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  2. I still it's more than that because you have to factor I brass.....since it critical to shooting. Once fired 45LC brass $25 per 100. 38 $29 for 500. Lead 45 LC $52 for 500 38 $36 for 500 Then you have to use almost 2X the powder like 3 grains to 5 and that will add up as well. Then if you and your wife shoot every weekend you have to double all of that cost again. I'm not saying it's a fortune you save but there are real savings when shooting 38.
  3. Yo Goody thanks pilgrim. 11th Airborne Division 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment Ft. Campbell, Kentucky 1954-1958
  4. Baby boomer jet realizes it may never be able to retire
  5. He will be missed...….prayers out for the family.
  6. They really need to change the outfits the riders wear. Something like or Full race:
  7. Memorable moment: I remember showing up at Riverbend, he’s sees me shooting the warm up, and out of the norm, I’m shooting smokeless powder. He hollers out, “What happened to you? Did you grow a vagina?”
  8. One of the few benefits of getting older is the wisdom to enjoy each good moment. Cowboy shooting friends provide many of them. Thanks for the post, Bubba. See you this weekend.
  9. I'm sure he can make them if you contact them.
  10. Okay, I'll get 'em up today or tomorrow, I don't wanna break the rooles!!!
  11. If they hand me the note and I read it right then, I might smile and say thank you or you’re welcome. If I am talking to them soon after I read the note I might make a similar remark, or email. But if there is seldom any communication between us, I will likely say nothing.
  12. Larsen, we're sorry you lost your bud. Our little buddies hold such a big space in our hearts, ya know? Glad you have his photos around to help heal your heart. Sassy 'n Windy
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