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  2. Nice. I like the layout for make-up. Only negative in make-ups of stationary targets is a good set of spotters to agree on make-ups needed in plenty of time. Of course, good spotters are needed on all the targets. Good shotgun shooter could easily appreciate this stage. Shoot at more difficult targets with minimal concern and if miss on both then get two extra shotguns in less than three seconds. Net not as clean as fast, hit-em-all run, but pleasing. If only one make-up, the fast 97 shooter might look pretty sharp.
  3. Hell, in Texas you could be shot just for eating ice cream and watching TV!
  4. Many videos on YouTube where citizens flip cops off, call them pigs or outright cuss at them. Supreme Court ruled its part of the 1st Amendment as in freedom of speech/expression. So while legal to do so it still doesn't mean you're not going to get hassled, pulled over, arrested etc. Ike
  5. And it’s harassment on the part of the unmarked police car’s occupants. Crawling right back up his butt would shut him down pretty quickly, I’m thinking. If not, who cares? There’s always a way to get back at people like that. And, they know it. Could he be arrested for that? You could be arrested walking down the street minding your own business. As I said, there’s always a way of getting back at people like that if you’re dead-on set to do it.
  6. Rye Miles - vs - THE UNIVERSE Just WHY is it Rye MILES anyway?? What happened to Rye KILOMETERS??
  7. Little $@&£ and the horse may be buddies.....let’s hope so!
  8. Paper cartridges are cool and historically correct but way too much work. Nice product though that does make it easier to do. Ike
  9. Here's the actual stage description we used:
  10. Fiber wads like the ones used in BPCR loading are made from a gasket like material, and does not degrade that I have ever seen. OLG
  11. Keith Richards doesn't need botox - In fact, I think botox gets Keith Richards injections
  12. The idea of make-ups for the stages with what is considered more difficult target (s) seems to me the perfect approach to satisfy those who are in dire pursuit of a clean stage. Make-up can be by shotgun, rifle, or both, just make the option target very shootable (large/close), and IMO, it should be hit to make stage clean. I am not particularly a fan of make-up target that can be shot at but miss is not a miss. Make it very shootable and time is the only penalty...again, my opinion. Most recent CAC had a number of plate racks and 10" knockdowns, these were perhaps difficult for some, but options were most always given to make the stage one to be shoot clean.
  13. todays version of the game vs the version of the game from years past.
  14. WIDDER, Not that I distrust Ruger (Snicker Snicker), but iffy you get one, BEFORE you shoot it, be sure to investigate the the diameter of the cylinder throats. Betcha two Bucks their undersize.
  15. The article’s entire reason for existence is to bring to the attention of the anti-gun crowd and that there is another opportunity to go after gun and ammunition manufacturers.
  16. A simple question about whether folks carry to/from matches turns into a bitch session about the vagaries of California's gun laws. If you californicators would spend half as much effort preventing or overturning such laws, we wouldn't be constantly subjected to your whining about how tough things are in PRC.
  17. Just winged’em, is what she meant! :-/
  18. No truer words have ever been said. A Posse Marshal that knows what his Role is. , T/O's that know the Rules, Spotters that Can Spot and Not Listen/count. all these can make a Match Great or Destroy it so Bad you don't want to return.
  19. Try this: https://www.shouselaw.com/public-nuisance.html Around here, "disorderly conduct" would be the more likely criminal citation. Some locales have specific statutes or regulations forbidding the display of gun-like hand gestures. Talk about trivializing the role of a police officer - sending him out to arrest a kid for pointing his unloaded finger "in an aggressive manner". LL
  20. Today
  21. That ain't "Fry Bread". LOL Need to find ya some indians for that'n.
  22. If he is carrying a rainbow pumpkin, is the boy in a bloody ballerina outfit wearing a costume or just confused?
  23. Thanks - This exactly the kind of information I would need for a good cause statement, i.e., SASS enthusiasts have been victims of robbery when leaving events. I don’t know from your comment if that’s what you’re saying or that people leaving a range are at significant risk of being robbed. In any case this may be helpful. WBM
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