? I shoot one ounce loads at 1180fps and I handle the recoil very well. They say less is always better but is it really worth it?
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