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  1. Anyone crazy enough to do any of this stuff would have to be!
  2. Cabelas has a used 45-75. no relation to it. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/100839644 i have a a 50-95 and it’s a hoot
  3. Much appreciated Deacon. I’m going to keep looking for used for now. Thanks and here’s a free bump
  4. I just connected I just connected Horace Patootie ( that handle!) with his desired 1860 iron frame Uberti Henry. I let him have it as I’m looking for either a 66’ or 73’ in 45 for my sons to shoot. They loved the 1860 but it got a little warm to hold after a bit. I could make you an offer if I knew what you might want on it.
  5. The 1860 is an acquired taste with its own peculiarities
  6. How about the Mauser? My 375R is feeling a little big for his britches these days and needs a bigger rooster in the shed.
  7. My thanks to you. I’ll keep you notified by email on tracking information.
  8. All good sir. She’ll be resting where she’s at on the wall. Let me know when you get connected. I’ll ship it from my FFL out of Missoula MT. check your PM for details there. Happy to help you out.
  9. Horace, I’ve got an iron frame in 45LC bought from another member here a few years back. Now that my son is old enough to shoot (and he loves the iron frame), I’d like to switch over to either a 66’ or 73’ in same caliber for ease of handling (a rifle having a hand guard is nice for that!) at the range and in the field. I’d prefer to trade if possible but would be open to sale so long as I can find a decent replacement range rifle for my son. Previous owner stripped the shiny, red Uberti finish from the wood and refinished with a nice satin walnut. I think it looks much nicer but yo
  10. https://onlinemilitaria.net/products/4630-US-Officer-Sam-Browne-Belt/ their stuff is pretty decent. I’ve got one for formal wear and it’s quite nice.
  11. Cholla got me 500, I could do with another 500 provided I can find some dies, preferably used. my apologies for the thread hijack. Not intended.
  12. The Last Windup in Bozeman, Montana. Ask for Dave. He just replaced my glass in a 190X Elgin, same day turnaround. https://www.lastwindup.com
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