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New SASS side match?

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That too would be ruined…

Over heard at a dueling match:


1. “The target is too far away. We need the targets closer!”

2. “Well, if you want to win you need an original maker pistol slicked up by Mad Mac McSingleshot. Not one of those Chinese clones.”

3. “These garments are too heavy.”

4. “These garments are too light.”

5. “He’s using loads that are outside rule parameters. I can tell.

6. “The sun is always in my eyes at these matches. That’s why I never win.”

6. “These aren’t sunglasses! These are Transitions lenses. There’s a difference!”

7. “Hey, he’s not using mouse fart loads! That stung!”

8. “Why can’t we use rifles? This is two to three times the distance of rifle targets in regular matches!

9. “They didn’t wear protective gear in 1880. Why do we need it now?”

10. “They need to restrict this to .32 caliber maximum. Those .45 caliber wax bullets are too much.”

11. “I want his wax formula tested. I think he’s using straight paraffin. That was banned!”

12. “I am tired of these wax gamers. We need a standard formula!”

13. “I think he’s opened his primer pockets too far and he’s using magnum primers. This is unfair! We need standards for primer pocket hole sizes.”

14. “I remember when this game was fun. The Gamers took over and ruined it!”

15. “Hey! Short people have an advantage! Their targets are closer so they have a better hit ratio. We need standardized dueling distances!”





Otto sux!

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1 hour ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

What could possibly go wrong?


Not to worry, Hannah Guiterrez-Reed is the armorer.:o

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13 minutes ago, Wallaby Damned said:

.577 Howdah pistols allowed or no? They’d make power and smoke factor at least. :P

Only in the classic category that requires a caliber starting with a 4 or larger.  There will also be a break down of categories based off of BMI, can't have those skinny guys getting a competitive edge over the rest of us.  

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I did the wax shooting competition at several of the SASS conventions years ago and the acuracy of the arms and bullets even at those close distances was very sporadic at best.  Maybe those single shot pistols were more accuarte.

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