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Why am I better at studying for things like this than when I was at school :)

Buckshot Bear

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Because now your interested and engaged in the subject matter.


PS: Congratulations!

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1 hour ago, Mercy Me said:

You didn't like school but you know you are nobody's fool.

Sounds like a line from a Van Halen song…or Alice Cooper, maybe.  :D



I am the same way. If I am not interested it goes in one ear and SQUIRREL! 

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I think it is because you are finally all grown up, and understand what it means to put your mind to something and learn it.
I also found out I have to walk to retain anything.

I am now that old man we used to see when we were kids who would walk and mumble to himself.

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RO classes are all short term memory. I know from experience that many pass the test but do not retain the knowledge more than an hour after they left the room.


When you were at school there was multi day involvement and long term memory involved.



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Because NOW..... you are focused on guns and such.


Back in school, WE (myself included) was focused on the girl with pretty legs sitting next to you.

Or maybe if Linda Gale or Billie Sue would go to the game with you on Friday night.


OR...maybe you were focused on which of your buddies was gonna sneak a six-pack out of the

house Saturday night when you and your friends meet at the local 1/8 or 1/4 mile strip of road

and 'race'.   Drag Queen and Drag King had a whole different meaning back then.  




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