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  2. I may be stupid or lucky or both but I have loaded thousands of them on my Dillon 550B with a Lee factory crimp die and have not crumpled one case yet. The key is setting everything up correctly as has been stated several times.
  3. I had to go through Joplin right after, only a few days after the bad one that went through there!! I’ve seen the results of others as well, but THAT was catastrophic on a nuclear level!!
  4. 3/4" pipe, an end cap, and a sharp knife. I glued a short piece of dowel in the cap so it screws onto the pipe tight and the shell isn't loose. The shorty is for 1 3/4"ers. These were old, used pipe nipples, hence the pipe wrench marks - I don't use a pipe wrench to tighten 'em in the cap. Tough to get enough friction/heat with a vintage hand-cranked roll crimper to get a nice roll - buy one you can chuck in a drill, as suggested above.
  5. Too bad. You missed one of the greatest western series ever filmed, imho. Although I must admit that even I, mostly immune to rough profane men, was somewhat taken aback initially.
  6. Special suit? That was the electric plug in stuff for WWII bomber crews.
  7. After watching war movies as a kid, I actually wanted to be a ball gunner!
  8. If you are looking for tender brisket,buy the point half.More fat=more tender and more flavor.The flat portion has less fat but tends to be tougher.Either one should be cooked fat side up .Wrapping in foil with your choice of added liquid is a good idea ,as is the low and slow method .225 to 250 usually works well.
  9. I'm thinking that's just something in the background... maybe.
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  11. Not sure of the age of the crimper, got it for $50. I used a piece of poly water pipe for trimming but not real happy with that, going to a gun show & swap meet this w'end & will look for a vintage cutter,still using a plastic wad ...I found that by running the finished shell thru the final crimp stage on the Mec Jnr they are even better.
  12. Very Nice!! What is the OAL of the inside of the rifle/shotgun combo case?
  13. Brisket + beer + 6 hours on low in the Crockpot = delicious. Thanks to all, especially my evil twin.
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