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  1. I knowed ya did, dadgummit! I didn’t see that other stuff on there until later in the day. I got the empty boxes anyway. Good thing 44spl isn’t too difficult to find.
  2. Haha! Apologies. Would it make it better if I said I had it hanging on the wall in Western Montana alongside some friends?
  3. Just wanted to say thanks to Tuolumne for the square deal. Pistol arrived 3 days after purchase, as described, no issues. Can’t ask for more than that. Thank you kindly sir.
  4. No doubt, Rooster. This will be fed a steady diet of fffg only. I’m still not sure these new powders are going to catch on.
  5. I feel like I got a pretty good deal and helped a fellow shootist out. I don’t know this Bud fella but I’m sure he’s a nice chap. I do look forward to carrying this around on some pack trips planned in Wyoming next summer. I need a companion to my SAA artillery and the 76’ 50-95. The bears aren’t any more frisky than anywhere else but I don’t see a reason to be unprepared. Lol.
  6. Thanks pard and “sorry” to get first dance y’all. How about we start a library so we can all shoot these things?
  7. I’ve also got an original 40-82 but that’s a tad smaller than the 50! Lol
  8. I’ve got a Uberti Centennial in 50-95. Factory barrel setup for the 300gr express bullets. I assume by Montana Barrel you mean fast twist for 450gr+ slugs?
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