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  1. My wife and I love to go to Helen Ga. Octoberfest.... We love to stay at an Inn right on the river next to big park where they used to set up their big Octoberfest tent... There are a lot of interesting shops, decent restraurants, and other activities...
  2. ...ain't nuthin' wrong with stand on the front lines and be ready for battle; except that these other gun legislating liberal folks are whut's behind us not in front of the lines; so I be with Col. J. Mark Flint...
  3. My daily carry knife is a Bench made 4300... ...and my dress carry knife is a Zero Tolerance ZT 0562... ...still can't put a proper edge when sharpening...
  4. prayers continue up for NOZ, family, and caregivers...
  5. Prayers up Noz, from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line
  6. Two hunters got lost in the woods. The first hunter said, "Don't worry. All we have to do is shoot into the air three times, stay where we are, and someone will find us." So they shot in the air three times, but no one came. After a while, they tried it again; still no response. Finally the second hunter said, "I suppose we can try again, but it better work this time. We're down to our last three arrows."
  7. The small town of Shady Cove, Oregon, has an annual Spam Parade. (my sister lives there, and we have watched it & eaten Spam with their vendors) Spam in Pop Culture Spam has been a part of American culture since World War II when its use in the war, not only as food for soldiers but also for gun grease, caused some to refer to Uncle Sam as Uncle Spam.
  8. it's good to see some familiar names from days past mentioned... Cherokee Charlie Zeb (now passed on) Sawyer
  9. ...things my mom taught me about fly fishing: Checking the line... You feel micro-grit on the line as you strip it in For floating line, the first 10 feet or few meters of line doesn't float any longer The line retains coil memory The line has small cracks The line feels brittle Soaking Draw about a gallon or a few liters of hot water in a sink Add just a few drops of mild dish soap. Don't overdo it! All you need is enough to make a few bubbles and help loosen debris. Too much soap will leave a film on the flyline which may help it sink. (not good for floating lines!) Strip out all the flyline IN LOOSE coils in the sink, ensuring each coil lies on top of the previous. This will help prevent the line from knotting up as it is cleaned in the next step Allow the line to soak until the water becomes luke-warm; about 15-30 minutes or so. Stretching the line Stretching the line is an important step in cleaning it. Stretching the line once-in-awhile helps maintain its suppleness and prevent line coil memory. Taking a clean, moistened rag in one hand, draw the flyline from the sink through the rag Apply mild pressure with the hand holding the rag to ensure the line is being "stripped" of all the debris and dirt You'll know if you have enough pressure by hearing the line "sqweek" through your hands LOOSELY coil the line on the floor at your feet in preparation for dressing the line with conditioner and allowing the line to dry for a few moments TIP: as you draw line through the rag, stretch each arm's-length section as you would a leader, to stratighten out the coils that have built up. Dressing Using the reel as a line winder makes applying line conditioner easier, but is not necessary. Taking another dedicated rag used for applying line conditioner, soak the rag with conditioner As the line is wound on the winder, apply the line conditioner in the same manner as the line is cleaned in the step above. Don't be afraid to be generous with the line conditioner; it's the stuff that will help protect the line in future uses.
  10. We were so poor when I was growing up in my first little league game, I stole second base, hid it under my shirt, and ate it later.
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