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  1. ...moving the European Command from Germany is going to cost billions of dollars, rough guess on my part... ...seems like a complete waste of money to me... ...just because Trump is upset and wants to make some kind of statement is even more dumb to me... tic, tic, tic, tic... can just see Putin smiling from ear to ear... ...ain't saying Trump hasn't done great and what he said he would... ...just tired of his public contrived bully tactics... ...wish I had a good choice to vote for President... Trump and his lap dog vs. Biden (far left controlled puppet)... where's Nikki Haley when I need her??? ...Hi BMC!!!
  2. ...hot summer days with shorts and light Tshirt; its a Kimber Micro .380; fits great in the pocket ...otherwise, my carry, shoulder holster, Colt Competition 9mm or Colt Competition .38 Super ...on the night stand by the bed is the Kimber Pro CDP II, .45 acp with Laser grips
  3. ...playing outside until the parents hollored 'cause it was late ...catching lightning bugs ...playing hid and seek ...playing king of the Hill on the neighbor's big dirt pile ...playing in the creek ...dragging the streets and cycling thru the Sonic and the Dairy Queen
  4. my responses to your points: 1. ...you ain't stupid, just concerned about our game and continuing it into the future. 2. ...yes indeed I do. 3. ...legitimate concern 4. ...absolutely agree with you. ...shouldn't ask for opinions if's you don't want to listen to the response. 5. ..."...feel..." implies all concerns are welcome...
  5. Cowboy Untouchables ...to me this topic has to do with Vision... ...what was the original vision for the game when the Wild Bunch first set up SASS as a governing body for Cowboy Action Shooting? ...have we maintained that Vision or have we lost that Vision? I sorry to say this but we have made this Cowboy Action Shooting game way more complicated and rule bound than need be... We have governed the game to death... It is no longer just plain fun... ...it is no longer a really fun game... . We have found the bad guys and it is us... ...imho... ...have a nice day...
  6. ...prayers continue from a rain soaked north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line
  7. Allie Mo.... ...thank you for your caring updates... Prayers continue up from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line...
  8. Prayers up from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line...
  9. this is done for Ms. Mary Matilda: SASS Alias: Ms. Mary Matilda SASS #: 66348 Where you are from: North Alabama just shy of the Tennessee Line How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: jest abit less than Okb
  10. SASS Alias: Oklahomabound (Okb fer short) SASS #: 66347L Interests: Flyfishing and fly tyingSporting ClaysWing shootingPlinkingMilitary riflesCowboy action shooting Where you are from: Hazel Green AL (...just shy of the Tennessee Line) How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: fer awhile now... Graduate of Sawyer's Shootin' School
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