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    That's what I have in mind; however, I don't look NEAR that good. Inaugural Steampunk Shooters at the 2016 Alabama State Match. The FIRST state match to offer Steampunk. The ladies do look nice.
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    Stoeger Coach Gun Uplander Supreme side by side. 12GA 20" blued Barrels Single Trigger Screwin chokes 450 face to face OR 450 plus shipping from a man that has no FFL. Thanks for checkin it out Oklahoma Dee
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    Just one more reason for me not to use it. Thanks Eyesa.
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    Pat--- You'll notice when you go to a Pards pic of gun etc. many times if you continue to click on the arrow for the next picture, it scrolls thru every one he/she has in photo bucket. Some have been interesting to say the least
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    I repurposed a pair of 16" ag implement tires from a display model field weed wiper. Northern Tool is a good source. Been working fine going on 15+ years. ...but I carry a bicycle tire pump to top off the air occasionally.
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    +1 for Northern tool. However they wouldn't hold air for more than a couple weeks. Put Green Slime in 'em and that clogged the valves making re-filling impossible. Discovered the valve was the source of the leak even with a new stem insert. Resolved by using metal caps with a small "O" ring inside---haven't added air in over a year. I got the 16" ones and they roll nice over bumpy terrain.
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    A true bad guy would have killed Jane Fonda.
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    Cool. BTW, the 1851 Navy is on sale also! http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=705021&destination=/catalog/browse/additional-hot-buys/_/N-1113322/No-48
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    I don't mind goin back to duelist but gettin one of them corsets on is gonna be tough.
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    Old jingle from the '50's - "No matter if it's wet and cold - you're always warm in wool!"
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    Well it would be difficult to carry on a phone conversation with you device implanted in your pie hole.
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    If I recall correctly, in "Silent Running" he killed the rest of the crew to keep them from jettisoning the forests and slowly went mad with Huey, Louie, and Dewy (the robots).
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    From Bruce Dern's own words... John Wayne tole him... "You gonna be hated after this movie"... (paraphrasin')... Just an FYI... ts
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    Howdy I own three of them, and I can tell you from experience that they were not 'ahead of their time'. They were simply an alternative design for a cartridge revolver because S&W had all the patents sewn up for Top Breaks. Not so incredibly precise to machine either, as many seem to think. My hat will be off to any company that can produce them, for they were a truly unique design. But I gotta tell ya, it is quicker to reload a Top Break than it is to reload a Merwin.
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    In Silent Running he played a gardener/astronaut in charge of all the plants left on earth... I don't remember him being the "Bad Guy' in that one
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    The Stoeger Coach gun has extractors not ejectors and they are legal .... But the Very Best thing you can do is come on out to a shoot and try a gun or dozen , bring a box of 12 ga. AA target loads with you and I'm sure you won't have a problem finding guns to shoot them up in ... Talk to folks ,,,,,,, Listen ,,,,,,,,,,,, Try ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Before you BUY ... Jabez Cowboy
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    Is this a joke? Maybe we have been transported in time to 1 April.
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    looks like our match is almost full now and plans are being made on the calk board to move campers, change food venue and perhaps start motorized mounted shooting earlier in the day. I'm very excited about next years very large first place Trophy Buckles 5"x4.5". Yep they are big BUT hey !!!! This is Texas!!!!! We do it right or we don't do it at all. Hoss,Ringer and Blackwater. Things would not be the same without you. Goatneck, we are so glad your doing better and see Ya soon. Yankee and Three Cut,,, Texas will never be the same.
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    I've worn them before, I figured it was my best chance to be the overall champion Randy
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