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  1. My old (93’! ) Dodge Cummins had TWIN buzzers under the dash; one was for the door open I think, the other was for the heater grid (Cummins version of glow plugs). Turning the key on in the mornings after a rough night of honkytonkin’ we’re enough to make you think you were in the cockpit of a B52 on its way down. Luckily, both “buzzer cubes” were removable.
  2. When I shot both the -82wcf and -82 SS, I used reformed 45-90 as the stamped -82 brass was unduly expensive.
  3. It’s easy enough to declare on check in. Double locked with TSA-approved locks, bag. If they tell you unnecessary, so be it. Having flown with firearms and ammunition countless times, I have yet to have any kind of an issue.
  4. I opened a WY phone number in a different carrier for business purposes and it’s the ONLY line I get multiple texts daily from requesting money for various folks. Regarding political donations, never gave, never will. “Don’t feed the animals” as they say; it only encourages them.
  5. Remove it yourself and save them the trouble! Better performance, no theft concerns.
  6. 1 - What press is good for reloading 12 gauge without breaking the bank? Between the two of us we probably shoot about 6 cases of shells a year. I’ve only ever reloaded 12 (and 20) on a Posness-Warren and I love that press. 2 - What is the best shot size for our sport? I currently use 7.5. 7.5 is fine. I don’t mess with anything else. 3 - What powder do you use? Do you load at the minimum end of the load specs? I use Clays in my clays (sporting clays, trap) loads and BP when I was shooting CAS. 4 - What shell cases hold up best to reloading - how many times can you reload them? I only reload AA/STS and my personal favorites for BP are the Nitro 27’s (brass colored) but I don’t pick them up once I’ve shot BP in them. 5 - Does the wad choice matter much? As long as the size is correct, is one better than the other for our sport? Not really. Once you find one that works for you, you’ll likely never change it unless availability is an issue. 6 - Does the primer brand matter or is any 209 acceptable? Not really. Once you find one that works for you, you’ll likely never change it unless availability is an issue. Finally, what are some good places to purchase the above supplies? I believe it was mentioned earlier but your local clays club is a great place to look for reloading presses (folks retire, age out, move on all the time) as well as once-shot hulls (I’ve never had an issue sourcing hulls of any flavor I like). Components can be had wherever you pick up your other supplies.
  7. I haven’t really given it much thought ever, other than washing my hands after shooting, reloading or cleaning.
  8. Shot mine years ago at a match in NH and it was a hoot! I didn’t shoot for score but I also shot them single action using BP-loaded 45ACP rounds.
  9. You could try FFFg? That way when you go back to Unique (a great powder overall), the fouling won't seem nearly as bad by way of comparison!
  10. My super duty requires removal of the grill and upper radiator tray to change the headlight diodes. It’s a lot of fun on the side of the road at night. My old 70’ Dodge power wagon was a different story altogether and BOTH could be done in less time than I spent typing this. I do love my truck though.
  11. My local offered to buy my 2019 F250 diesel at well over what I paid for it new in an effort to get me to buy a 2023 model. I asked about delivery timeframes and was told sometime in late 24’ Meanwhile, their service shop is booked at a month on an oil change. I was on the road this summer and asked the dealership in Rapid City to change a headlight bulb for me as it involved essentially taking the front end apart and they told me it was likely to be 4 weeks before they could “help” me. Small independent truck shop down the road did it same same morning and on 20 minute notice as they knew I was traveling. Support your local businesses, screw the stealership, as always.
  12. My Dad bought me an 03A3 in Middleburg, VA sometime back in the late 80’s. It wasn’t a museum piece but it wasn’t a CMP parts kit either. Later traded it on the first Marlin 1895 45-79 I ever had. Mainly nostalgic for me but I wish I still had the old warhorse.
  13. I knew I shouldn’t do math before the coffee kicked in! Using 156.2K above, that’s 0.047% or just under half of the Canadian number. Meanwhile, nobody is talking about the dangers of eating cheese…
  14. Using Canada’s current estimated population (28.7M) , that’s a military of 0.1% per capita. The Canadian Revenue Agency, their version of the IRS, has an estimated headcount of 42,526, which based on previous population estimate is a 0.11% per capita. US population estimate is 332.4M, or 10X that of Canada. Using your expected 86.852 tax collectors, that’s .03% per capita, or one third of what Canada has for a smaller population. Meanwhile, our military is comprised of about .4% of the US population. It might not yet be time to start folding tinfoil hats.
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