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  1. 45LC is a fun round to shoot BP in, but as noted and due to the nature of the case, it’s a really dirty cartridge. As to loading, I’ve never had need for filler. I’ve found that grease “cookies” can melt into your BP load in hotter temps, and will result in hang fires and misfires. It’ll also trash cases as a melted grease cookie load will be a real pain to clean out. A properly lubed (I use SPG/beeswax) bullet is all you need. I’ve been using FFFg in my 45 for 20 years now and Fg in my 12. No fillers needed in the 12 either.
  2. I’ve been using this for decades on saddles, rifle slings, boots, scabbards; basically anything leather. Smells great and keeps everything nice and supple. https://corroshop.com/products/10057?variant=29229159776301&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=g-us-ss&utm_adgroup=Ad-group&utm_term=&utm_content=393481206859&matchtype=&network=u&mobile=1&search=&content=&creative=393481206859&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1N3H-ca09AIVwR-tBh09twWuEAQYDSABEgKG0PD_BwE
  3. You’ll run into this with some military manufactured 5.56 and 308 brass as well. As previously pointed out, it’s nothing a swaging die won’t cure.
  4. Back to the top. Nobody else looking for a nice 1873 trapdoor or original 1895 Colt DA in 38?
  5. Roy- I’ll send you a PM. I’d love the help mate! Already downloaded your schematics and parts list to assist in my e-conversion. She’s currently pedal powered only on a 3/4” axle with coaster sprockets. I’m thinking I’ll run a backwards coaster sprocket to the motor so I have an “emergency” power source should the batteries go down on longer runs.
  6. Roy- love your page and not just for the shooting information. I was just reading your e-conversion mower as I’m looking for ideas for my own mad scientist gadgetery, AKA the rail kart. Seems we all have odd side projects that keep us going! That’s what I love about this society; never know what you’re going to find! Thanks for the ideas mate.
  7. I believe so. I haven’t got much by way of background on it yet as it’s in from an estate sale. I’m going to check in with the BPCR and ASSRA folks and see if they knew the previous owner.
  8. According to Tuco, you can just disassemble a whole pile of pistols and just build whatever you want. Revolvers? Bah! Revolvers.
  9. With the sale of my Shiloh and a few other antique irons, my office wall was getting a little sparse! Well, somebody somewhere must have smiled on me because I have finally purchased an honest to goodness Hepburn in 40-65 straight. Came from an east coast estate sale and the seller only noted that the previous owner had passed on to the great match beyond. Well, I hope he’s happy knowing she’s on the way to me out here in western Montana and will be put to good use shortly. Anyway, just thought I’d share a pic as it’s been a long time dream of mine to own one. Of course, I only recently gave away all my brass and such here in the wire, figuring I was done with the caliber so hahaha on me!
  10. Plain and simple; “when you aren’t having fun anymore”. For me, this decision came years ago. I won’t get into the actual decision for me, but I’ve been quietly enjoying shooting old iron ever since. I still cruise the pages here for information but the thought of shooting a match hasn’t been on my mind in ages and hasn’t troubled me one bit. You could always consider acting as an RO or just assist your local posse if the social aspect is what rows your boat. My $0.02.
  11. It would be cool if DuPont made a batch at their original mill in Delaware. Hell, I’d pay extra for that!
  12. I have only ever used the RCBS Rockchucker for my rifle rounds. It’s slow and steady and dead reliable when set right. I still pull rounds to check QC now and then buy I’ve never had a die creep on me.
  13. With enough $$$$ I’m sure it could be done; likely as a 5 shot option but given that the “45 BPM” option has already been done and just needs a conversion cylinder bored straight through to work, it seems like a lot of work for less results. I believe you can fit more of the holy black in a 460 case than you can the 56-50 case anyway.
  14. Sedalia- if you happen to have a takedown barrel of any length, I’d love to buy it from you.
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