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  2. Do you have to shoot clean to be considered a good shooter? If that is the case, I'm a good shooter way less than 10% of the time. And our #1 shooter at FM wasn't "worth his leather". I note that some recently on this forum have said "if you shoot clean, you're shooting too slow". So there are individual choices buried beneath "clean shooting". All of us want to be excellent at this. (Some of you who've been at it longer already are). To get to excellence, we can practice at things like quick target acquisition, functional accuracy, transition smoothness, shooting speed and gun and ammunition refinement. But it's hard for most of us to practice on moving targets, or shooting from a moving cart or vehicle, so those kinds of things pose challenges even to the best shooters, each time a match includes them. So in this challenging match, an average of about one person per Posse, per stage (10 stages x 6 Posses) got a "P". That just doesn't seem so bad to me, considering the wide range of individual abilities involved. I don't think a traditional match like this can ever compete with matches, that have simpler courses of fire and stationary, closer-in targets, in terms of metrics like numbers of misses or "P"s. But with that said, I'm not saying that the simpler matches are a slam-dunk. Even the simplest courses of fire and the biggest, closest targets will still see mistakes, as people try to rush them too fast. (How many times have I pushed too hard and jacked out rounds, or forgotten to shoot right to left?) I personally prefer more challenging stage designs, even if they are slower and have inherent risks of more misses and Ps. As long as I have some fun along the way, I'm good with all of that.
  3. They can be loaded without gas checks at lower velocities (below 2000 fps.) accuracy might or might not suffer. A Lee bullet sizing die will install gas checks on the bases if you decide to go that route. 170 gr bullets work great in a .30/30.
  4. When you are fighting for your life and the existence of your adopted country, you'll use anything you can get your hands on, including an iron-knee! Most of those pilots were American, as well as some of the sabras (native-born Israelis). The former not only risked their lives, but their American citizenship, which could have been revoked for their serving in a foreign military. IIRC, the Haganah also was able to get ahold of some P-51's via South America.
  5. Apparently you have a better flask than mine. I have a 40gr spout on mine. Tip it over, check it, not full, tip it shake it check it, almost, tip it....... https://www.northeasttradeco.com/online-store/EZE-Loader-Revolver-cylinder-loader-p68851282
  6. I’m going, but as a Waddie. You are correct about meeting new pards with the posse pin idea. What a great idea.
  7. Back in '05, I went on a two month vacation, towing an RV through 43 states, including all the mid-west, east coast and New England states + DC. That's only been 14 years ago, but with my sheltered life in Montana, it never crossed my mind that camping or simply driving through certain states or municipalities with a dozen guns and several thousand rounds of ammo would somehow be illegal.
  8. I don’t understand this. I went to North East Trade Co. website but can’t find a photo of the EZE loader. I use a cylindrical brass flask (Treso or CVA) with interchangeable spouts. I load with cylinder in the gun. I lay out 5 lead balls on the table, hold the gun in my left hand, drop a powder charge from the flask, seat the ball. Leave the rammer on the seated ball while throwing the powder into the next chamber, then seat the next ball. The gun never leaves my left hand until all 5 balls are seated. I cannot see how fumbling around with containers of pre-measured charges could be faster, particularly when you take into account the time you spent measuring and filling all those little containers.
  9. The Dixie Gun Works loader looks great for holding both powder & ball. For just powder, a 12 ga. shotgun hull will seal a 20 ga. hull. Both can be cut shorter to match volume needed. Real cheap!
  10. With friends like John Wesley Hardin has...he doesn’t need any enemies...
  11. How do I move it to the classifieds?
  12. You only need one of the two - not both. There really is nothing to see here. You have a constitutional right to travel freely among the states, but you pay a yearly license fee to your state to allow you to exercise it. You have a right to free speech, but to use it in any meaningful way, you pay a variety of fees for internet access, cell phone service, subscriptions, etc. The state has no list of guns that I own that it can use to confiscate guns; there are no guns listed on my license; all the license really does is separate me from an illegal gun owner - like a dirt bag. If I am stopped with guns in the car, the police can quickly tell if they are dealing with a citizen or a criminal. To get the license, I had to pass a criminal background check, a mental health check, and submit my fingerprints and digitized image - all of which are already on record elsewhere anyway. I love freedom as much as the next guy. But I recognize that there is a certain amount of restriction that can be imposed in order to make some people feel safer. My real beef is not with the licensing, but with the restrictions imposed by our Attorney General on the types and models of guns that can be sold by dealers in the state, and the ban on mail order/internet purchasing of ammo and ammo components. A whole other topic. LL
  13. Thanks- Didn't think about the gas check ring. So, if one was to use these, is a gas check required, or can they be loaded without? May just try and sell 'em.
  14. Nice deal. Of course I bought some last week and don't have the receipt any longer ...
  15. I find it interesting that at just 39yo he was considered past his prime and virtually an old man by his peers. In his younger years, had he wanted someone's seat at the poker table they wouldn't have dared say no. On the day he was killed however nobody would give him their seat. Shows how in today's world we're lucky that 69 is now the new 39.
  16. Pr-measured charges work. I take the cylinder out, wipe fouling off the cylinder & gun frame. I use a Lee dipper and a tupperware container full of powder Load the cylinder on a Powder Inc cylinder loader 3-4 shooters while watching the unloading table & I am done. --Dawg
  17. I that match. The permanent props are much fun. I love running down range in the little town. It sounds, from the penalties, that something different was tried. I'm curious of the SDQ distribution. For example, was one stage troublesome. I know Snakebite and am sure he will evaluate the penalties closely. Get well quickly, pardner!
  18. A twist barrel with any kind of dent can make for a weak spot. Neat old gun for sure though. I'd go straight away to getting the barrels lined and use only black powder like the Duke did.
  19. Depending on your powder load, Dixie has rubber speed loaders where you can pre measure your powder and top with a ball. I personally use a flask and load cylinder in the gun. It takes 5-7 minutes on average to do both guns or about two shooters.
  20. Pre measure your powder. I've seen some use test tubes: https://www.amazon.com/Graduated-Plastic-Tubes-16×105mm-DEPEPE/dp/B07D9J99NH/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=ZK7NQRMRLF5D&keywords=10ml+test+tubes&qid=1556121480&s=gateway&sprefix=10ml+test+%2Caps%2C156&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 I also have some that will hold a ball and have a cap on both ends, those are in the muzzleloading supplies at Wally World.
  21. Grumpy heard about the dance and he sure hoped Calico would show up. He would love to dance with her and his Australian Shepherd, Buford really likes her. I'm kinda bashful, so I don't do well around people.
  22. I’m looking for ideas to speed up my loading process. I shoot a pair of ‘48 Dragoons. I’m sure the best thing would be to buy 10 more cylinders and nipples but I don’t want to pay for it or clean it. I currently use a North East Trade Co. EZE loader. It works well, dispensing powder is what slows me down. Brass flask is real slow. I’ve been using a Lyman 55 measure but it’s testy in humidity and having it full of powder seems like an accident waiting to happen. Any suggestions? thanks for looking
  23. Wow. That's sooooo much better than freedom.
  24. We might, if we knew some details about the rifle.
  25. Today
  26. Acronym, abbreviation or whatever......... for better or worse, I use it because I'm lazy......
  27. Mr. W.W. Greener's "The Gun and Its Development" probably has more knowledge per page than any other gun book I've read. Hope you find his guns to be as good. Oh boy!
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