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  1. If it is a bright sunny day, look for the "gleem" or "highlight" on the sunny side... otherwise it is a target memory thing...
  2. prayers up from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line
  3. Allie Mo.... ...thank you for your caring updates... Prayers continue up from north Alabama just shy of the Tennessee line...
  4. Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Wyoming, Oregon, and New Mexico... ...for SASS, implied but not stated... ...for the US Army... ...a few countries across the sea, transported by a big silver bird...
  5. ...to answer your question; clear, concise, and to the point.
  6. ...we be expecting a cold snap this weekend... ...supposed to drop into the low 30's...
  7. find the guns that feel good to you, test drive them if you can, buy 'em, shoot 'em, and enjoy 'em.... I shoot these 'cause I want to: I851 Richards Mason Navy Conversions... ...and yes I shoot the Holy Black Powder.
  8. Sorta like these by Slick McClade:
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