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  1. this is done for Ms. Mary Matilda: SASS Alias: Ms. Mary Matilda SASS #: 66348 Where you are from: North Alabama just shy of the Tennessee Line How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: jest abit less than Okb
  2. SASS Alias: Oklahomabound (Okb fer short) SASS #: 66347L Interests: Flyfishing and fly tyingSporting ClaysWing shootingPlinkingMilitary riflesCowboy action shooting Where you are from: Hazel Green AL (...just shy of the Tennessee Line) How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: fer awhile now... Graduate of Sawyer's Shootin' School
  3. In a passed life, working in the Nuclear Industry.... ….and statusing project work; one had to listen carefully as work was: nearing completion--meaning it may have started; underway--meaning fixin' to start; in planning--may start in a month; done--meaning almost but not quite; done/done--complete/done really/but in final review & verification; done/done/done--really completed with nuthin' left to do....
  4. ...here's the Benchmade 4300 link: https://www.benchmade.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=4300
  5. My wife and I love to go to Helen Ga. Octoberfest.... We love to stay at an Inn right on the river next to big park where they used to set up their big Octoberfest tent... There are a lot of interesting shops, decent restraurants, and other activities...
  6. ...ain't nuthin' wrong with stand on the front lines and be ready for battle; except that these other gun legislating liberal folks are whut's behind us not in front of the lines; so I be with Col. J. Mark Flint...
  7. My daily carry knife is a Bench made 4300... ...and my dress carry knife is a Zero Tolerance ZT 0562... ...still can't put a proper edge when sharpening...
  8. prayers continue up for NOZ, family, and caregivers...
  9. Prayers up Noz, from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line
  10. it's good to see some familiar names from days past mentioned... Cherokee Charlie Zeb (now passed on) Sawyer
  11. ...retired at 56; that be 11 years ago... ...my how time flies!!! ...unlike Rev Lyin Kerrdawg who is getting stuff added, I have been gettin' parts removed... ...and God has been gracious to Ms. Mary Matilda and meownself and allowed us to travel most of these United States (read RV)
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