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  1. ...we are 12" or more over the yearly average to date.... had to us waders to mow the back yard yesterday...
  2. Good RV park with fantastic scenery... museum is great... nice folks... great ranges....
  3. ...like Forty Rod just said... ...prayers up from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line...
  4. ...go forth, enjoy the folks and do good...
  5. The Docs where I used to work always told us that; "Developing insight into your own mind can help you stay focused and positive throughout your life. Insight is knowledge and understanding that you can't see without looking carefully. Be mindful as often as you can throughout the day. Pay attention to your thoughts and moods as they come and go without getting caught up in them." I told them it made me tired...
  6. ...prayers continue from a rain soaked north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line
  7. ...yes indeed, the game was great; the commercials were... well, ….commercials and getting tiring... and the half time show, well... I think that I am getting too old to fully appreciate the motivation and purpose of the half time show...
  8. Jesse Quinn: Mr. Friday, I'd like to ask you a question. If you was me, would you do it? Sgt. Joe Friday: Can I wait awhile? Jesse Quinn: Huh? Sgt. Joe Friday: Before I'm you.
  9. ...all this traveling at the speed of light... it is easier just to fold space....
  10. Hey BMC!!! ...a howdy from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line...
  11. My wife, Ms. Mary Matilda, shoots Ruger Single Action Six Shooters in .32 H&R Magnum and they are loaded plumb full of Holy Black Powder.... She also shoots a Marlin in .32 H&R Magnum as well... If you can find a pair, used, get 'em if'n she likes them...
  12. If it is a bright sunny day, look for the "gleem" or "highlight" on the sunny side... otherwise it is a target memory thing...
  13. prayers up from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line
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