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supposedly chatgpt is cheating

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I got an email from the school that my son was in Bible class and finished his test so was doing his english homework.  the teacher told him to get off his phone and he did then the teacher noticed the he had his phone hidden and was on chatGPT doing his english homework. He asked the english teacher if that was cheating and she said yes.  My wife got ad and scheduled an appointment with the headmaster and he and his entourage said it was cheating.  I said he was doing school work and didn't see a problem.  He wasn't on youtube.  they were insistent that it was cheating and he now has 2 days in school suspension and they don't want his phone at school any more.  I knew the rest of the students use it and said so to which the counselor said hers didn't not knowing that hers taught mine about chatGPT.  

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14 hours ago, Trigger Mike said:

They have phones as some classes require them to use it for class work and use certain apps

And if a student doesn’t have a parent financed phone does the school (taxpayer) provide one?


My kids didn’t have cell phones until they were in college and working to pay for it.

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Sorry, pard, Chat GPT is as cheating as cheating gets.  It is capable of writing entire papers, some of which are better than what most students can muster.  If he was using it for English homework, not a darn thing is his own work.  Schools everywhere have policies against it.

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He was trying to see how a word is used and then manually write it down.  The silly thing of it all is they demanded he not bring his phone the rest of the year and put him in in school suspension so after cleaning bleachers and doing school work he got on the school computer and got on YouTube as he was in a room by himself.  Punished for doing schoolwork so got on YouTube.  

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9 hours ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

But, but, that would mean that they would have to use BOOKS!! THE HORROR!

The grandkids school issued laptops with digital books, digital quizzes, digital hand raising on them.  There are no print books.  Forgot your laptop at home?  Bummer.

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