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  2. We need to get one of those to have at the range! Maybe needs a seat and holster scabbards.
  3. Now this is something really special.....if I wasn’t on fixed income!
  4. It's just the luck of the draw. I've swapped out hammers on upwards to a dozen Uberti Cattleman and had no problems. One even corrected a timing problem. Then I've had to basically rebuild a new (but previously owned) Cimarron Eliminator. Only way to know is to try it and find out. You'll need a hammer anyway. But don't get out hones unless you fell real confident you know what you're doing.
  5. Yankees are playing some terrible baseball, they're choking!! I don't like either team, in fact I hate 'em so GO NATIONALS!!
  6. Man, did I misjudge this thread. I thought you meant you needed a bigger walker, like this:
  7. Also have a pair of pieta frontiers, 357, 4.5 barrels nice smooth action, color case hardened with low hammers and engraved wood grips. Basically new as bought and shot maybe 200 rounds and are safe queens. Can send pics if interested. $1250.
  8. I cancelled my Cabelas card and account when they switched to Capital One. Coincidentally, that was the same time Bass Pro took over, and when most of the stuff I shopped Cabelas for disappeared. I toss their mail flyers in the trash without opening them, and delete email the same way.
  9. You need more recoil. I've not had any issues changing out hammers in Piettas or Ubertis myself; timing has remained the same in the 3-4 guns I've messed with. If you do have trouble seems Slick McClade is down your way, and if he can't I'm sure someone at your local clubs will know how to fix them.
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  11. I have only timed one revolver when I changed a cylinder on an old High Standard. I got lucky. I have changed many hammers on Ruger Vaqueros and no timing changes were needed. I do not know the internal workings of Pietta’s or any Colt clones as I have never owned one. I am pretty savvy and handy with guns and smithing them myself ... But, if timing is necessary I would pay the money to have it done right. It may cost you less in the long run. my dos centavos
  12. Bass Pro / Cabela’s sent me a survey. I was going to delete the email and move in but then I thought, “why not!” Besides the fishing for info they should already know as I am a “club” member they asked if I planned to purchase anything with them soon, if I would recommend them to friends and family and a question about my experiences with “Bass Pro”...they didn’t ask about Cabela’s. This tells me the BP cancer is at stage 4 for any semblance of Cabela’s to remain anything like it’s former self. I gave every question the very lowest setting in my answer. I think it’s ironic that I have just placed 2 orders with “Cabela’s” this past week and now I get a survey. Here’s the kicker; The first order I placed I thought I burned the last of my points to get a set of 9mm Luger reloading does but the bastages charged my card, not my points. So, yesterday I ordered a few Lee Pro-locks (I think that’s what they are called) to burn my points. To show me just how far BP has taken Cabela’s. I had to jump through hoops just to be able to use my measly $63.85 pittance worth of points. Anyway, my points are gone. I will no longer use the Cabela’s Club card and I plan to pay off most of it tomorrow then put in for a different credit card and transfer a small balance over to the new card. I am done with Cabela’s...I mean Johnny Morris’ Bass Pro. RIP Cabela’s Have a fantastic Friday!
  13. @Widder, SASS #59054 Which one is that? The main or side match SG? I liked your main match one it never missed
  14. I so wish I could be there for your match.  Our dog Rooster had surgery on his ACL this week and will be boarded for two weeks while I travel and when I get back he needs much rehab/attention from me for a successful recovery.  I am going to shoot Bordertown next week and will be spreading Judge at several of his favorite spots there.  I have shotgun shells loaded to memorialize him at the range.


    I will have more shells made for you to use at your shoot. I will ship those to you around the first week of November.   Judge told me to take him and spread him at all of our favorite shooting spots and new ones that I mind find.  Love to you and family!

  15. These types are really starting to P*ss Me Off
  16. Wouldn't "cowboy poi" be grits? Just thinking about it is making me hungry.
  17. @Curly Ken, SASS 60011 I had the same issue with getting APP and also had to use Black MZ on occasion. They are both essentially the same for measurement. I'm loading .45 Colt and although with real BP you need to load so there is no air space and a little compression of the powder you don't have to do that with APP/Black MZ. I tried a few loads one loaded with compression, one loaded with less powder and some filler and one with just less powder. Took all 3 loads to the range and myself and another CAS shooter tried them and found that the one without the filler shot just fine, so now that's how I load them. I'm not sure if you want to hear how I came up with the amount of powder I use, if so just ask and I'll be happy to share. The .44-40 means .44 caliber bullet with 40 grains (by volume) of BP. Here is a good read by Curt Rich on loading BP subs for dummies he explains a lot. I'm sure there are other vendors that carry it but If you want APP give Scarlet Darlin (Bullets by Scarlet) a call or email, she doesn't list it on her website but does sell and ship it. Have fun, welcome to SASS, and enjoy the dark side.
  18. we need a wave maker in the pond so we can go surfing
  19. Prayers up for a fast recovery.
  20. I have been using APP for 8 years in a 92 with zero issues. Brake clean and Ballistol is your friends.
  21. These are outside waist band rigs? hard for me to tell in photos in gun holster thx WW 105514
  22. I just bought one of Mernickles men's curved gun belts and I've worn it at a couple of matches and it stayed in place better than my straight ones, at a little over a hundred dollars, I'd recommend trying one...
  23. I bought a used 550B and Dillon has supported it just as much as if I had bought it new.
  24. Here's a post from Nate Kiowa Jones from 2013. I use AutoZone brand brake parts cleaner. I use it everyday on the Rossi 92's and have been for the last 20 years. This is what I have found. First, not all brake parts cleaners are the same. Some are harsh enough to damage plastic parts and finishes. If you aren't certain the product is safe just purchase the Birchwood-Casey brand Gunscrub. I have never experience damage to any gun parts or finish using the AutoZone brand. Many years ago I contacted the manufacturer and ask them how it compared to the B-C Gunscrub. Comparing the ingredients they told me it was the same thing as their brake parts cleaner. This product by Albany Brake parts company was sold at the local Auto Zone parts store but packaged in Lafayette La. Since that time Auto zone has it packaged with their name on it. A word of caution, some Carburetor cleaners are caustic. They can be too harsh on wood finishes and plastic parts. Some of these carburetor cleans are like EZ-Off oven cleaner. I use Ez-off to help remove old finishes and oils from old gun stocks. Take the butt stock off before you do this. Spray it down the muzzle & in the action. When yer done, set it muzzle-up in the corner of the garage until all the residue has dripped out & evaporated. Then, lube it up good with a spray lube, run a patch down the bore, put the buttstock back on & yer done. Works very well. --Dawg
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