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  1. Join us for Comin’ at Cha. A 12 stage 3 day match with lots of shooting and fun. Go to our website at www.badlandsbar3.com for updates and an entry form. Thanks, T-Bone
  2. 2000 I think. Let’s wake up in the morning and do it all over again
  3. These buckle was made by an inmate at Barry Telford State Penitentiary
  4. Yes !!!! You can win. Rules for a top shooter Buckle. You can only win one Buckle in the series. Once you have won your Monthly Buckle your name will go on the wall of winners then each month thereafter a new top shooter will be awarded the next Buckle. At the end of the year we will have 12 buckle winners. This has been done at the Bar3 several years ago. If you have a buckle with Bar 3 Ranch —2020 please post a pick
  5. The Bar 3 shooting Range will present a Top Shooter Buckle every month of 2021. Starting in January we will give. Molly’s Custom Buckle to the Top shooter of each month. If your looking for a Great place to shoot in a really small town in Texas well you just found it. See ya in the Badlands of Texas. Www.badlandsbar3.com.
  6. Sept 23-25. Four days of all included shooting. We would love to have yall
  7. I plan on Comin At Cha 2021. Lots going on. Y’all take a look www.badlandsbar3.com. Thanks T Bone
  8. Mike please send info about you match. I need to go on a trip?


  9. Mack do you still want to sell the camper

    1. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Yes.  I would love to sell it, but am. very concerned about finding the right buyer.  The coach is priced very low,  but like most things that are below market, there are reasons. I believe it is a great buy for someone that is able to take care of the issues it has or willing to pay someone to do so.  


      The reason I concerned about this is that I am currently involved in helping my daughter sell her house. She now has a buyer who really loves the house and thinks she is getting a great deal. I agree that she is, but really don't believe it is a great deal for a young single mother with three kids.  The house is 100 yrs old and I just don't think the house and the buyer are a match.


      i just want to make sure that the motor home and the buyer would be a fit where everybody is happy.  I would be glad to discuss further with you or the buyer at 254 784 0282

  10. Griff just sent over Four great plainsman stages. Shoot n scoot will require 100 rounds per shooter, bring plenty of ammo
  11. Thanks to everyone who has made the dream of CBAC 2017 become reality. Things at the range is looking great thanks to Marshal and Free at Last. They spend endless hours working on the next project. Looks like our numbers are up a bit from last year and we are ready for the party. Bring lots of ammo, fishing pole and your lawn chair. Your gonna need to rest up. See ya soon T - Bone
  12. Comin Back At Cha 2017 is a Total Time match. We have run matchs with TT, Rank and even taking the TT with worst stage taken out of the match. Most of the time You'll have mirror results. The person who puts the most practice time into CAS will take the most Home at the end of the match. Most of the time !!!!
  13. I just put a pic on Facebook of the guns we are giving away at CBAC 2017. we are very lucky to have Cowboy Guns of New Boston Tx to help out. As of today we have 325 shooters signed up and receiving email blast ,, if you are not receiving them please contact EllieGant@yahoo.com. countdown is starting for the Bar3 and CBAC 2017, we want everyone to be informed on the goins on.. Remember we are giving away one gun per hour of shooting,, Thanks so much T-Bone
  14. I once wrestled an alligator in the everglades near Yaottaseemee, Fl. That's when I gave up swimming and became a land lover .I know what your thinking ???? BUT I don't talk about my swimming abilities very much anymore now that my cousin has past.
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