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  1. Rance, It is pretty slick. It rotates to the side when you're ready to move the cart, and is "spring loaded" so it rests on the ground when you sit, but then lifts up when you're ready to stow it and move.
  2. Yes, I still have my Steampunk cart. It's just the older I get, the more convenient it is to have the Rugged Gear cart.
  3. The look like a lot of fun. I actually run an 1873 for Wild Bunch that has been converted to .45 ACP. It is a lot of fun to shoot!
  4. I just bought one of those nifty "folding seats" for my 4 gun Rugged Gear cart. I remember some folks who had them didn't follow Rugged Gear's suggestion for installation due to the fact that it inhibited folding of the cart. Can someone please let me know the best place to install it on my 4 gun cart so it folds and is most useful? Pictures would be a bonus. Thanks
  5. Shoot! Colonel, if that doesn't work for you, please keep me in mind. DIBS if the deal falls through.
  6. Steampunk Hawaiian. Challenge Accepted!
  7. Here is the link to all the pictures and videos that we took at the TN State Match. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmHGwzag
  8. OK, I'll be leaving soon. I'm assuming you mean to bring it from Georgia, as I have no room to bring it to Wartrace. Rolan
  9. Klondike, the second cart (baby stroller) folds down, but doesn't really "break down". I will be at the TN State match, but have limited room to bring the carts. Rolan
  10. Item Name: FS Uberti 1866 Yellowboy in. 38 SpecialLocation: Gainesville, GAItem is for: Sale OnlySale Price: 800Caliber: .38 SpecialWilling to Ship: Yes in the Lower 48 for $100 Item Description: This gun has a Joe West Action job. Has a large brass Rod front sight and full Buckhorn Rear site. Leather wrapped lever. Custom Rattlesnake laser engraving on each side of the butt stock. Does have name laser engraved on the front stocks. Replacement wood is available online. This is a "working gun" not a wall-hanger. $800 OBRO I can bring this to Wartrace.
  11. Back to the top! I can bring this to Wartrace next week for the TN State Match.
  12. Capt, Bill, It does not. The only thing that is removable is the buck board.
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