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  2. I bought a used 550B and Dillon has supported it just as much as if I had bought it new.
  3. Here's a post from Nate Kiowa Jones from 2013. I use AutoZone brand brake parts cleaner. I use it everyday on the Rossi 92's and have been for the last 20 years. This is what I have found. First, not all brake parts cleaners are the same. Some are harsh enough to damage plastic parts and finishes. If you aren't certain the product is safe just purchase the Birchwood-Casey brand Gunscrub. I have never experience damage to any gun parts or finish using the AutoZone brand. Many years ago I contacted the manufacturer and ask them how it compared to the B-C Gunscrub. Comparing the ingredients they told me it was the same thing as their brake parts cleaner. This product by Albany Brake parts company was sold at the local Auto Zone parts store but packaged in Lafayette La. Since that time Auto zone has it packaged with their name on it. A word of caution, some Carburetor cleaners are caustic. They can be too harsh on wood finishes and plastic parts. Some of these carburetor cleans are like EZ-Off oven cleaner. I use Ez-off to help remove old finishes and oils from old gun stocks. Take the butt stock off before you do this. Spray it down the muzzle & in the action. When yer done, set it muzzle-up in the corner of the garage until all the residue has dripped out & evaporated. Then, lube it up good with a spray lube, run a patch down the bore, put the buttstock back on & yer done. Works very well. --Dawg
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  5. Everbody knows Mary Ann is Better than Ginger.
  6. Is this the SA clone of a Ruger, from Mossberg from 30+ years ago? If so, there weren’t too many. If so, I don’t know who made the parts. Or, Is it a clone of the Model P? I’m really not familiar with them. ANYWAY, I would consider: Possibly incorrect part? The brand is unfamiliar, so whoever you bought the part from may have sold it knowing it’s only “close”. Usually all need some fitting to one extent.or another.
  7. At about the 30 minute mark you can watch a 4-8-4 pulling a special event train stall out and then restart on the grade. Exceptional engineer at the throttle.
  8. I wanted to change the hammers on my Pietta pistols. Got a couple of quotes, but now I'm a little reluctant to "pull the trigger" (sorry bad joke). Both companies, Cimmaron and EMF said that changing hammers would probably change the timing and they'd have to retimed. My questions are: 1. Is that true? 2. Is retiming hard to do or do have to have a gunsmith do it? 3. If it takes a gunsmith any recommendations on a good one? There's nothing wrong with the current hammers or timing, I'm just shooting Duelist and the thumb stretch on the current hammers is a little long.
  9. Noz

    Black Gold 2020

    Why would you even mention "cowboy poi" this long before the event and give Whiskey Creek Johnson time to be inventive. The real stuff is the menu item that nightmares are made of. You know that WCJ will come up with something that will make poi taste like honey.
  10. I have a US Arms Abilene in .45 LC. I just replaced a broken hand on it but the cylinder is locked up and won’t move. The cylinder stop won’t disengage at all. And suggestions on why it would do this?
  11. That’s my take, especially when you zoom in on his eyes.
  12. The nation is over the precipice and sliding down the ever more slippery slope!!
  13. is there anything that stays sacred in this world ? obviously not , i dont know why i typed that , one day there will be a rebellion against all this anti-everything we hold dear , till then guess im a nonconformist uncooperative nature has its ways believer ,
  14. This is why I don't like letting people borrow my guns. I bet those were nice guns before somebody scratched them up something fierce.
  15. that puts a crimp in your shooting , hope you heal well and completely , good luck
  16. thats a tough call , im naked either way ,
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