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  2. What penalty does the shooter get for loading too many rounds?
  3. If the shooter loads 11 in his rifle, the LTO doesn't get the penalty, the shooter does. Shooter is ultimately responsible for counting the rounds going into his firearm.
  4. https://about.usps.com/news/state-releases/tx/2010/tx_2010_0909.htm LL
  5. A good first step! Now overturn a bunch of other useless and unconstitutional legislation and we’ll be getting somewhere!!
  6. There is a screening on October 24 at the Harkins Scottsdale, 7000 E Mayo Blvd Phoenix, AZ. There may be more there, check with the theater. But if they sell out the screenings, it goes nationwide. And it should.
  7. Most people don’t have a clue as to why the Bill of Rights was written!! Today’s youth was NEVER taught ANYTHING about the Constitution!! It is usually avoided in classrooms these days and students are thus excluded from interchange about freedom and political history!!
  8. Another vote for Gunslinger.
  9. I agree that they should have one. It's hard to get much further out West than the clubs I shoot at, unless you go to Hawaii. They all require a LTO. That person can be either a full time dedicated LTO assigned the task, or it can NOW be a shooter in line that STOPS loading their own guns and becomes a dedicated LTO for the moment and actually watches the other shooter load. (this is my second choice, but better than nothing at all) Not doing so will get you a SDQ. That does not happen at the matches I shoot in some of the neighboring states, even the largest of them. It is given lip service, but I have NEVER seen it enforced. I just got back from a large match East of here. Not even one stage had a LTO on it. I held up my pistols to the shooter behind me at the Loading table and ask them to check them. This shooter was a top notch shooter... won category and placed high over all. The response was that "We don't do that here, or at any of the matches in (XX). As long as the LTO requirement is not enforced at the Premier matches, it's use will continue to decline. The rules have been watered down to allow for not assigning a LTO, but even the Watered down version is not enforced.
  10. I would Never suggest the Canadian version.
  11. This rule was put into effect back when people were shooting Marlins and 92's. Targets were further out and we had few multiple hit targets. I don't recall alot of rounds being kicked out until huge targets were moved really close and shooters started running rifles afap. I earned a "P" at EOT in 2000 or 2001 for loading and shooting too many rounds with a Marlin, while shooting BP.
  12. Our city-sponsored neighborhood association received a "cease and desist" from USPS just a couple of days after we started placing our newsletter in mailboxes and door slots of private residences. Never did find out who complained, could have been the carrier herself, I suppose. Call it in! Count
  13. Methinks he needs to keep his day job and/or ice cream eating contests...
  14. Oh Boy, another Lethal Comedian. You'll laugh yeowndangself to death on your own joke... ..........Widder
  15. - SHB p.22 REF also: Loading and Unloading Area Conventions SHB pp. 28-29
  16. That's because it was a Sci(fi)entology propaganda movie.
  17. LTO job is not to count rounds. If you cant count, you probably shouldn't be shooting.
  18. Today
  19. I don't understand the problem myself. The first sign says that the air put out by the compressor is not suitable for breathing. Don't hook it up to a respirator. Don't fill scuba tanks. The second sign says don't grab hold of the motor while the engine is running. The third one says the motor cannot be put up tight against the wall. It needs three feet of space on three sides, and four feet of space on the front side where the controls are. It all seems very clear to me.
  20. I found this..............1.2 ExclusionsDoor slots and nonlockable bins or troughs used with apartment house mailboxesare not letterboxes within the meaning of 18 USC 1725 and are not private mailreceptacles for the standards for mailable matter not bearing postage found in oron private mail receptacles. The post or other support is not part of the receptacle. (I have a slot on the house and the mail drops inside.)
  21. While it is against the law, I've never understood why. That box out at the street belongs to me. I bought it. I dug the hole for the post. I put the box on top of the post. The Post Office did not do a damn thing. They didn't buy the box. They didn't reimburse me for buying the box. But they have the unmitigated gall to say that no one but them can put anything in MY box.
  22. They SHOULD have one. I have heard every argument under the sun for not having LTOs, including "The matches out West don't have them." Loading Table Officers were instituted to prevent just the scenario that started this thread. Keeping them seems to be a loosing battle. It seems that many people do not like someone else counting their rounds, or do not want to wait until the LTO can observe them loading. Personally, when I get so important that I resent someone helping me be safe it will be time to sell my guns and sit on the porch. Duffield
  23. The Universe has a way of bringing idiots to their just rewards that No sign or warning can overcome. Darwin was right. Imis
  24. You know there is two parts to the brain, right? On the left side, there's nothing right. On the right side, there's nothing left! Bwahahahaha
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