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  2. Heck no! I do it all the time, when I find a statement that just isn't correct. I actually take a pen and make a footnote, so if someone else reads it they will get the correct information. (Naturally, these are my own books.) This applies especially where I have technical knowledge or info directly from a historical source! The only exceptions are the Bible...and Louis Lamour novels!
  3. Howdy Chuck, Not much really. You'll need a set of dies and a shell holder. For this kit, I would recommend the Lee 4-die .357 Magnum set. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/309802/lee-deluxe-carbide-4-die-set This set of 4 dies will do everything you need and will interface with the Pro-Auto Disk powder measure (other manufacturer's dies will not). That set will also include a shell holder for .38 Special/.357 Magnum. (The dies work equally well for either caliber. Refer to the instructions included with your dies to adjust for .38 Special.) Furthermore, you will need a set of calipers. Most people seem to prefer digital calipers, but I like dial calipers personally. Either will work and neither should cost you more than about $20. Beyond the die set, shell holder, and calipers, everything else is strictly optional. Those three things and this kit are all that's required to reload.
  4. When I worked on the parachute recovery system for the Space Shuttle booster rockets (SRB-Decelerator Subsytem or SRB-DSS), we had two reefing lines that kept the 136' dia. chutes from opening completely all at once. If they had, the aerodynamic shock would have blown the canopies, which were made from thick nylon straps. The reefing lines had a pair of guillotine cutters for each line (4 total per chute). The cutters had a powder charge with a fuse set off when the chute first deployed. The powder charge was initiated by a mil-spec (essentially) small rifle primer manufactured by Olin (Winchester). In case one cutter failed to sever the reefing line, you had the other one as a backup (both fired together). Well, on one flight, when the chutes were recovered, it was found that one cutter had failed to fire! The primer was found to have been impacted by the firing pin, although I don't know if the analysis showed the amount of impact. At any rate, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center nearly "went into orbit"! They jumped all over Olin and demanded that there be NO further no-fires! Olin's response was that they anticipated one (1) failure to fire in every 20,000 primers (that's 20 cases, sports fans), and if NASA didn't like it, NASA could go qualify another vendor! NASA was NOT about to go through that hassle, especially with the Shuttle program on-going at that time. End of discussion by NASA!
  5. Springfield Slim. He uses his own lube formula but I know from experience it works well. http://www.whyteleatherworks.com/
  6. One of these days I will make a trip to EOT. In the mean time have fun to all that go and hope a worthy cowboy/girl wins the knife. Good lookin'
  7. I"m looking for a source for the Snakebite bullets lubed with SPG. Slick Rock Rooster
  8. Obviously, I unintentionally opened up a can of worms. I'm a bit stoked over owning a Greener. If it has been nitro-proofed, it would be safe with smokeless ammo of the correct length. If it is not nitro-proofed, I will not shoot it with smokeless ammo -- I'm happy to roll-my-own BP shotshells, and if its changers are 2 3/4 length, I can buy (expensive) BP shotshells from Buffalo Arms Co. Obviously I would take all normal safety procedures involved with the use of any antique firearm before pursuing ANY of these options. And if anyone here knows of someone who relines damascus barrels for a reasonable fee, I'm interested in knowing who (the one I've located is prohibitively expensive).
  9. July 12th-14th Paradise Pass will hosting the Indiana State Championship shoot. This is a fantastic match on a 40 acre gun range dedicated to Cowboy Action shooting ! 11 fast and fun stages vendors on site, including the semi-famous Two Bear Arms Gun Shop right on the property ! Every shooter signed up early will receive an excellent quality t-shirt, that has an 8 color scene on the back Our banquet is held at one of the best banquet halls in the state ! With the greatest food !!! Huge amount of door prizes and give-a-ways at the banquet. Guns, Benchmade Knives, Vortex products, powders, bullets, ammo and more ! Mass amounts of open camping on site, with 2 really excellent camping areas to pick from, free range style, just pick the spot you like !! Our awards this year, will be something that we have not seen at any club !!! Trust me, you won't want to miss these. Holy Smokes BBQ will be on site all 3 days ! Brass rats for each posse and you get your brass back !!! The local church group will have breakfast on site Saturday and Sunday ! Cowboy church will be on Sunday in our church stage ! FIREWORKS Friday night !!!!! If you have never been here, check out our drone view on our websites !! You can register online or print and mail an app. CHECK US OUT !!! Paradise Pass website Two Bear Arms Gun Shop Website
  10. I can’t imagine that from that crew...
  11. I don't doubt in the least that it can and has happened. But for someone to say that it can happen, but a reloader can't blow up a gun is preposterous when it happens far more often.
  12. 2nd edition of that book is included in the OP's offer. Also, don't forget to add a good set of calipers.
  13. Rye noticed a shotgun barrel sticking out from the window of the small ranch house. Mark yelled out to the house! "We've got something for you". The person in the house didn't say anything. Mark yelled again, "Don't shoot, we're not here to do any harm we've got some bodies that we think belong to you". Again, silence. Rye jumped off the wagon and yelled, "Put the gun down now" as he pointed his greener toward the house. The shotgun barrel suddenly disappeared. They pulled the 3 bodies off the wagon which were all covered in blankets and laid them on the ground. Again, nothing from the house! They got back on the wagon and their horses and took off! They're job was done. It sure was a weird experience for all of them. They were talking about it on the way back to town. They were trying to figure out who was in that house. Slim speculated it was maybe a woman by herself and didn't want any trouble. Maybe a mom or wife or both to the dead men. I guess they would find out in time.
  14. They do not import many and mostly short barrels and 22cal
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  16. Everything locked around this house has a Ruger branded lock. Tried giving away accumulated firearms locks on my gunshow table. No takers. When you can't give it away at a gunshow, you know what it's worth.
  17. Don't forget a good reloaders book like the Lee's Modern Reloading manual.
  18. Google I search for "Amazing Creativity for making work Life easy" with the quotes.
  19. Talked to Winchester today appears they produced less than 200 of these in 357/38 special high grade rifles...
  20. Really? There were women looking for men? Who knew? My list is shorter: 1. Move to within 100 miles of a Naval Station.
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