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  2. Do you hammer the pinch or chuck in a drill press? Do you flake off the black tar layer? Any way you slice it, nothing is cheaper or more convenient than plastic wads.
  3. I've just about talked myself into buying a 1911. I've always wanted one, but never had a real need for one. I don't shoot WB and don't need it for concealed carry, I just WANT one. While looking at Springfield Armory 1911's I've noticed three (There are probably more) that seem to have the same description but are priced at about $80 increments. Surely there must be a difference and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what they are. The pistols in question: 1911 Mil-Spec Defender #PBD9108L (cheapest) The only thing I see different is a plain checkered grip instead of the Springfield logo grip. 1911 Range Mil-Spec #PB91082L (+$80) Has Springfield logo grips. 1911 Mil-Spec Parkerized #PB9108LP (+ another $80) Has Springfield logo grips and "Parkerized" in the name, but the finish on the other two is also listed as Parkerized. They all appear to have the same sights, same finish and come with one magazine. What am I missing? Other than an extra $160 if I were to choose the "Parkerized" It doesn't help that different websites list the different model numbers with different or interchanged names. Angus
  4. Using real black or APP. Decap and rinse brass in warm water, then soak in warm water with dish detergent overnight. Then air dried and sorted for tumbling. Usually do this within a day or two, maybe three or four after the match. For cleaning rifles, and pistols, I run a bore snake through it all when using real black, I find no need for a bore snake when using AAP. Swab bore, and frames with patches of Simple Green. Dry them, then wipe down with a patch of Qmaxx. Shotgun: Just wiped down chambers/frame same way as the others, but barrels get blown out with smokeless rounds at next monthly match. I usually try to clean within a week. Longest was 5 months!! With no harm done.
  5. My wife and I just shot the NM State match with APP, Triple Seven and MZ (no Pyrodex!). Brass Cleaning: four rinses using hot tap water. Dry in sun. Firearms: wiped down with a mixture of rubbing alcohol, oil soap and tap water (no vinegar). Lubed with Ballistol when dry.
  6. I never said it was okay to supply inferior products. I only said it's okay to shoot them if they are not fully lubed. Besides if I purchase a box of 500 cast bullets and I come across say 1% of them (5 pcs) that either had no lube, or only 1 ring with lube and the other ring without, I'm not going to raise cane about that. What really irks me more though is when I get disfigured tips like what happens when you pour before the mold is heated properly. That doesn't happen to me often though.
  7. CC: You built these guns for me; I'll certainly follow your lead. LL
  8. What would you sell just the revolver for? I might be interested....
  9. I have it saved to my computer for quick reference. It is very helpful especially for new shooters trying to figure out the categories!
  10. I've shot black powder for years not only just for CAS. I recently asked about running bp in a winchester 92 and got a good bit of helpful info not just on that model but in general. here's the link to that post here on the wire. Everyone has their favorite method but Nate Kiowa Jones had a few tweeks to what I basically do.
  11. Funny how we like to use explosives to solve an issue!
  12. Thanks. No need to be "historical" I am recreating a fantasy gun from a song.
  13. My 45 Marlin is a "Cowboy Competition" model 1894
  14. Come on out for our final monthly of the year. This Saturday. Shooting starts at 10. Every one that has shot this year gets a card for every match to make the best poker hand. Winner gets free monthly shoots for a year next year. (Not including Final Showdown). Last monthly of the year, so we will be shooting 7 (SEVEN) stages, so bring enough ammo.
  15. I couldnt tell you historically but currently they make the 1894 in .45 colt
  16. Slix have a CAVEAT on the package. Remington # 10 ONLY. I run Remington # 10 on ALL my Pietta Cap Guns with Slix nipples.
  17. My sincere condolences Grumpy Old Man, It's never easy to lose our furry kids.
  18. Hi all. I don't know anything about Marlins, so I have no idea which model would be likely to be available in .45 Colt. As mentioned before, I am slowly obtaining the parts needed to create my own "Big Iron" that inspired the Marty Robbins song of the same name. That pistol featured a barrel made from a Marlin rifle that had been cut to 9-1/2 Inches. I figure the original started life in another caliber and was relined or something, but that getting one with the proper bore size would simplify things for me.
  19. Don't know, but I love my 45's. Price seems to be good. Free bump!
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