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  2. No idea, really. A couple of restaurants around here have simple nachos for 7 or 8 bucks. I haven't been to a ballpark in ages.
  3. And just think how much wood it would take to bring the water in the beaver pond up to boiling, so you could poach the beaver.
  4. In the US one of the historical reasons MIGHT be how Cavalry officers wore their swords. Most being right handed, the sword was on their left.. Imagine trying to mount a horse while trying to swing your leg and sword over a saddle? I grew up with horses. I was taught to mount from the left. Not sure if I was ever told why. I just did it. Plus my rope was always on the right side and that might have gotten in the way. This said, I have found occasion to mount from the right. Usually it has to do with landscape contours in rough terrain and the direction the horse is facing. Once I had to do it in a corral real quickly to avoid be run over by a couple other angry critters headed my way.
  5. Summer was always considered "The Polio Season" when I was a boy. Stay away from crowds. So what does my Mom (may she rest in Peace these eight years) do? She enrolls me in a swimming class at the local Y. (Of course, it wasn't known back then that polio can be a water-borne disease. Fortunately, I escaped! I remember well, while on a car trip with my folks, that the FDA had approved the Salk polio vaccine shots. Soon as we got home from the trip my pediatrician was able to get the doses (three, plus an annual booster, IIRC). Later, the oral (on the sugar cube) Sabin vaccine came out. I had most of the "childhood" diseases that they now have vaccines for. No ill effects, thankfully, but I knew at least one 20-year old who got the measles...and was rendered stone deaf by it! So "Mary" on Little House on the Prairie" going blind wasn't just Hollywood! Good for the attending doc!
  6. The left side on a horse is the "hear" side, and the right side is called the "off" side. Why mount from the left? Just don't know, BUT all my horses could be mounted from the near or off sides, and dismounted from either side also. Comes in handy at times. ALL of the ranch horses I've ridden could be mounted and dismounted from either side. I think it might go back to soldiers carried their swords on the left side and mounting from that side made it easier to not get tangled up. Just a wild A$$ guess.... Oh Badger, y'all have a long way to go before ya come close to Alpo.
  7. | | Lest we forget.... Lest we forget! | |
  8. Poaching a beaver? I thought the mountain men preferred to fry or bake the tail.
  9. Dawg? Dawg? What? Cooncan, sure. But Dawg??? First Dawg shoots Land Run clean and now this??? But really, congratulations to a couple of top notch shooters and very fine folks. I wish I could have made that match. Sounds like you all had a great time! Hope to see you all soon.
  10. $7.50? At the ballpark? That IS cheap. I think they're $7.95 at the movie theater. For me it's chips, lots of cheese and lots of jalapenos. Angus
  11. Some people lack the gene that allows them to perceive the difference.
  12. I thought you were already confused but what do I know
  13. First let me say, as a horseman, I am a greenhorn. But I have an inherited interest and appreciation of these wonderful animals. My paternal Grandfather and maternal Grandfather, having grown up with horses as the main method of transportation, gave me that. They both possessed a keen eye for horseflesh. My question however, is "Why do riders almost always mount from the left side?" I sometimes see exceptions to that in Hollywood films, but otherwise, not so much. I said I was a greenhorn. Move over Alpo. I got questions too.
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  15. I finally watched it a while back. Mainly because it was so critically acclaimed. I didn't know anything else about the movie. I didn't care for it and see no reason to ever watch it again. It reinforced my feelings that any "critically acclaimed" movie isn't worth watching. That's just my two cents worth. Angus
  16. Why can't she go by her own dinner?
  17. I had not seen the movie before and last night rented and watched 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I can't figure out if this was a really good movie or a really bad movie . It was certainly dark and depressing but the story very well told and well acted. The movie had a fantastic cast and you never could quite figure where the story was taking you and it ended leaving the viewer with about the same feeling as No Country for Old Men did. Although I enjoyed the movie and it's one of those movies I'll probably watch again in the future I don't think I will ever need to own this one . Maybe after viewing it a second time the story will resonate better or at least not seem so depressing. Maybe though, it's supposed to be even though there's almost a semblance of something good somehow emanating or evolving from all the rest of the story's ongoing struggle for the characters to find any happiness or salvation?
  18. I know what the problem is. Vodka is much better for protein shakes.
  19. Dang good job officer, well done!
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