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  1. BEWARE: I was contacted by Satrk980 an hour after they joined and offered the hard-to-find revolver I’m looking for. He gave me an email to use and then emailed me pictures that were lifted off an auction site. Granted, it was a rather weak attempt at a scam, but since BP pistols can be shipped person to person, I could see how somebody could fall for it, wire the money, and wait for a gun that never arrives. Ho do we get this joker removed?
  2. Alright… hear me out. I’m considering trying out the Cody Dixon Lever Action class at some clubs here in Texas. So I’ll need a lever action that shoots a rifle cartridge. It seems like .30-30s are still relatively affordable. But I’ve never handled one. So I have no basis for comparing the different actions. I’ve shot both Marlins and Winchester clones in pistol calibers, but I’m guessing that doesn’t really translate. So what do y’all like? Marlin? Winchester? Something else? Im not a Henry fan, so those are out. I’d love something that I could tune up to bring a little speed to that category. I mean, I don’t expect one to perform like my Boogie rifle, but I’d like to try and slick up whatever I end up with. I’m interested to hear your thoughts.
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