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  2. As things stand now, any SBR made prior to the passage of NFA '34 is exempt from its rules. It's still a firearm according the GCA '68 and is C&R eligible. Any pre-1898 SBR that came that way from the factory, is exempt from NFA '34 and GCA '68 cuz it's an antique. This did not always used to be the case, but a few years ago they made this change. You've got to be able to prove it came from the factory with the short barrel. On a related note, any pistol made prior to the end of World War II that has a shoulder stock is just considered a pistol, not an SBR. If the shoulder stock feature is original to the gun. So, a Browning Hi Power with a shoulder stock is not an SBR. A Colt 1911A1 made in 1944 that you obtain a shoulder stock for, IS an SBR. I have also seen that some smoothbore revolvers made prior to 1934 have also been removed from the control of NFA '34. If you can prove that these guns were made prior to the date, you can have them removed from NFA '34 jurisdiction by asking the ATF to do so. They'll even send you a letter saying that they have been so removed. And right after they changed the rules, a whole buncha stocked Broomhandles and Hi Powers and Lugers that had never been registered were suddenly to be found in gunshops all over the place... I am not sure of the status of old silencers. And that brings me back to my original question. I was wondering if genuine antiques could be shortened or not without running afoul of NFA '34. It looks like they can not be. I thank folks for the links with the examples.
  3. Pat, Tapatio is a gunfighter on Posse 2 at Norco. We’ll be playing cowboy there in a couple of weeks, are you in? He does clean up nice.
  4. A big consideration of is the number of stages at a match. As the number of stages grows the number of clean shooters diminishes. Monthly match with 5-6 stages may have 20% clean, same as the first day of a 12 stage annual event, by the second day the number may be reduced to 10-12%. Clubs that only have 10 stages of main match shooting may have a higher % of clean shooters vs. a 12 stage annual. Our 20 stage Iron Man match had zero clean shooters, I was the only clean shooter going into day 3 and I blew it on the first stage of the third day. Heat and fatigue were contributing factors. All 20 stages were very cleanable. Perhaps, the number of clean shooters per stage is a better control number vs. overall clean. I'm not one to shoot like a sloth just to get a clean match pin, not a good practice in my mind, I'm trying to win the overall. Those that want to be clean and are comfortable shooting a little slower still must also deal with P's and gun/ammo malfunctions, it's not all about stage writing, once again the potential for a P or malfunction increases with the number of stages. Rain, snow, heat, cold, mud, dust, wind, etc. are also contributing factors.
  5. For dinner tonight I made 2 nice New York strips on the grill and my wife made rice and asparagus. I decided I needed a touch of spice so I broke out the Tapatio hot sauce. “Broke Out” is right. I dropped a full bottle and it hit just right against the baseboard and Viola! Instant interpretative carpet art. My wife was not impressed, though she didn’t grumble. She got paper towels and some water and started sipping up the sauce. I decided that my mini wet vac should help so I grabbed it and sucked up all the sauce I could, but the carpet had a distinctive red hue to it. I suggested dying the carpet in the whole house with Tapatio but my Lady gave me that look...you know the one. Anyway, I saturated the stain with water and worked it with a scrub brush then hit it with the wet vac again and by golly, it looks great. I can’t tell where the stain was even with a bright light. I love that mini vac! Gotta remember to put Tapatio on the grocery list... I need a hot sauce koozie
  6. Had a guy at the game processing plant tell me uses a broadhead sharpener on his knives. I tried it and it is a good choice.
  7. You got that right, Lumpster. Pistol reloads and rifle reloads need to be planned for. I have both in my bandoleer.
  8. I have argued with loading table supervisors who try to tell me to close the action before loading. I tell them, "It doesn't work that way. " As far as lowering the hammer goes, with my two AWA's and one of my Colts, I just lower the hammer with my thumb. Once it's down, I can hear what I assume is the cartridge stop go "click" to let me know it's ready to go. If I don't hear that, I try again, and then it works. This has only happened once or twice as I recall. Shooting the Lightning is fun and addictive. In my experience, you've got to keep them clean, especially a modern replica in .45 Colt. .44-40 and .32-20 are much more forgiving. I started out wanting to have one, just to have one. Next thing I knew it became my favorite main match rifle, and now I've got 5 of the things. AWA's in .45 Colt and .44-40 and Colts in .32-20, .44-40 and .22 Long. I wanna get a Large Frame one, but they are rare and bookoo expensive.
  9. Just sharing the wealth, my friend...or, I should say, just sharing my demise. Too many toys I need and not enough money.
  10. Thank you Branchwater and the rest of the crew that put on a great match. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on being overall FCGF champ! See you at SE Regional!
  11. What are 'the standards'? My standards are not the same as 60 year old Mrs. X World Champion type shooters have various 'standards'. GF, Duelist and Tradition style shooters have their 'standards'. I'm just curious as to who's standards we are suppose to use for character building results and who is suppose to judge those results. ..........Widder
  12. Contrary to popular belief, Red Knee and Widder are both stand up guys. They raised a good bit of money for a real good cause. Not only that, but they provide pretty good comic relief too. Good job guys
  13. Palewolff must be napping on this one! He's addicted to Bromley's artwork
  14. Unless it just has to be new & really pretty one, I would look around for an older used U.S.A. Schrade Sharpfinger. I see them on Craigslist & eBay or at gun shows & pawn shops. The trouble with most knives is they are too big & unhandy. Not much call for a bison gutter these days.......
  15. When skinning large game the knife will get dull quickly and requires sharpening throughout the skinning process. Regardless of the choice of knife make sure you include a good stone or carbide sharpener. A good hatchet is also handy.
  16. mine does the same thing, the hammer going forward trips the cartridge being released from the mag tube to the carrier.
  17. Norwegians are bad losers. Ask the British.
  18. Thanks a lot Pat, after spending a bundle on a Python (I did get a great deal though) now ya got me drooling over this!!
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