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  2. Hey Willi Them there guns look to me more like Bisley .... rather than Birds ... N-Nice Sox
  3. The corollary is also true... one way to get a girl is to be friendly to the fat ones. Unfortunately we are a shallow society obsessed with looks.
  4. A drivers license is not a fee to travel. In fact technically you do not even need a license to own a car... provided it never leaves your own property. The license allows you to use public roads and verifies that you actually know how to operate a vehicle so that you don't get others killed while out on the roadway. But if you own your own 100-acre spread you can let your 12yo drive a car on it as long as he knows how. I equate carry permits to drivers licenses. But a license just to buy a gun and keep it in your own house? That's silly.
  5. https://www.boredpanda.com/how-to-get-men-1950s-dating-article-magazine-mccalls/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
  6. I was thinking drivers' license - a fee that most folks pay in order to be able to travel.
  7. Had the power company ring my door bell about a year after we moved in. Wanted to know if I could let them in to do something with their gear on a pole directly behind my NE corner. Said they needed to get to it and would I mind if they cut away some of the forty-five foot pine growing there. I told them I didn't care if I took the whole tree down. They said they could do that and I asked how much. Three hours later the tree was gone, nothing but the stump left. A few weeks later a guy showed up and removed the stump, too. All gone and cleaned up and it only cost me three Whoppers and three soft drinks.
  8. My daughter has the youth model Henry 22 - neat gun and nice wood. Thinking of getting this simply because I like the silver-chrome finish and it has the stamp of Evil Roy. Kinda of a fan https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/henry-frontier-carbine-evil-roy-edition/ https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/henry-frontier-carbine-evil-roy-edition/ GG ~
  9. I also depends on how well the SG was cared for.... Unless that bbl has been in an x-ray for internal corrosion. I will hang it on the wall.... YMMV, OLG
  10. For speed of loading at a match, I'm in absolute agreement with Navy Six! Making paper cartridges ahead of time DOES take time, but you can do it at your leisure and it speeds up the loading process greatly - almost as easy as a metal cartridge. . . almost. When I don't use paper cartridges (which is more often than not), I do the exact same thing J-BAR describes, only I use a teardrop-style flask. Keeps the process simple, accountable, with a minimum of fuss and gear. I dislike taking apart the gun - even a Remington - to load, as loading on the pistol is much faster for me. A good powder flask will be your best friend! Two points I'll also mention: even with paper cartridges, I'd advise lube on the top of the chambers. Keeps the fouling soft and action running smoother. Second, fabricate from a needle or wire a small pick to use on the cones. Most of the paper will detonate with just the cap, but to be on the safe side, poking a needle hole through the paper cartridge will ensure a direct line from the cap to the powder. Wild Bill Hickok is recorded as doing this, and he knew a thing or two about cap 'n ball revolvers. . . In any event. . . Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  11. I found that they make great bicycle locks. OLG
  12. Maybe he choked him with a print out of all of Alpo's ponderings
  13. Irish Ike.. So glad you clarified this.. You only took the "minor safety" away.. Not the "P".. Your original example on this you just said you corrected the shooters score... I, myself, was wondering how he got out of shooting the pistols out of order.. See how communications can help?? "P" only.. no MSV.. Got it now.. Rance Thinkin ya done good then..
  14. Today
  15. Oh yeah, I got one of those things with my Marlin when I picked it up recently. It's still in the box...where it will remain.
  16. My new 1894CB has "BN" on the barrel stamp... called Marlin this AM, they confirmed my serial number MR-xxx was produced in January of 2019. I'm very happy with fit and finish of mine.
  17. The lock components not shown in the photo is a heavy metal bracket labeled "MFC-10" with that black rubbery-dip stuff. It did a very good job of locking the rifle. Rifle itself is pristine. I'm 100% delighted with it. I found it heartily amusing, consider all the other rain falling in my life right at the moment...
  18. I think I heard Something Honey , Get up and check it out !
  19. I have one of these unfired in the box. I really like the workmanship and how much smoother than the other marlins I just purchased. That is a good buy!
  20. OLG is right. They just need to provide the lock. I would take it one step further. Look for any damage where the lock was and get some credit for it...asking for a replacement gun will just be a hassle.
  21. I have lived all over the USA. Every state has restrictions of one kind or another. Virginia and New Mexico were long enough ago the laws have been changed. I have no idea what they are now. When I lived in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Land of taxes and bureaucrats) there was a process where the Sheriff's office was contacted along with a 3 day wait for a handgun. When I lived in North Carolina. You had to go to the Sheriff's office and apply for a permit to buy handgun. You could get 9 permits that were good for a couple of years, I believe. You had to provide 3 references. They didn't call my references. They called my wife and asked if she had any fears for me buying guns. She laughed and said "No, he has a bunch already". They gave me 4 permits. I asked why not 9? The lady said "Hun, when you need 5 more just drop by and we'll give them to you." When I lived in Oregon they used the instant background check via the State Police through the Women's Prison in Salem. Those ladies did all the processing online. There was no waiting period except for waiting for the go ahead from state police. It usually took me 1/2 hour but it could take days. If it took more than 3 business days, you had to start over again. Now I live in California AGAIN. I first moved here in 1982. The gun laws were silly. Now, they are downright ridiculous. I moved here eyes wide open. I know what the restrictions are and I know they violate the Constitution. Knowing that and $2.50 will get you a black coffee at Starbucks. I retire in 4 years. When I do I am out again.
  22. I have two AWA Lightings, one in .44-40 and one in .45 Colt The .45 is my favorite main match rifle, and both of them work just fine. As far as price goes, I'd say anything in the 5 to 6 hundred range is reasonable. 700 plus is too much for a used gun of this type. If my memory serves, I paid 700 for the .45 brand new and about 550 used for the .44-40 about a year ago. And I am pretty sure it was unfired. I'd love to fnd one in .357 magnum for my brother.
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