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  1. The Last Windup in Bozeman, Montana. Ask for Dave. He just replaced my glass in a 190X Elgin, same day turnaround. https://www.lastwindup.com
  2. OP- these will work provided you have slugged your bore (.408”). Note that some chambers can be all over the place so it’s definitely worth getting a casting done to confirm. My 40-82 WCF is .406” (ca. 1890) while the Shiloh is .408”. FYI, my $0.02, and your mileage may vary. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1010753762?pid=633224
  3. I’ve got an original 1886 (lettered to 1890) in 40-82WCF that must have an awesome story behind it. Formerly blue and nickel, single set trigger. Left the factory as a 38-55 and was later factory rebarreled to 40-82. I hope to take an elk with it some day out here in Montana territory.
  4. Merry Christmas! I used to shoot SASS and still lurk here to buy a few shooting irons when something of interest comes up. Anyway, I’ve got a bag of 174 45-60 from my Shiloh that I have had re-barreled to 40-82 Shiloh. Majority of not all of this brass is reformed from WW 45-70. Unknown round count, but this is very nice brass. Always decapped and washed on the shooting line, cleaned immediately on arrival home. Necks annealed, some will have index marks on the rim but won’t affect function or safety. Send me your PM and they’re yours. Cost is free. As I said, Merry Christmas, Happy J
  5. I have an iron framed Henry in 45 lc  Call or email 225-324-2100 or rtucker@eatel.net

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