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  1. Thanks! I guess style points is in the eye of the beholder. To me, style points go to anything Frontiersman and the loud boom of real black powder.
  2. Not to be annoying, but what exactly is the point of butt forward? I know people think it looks cool, but both methods above look like they could not possibly save you time and for most of us would actually add time...?
  3. I just had to Google it (Google knows all) and who cares what wannabe video gamers think? BTW, 1873's of all brands are nice, who would really want one when they could be shooting Navies?
  4. Here's a quote from Long Hunter's website: "On a side note - These are the best Marlins we have seen produced in the last 20 years. The quality has greatly improved in our observance for those wondering or living on internet myths." http://www.longhunt.com/web/index.php?page=Marlin-1894-Custom-Cowboy-Action
  5. I have one of those slicked up by Long Hunter's gunsmiths and while admitting that I know little about Marlins, mine seems nice and slick - not as slick as my Codymatic, but still quite nice. The only weird thing - and I don't see how Long Hunter could be blamed for this - is that at 25 yards, lead cowboy loads hit about 4" - 6" to the left, mild Magnum loads hit about 2" - 3" to the left and full-bore Magnum loads hit dead center, point of impact equals point of aim. I bought this gun to go hunting hogs with my son when he comes down to visit and also to be a backup in case my Codymatic goes down. Therefore, I have the front sight moved so far left that it's almost about to fall out in case I do use t as a backup and it's topped with a Burris FastFire III that's sighted in dead center with full power loads. It's almost as if the barrel is bent to the left and full power loads temporarily straighten it while passing through. I assume that it's me somehow, but none of my other rifles do that.
  6. While there is apparently no Team SASS in Virginia, we do have the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the VCDL has done more for our civil liberties here in Virginia that any other organization. Here is our website - please support us! https://vcdl.org/
  7. I remember years ago hearing that it was "food grade" oil. I wonder if anyone here might be willing to down a cup of it and let us know how it goes?
  8. Same here! We used to lube our M16-A1's with LSA and they would immediately rust - it may have been a good lube, but it had no preservation properties whatsoever.. Not long before they upgraded us to the M16-A2, they started issuing us CLP and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I still like the stuff, but I'm going to switch to One Shot - I'm already using One Shot Case Lube, so why not?
  9. Looks like an excellent study! I think I am sold on One Shot for all non-BP uses. I would caution people about Frog Lube: While it seems to have all of the properties one would want and it's even BP compatible, I found out the hard way that it will harden into a wax-like substance that ruined my day. I have been using Ballistol on flintlocks for at least 20 years and when I started shooting C&B a couple of years ago, I would snap caps before loading my gear for a match and never had a problem with ignition. I tried Frog Lube on an evil black rifle and it seemed to work great. I figured I'd try it with my Navy's, so I cleaned up after a match, lubed them with Frog Lube, put them away in the safe and then the evening before the next match, I snapped caps like normal to be sure they were clear and packed up for the match. When my turn came at stage one, I had 3 misfires with one gun and four with the other. It was embarrassing as all get out and I learned a valuable lesson about physically clearing the vents and not simply trusting snapping caps to do the job. However, what's relevant here is that when I pushed the Frog Lube out of the vents, it had formed a hard wax that a Remington #10 couldn't push out. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be used; simply be aware of what it can do if it collects and hardens.
  10. SASS Alias: John Henry Quick SASS #: 97501 Where you are from: Stafford County, Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 5 yrs
  11. Smokin Iron

    AKA Steve Mowery

    330 West Front Street

    Logan, OH 43138


    Please send me your address so I can send funds for pin. 

  12. I noticed your love of Aussie Rules Football.  I just saw The Story of Australia and that was the first I had heard of it and it looks like a lot of fun! 

    1. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Howdy JHQ

                    Yes a fantastic game, I played 200 games myself [ in a lower league ] & have always been  a passionate supporter of the Richmond Tigers who are part of the National  AFL Competition  [Australian Football League ]... a lot different to grid iron, rugby & soccer..terrific skills & aerobic capacity of the players..once a person knows the rules it is great to watch.Thanks for the enquiry & reading my profile.

      All the best..Regards 'Mohawk

  13. Marie, Nemesis is correct that you cannot use the 97 in Frontier categories, but you can still use black powder in the other categories, so don't let that stop you from using the One True Powder.
  14. My opinion is backed by having been in and around the Marine Corps from long before the M9 right up to today and almost no one has a kind word to say about the M9. That was an acquisition based purely on politics and not the needs of the warfighter. I could count on one hand the few that I've seen say kind things about it and statistically they are unicorns. It's time to get rid of it. I am also a member of the Quantico Shooting Club and have run and participated in many USPSA and Steel Challenge matches. I almost never see a Beretta at those matches and it's not without reason. The current crop of Marines shoot striker-fired guns at these matches and the Single Stack class has dwindled almost out of existence. The rare birds that do show up with a Beretta in Production class do so because it's the only gun they know and they generally show up a couple of matches later with a Glock or an XD because they've now seen what a disadvantage the M9 puts them in. I'm not trying to argue for 1911's - that was my gun of choice for many years and I still have a special place in my heart for them, but technology has passed them by and the "modern tactical pistols" that you refer to are striker-fired guns, not single or double action guns like the 1911 or the M9. The SA/DA's day is over. Also, I'm not arguing about caliber; the 9x19 NATO is the standard and nothing any of us say will change that. I think we are in agreement that the Sig was not a wise choice. My youngest son is with the BOP and was trained at FLETC, so he has the training you have referred to previously and he also works a second job selling guns. Like me, he has great respect for Sig's quality of construction, but he does not have a high opinion of their latest efforts to compete with Glock and SA in the striker-fired market and he particularly dislikes the 320. My personal favorite is the XD Mod.2 because it fits my hand perfectly, I like the grip angle a bit better than a Glock and when fired it falls right back into proper sight alignment. However, I totally support MARSOC's choice of the Glock 19 because anyone can shoot it (my wife has one), it's as close to idiot-proof as a gun can get and it's extremely low maintenance. PD's across America have gone to Glocks for good reason and it's time that the military take politics out of the equation.
  15. I got the 5th edition through Amazon from a bookstore in Texas. In a way I am just now (re)discovering S&W revolvers. As soon as I turned 21 I bought an RG .38 and then realized what a POS I had purchased, so I went out and bought a new Model 10. It seemed rather plain at the time, but when I think back it was quite a beautiful little revolver! A little later I sold the Model 10 and bought a Model 19, but then I sold it and bought a Colt Commander and 1911's were all I would buy for the next 30 years. However, once I discovered CAS, my interest in revolvers was rekindled and I now have a Model 10 and a Model 64 and I love them. I bought the above manual with no expectation of ever working on them, but instead just to learn more about them and this book has proven to be quite valuable in that effort. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!
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