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An 'ALPO' moment

Widder, SASS #59054

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While having a snack this evening, this mystery crossed my mind, so I figured I would

inquire of the Saloon.


WHY does Pnut Butter stick to the roof of your mouth, but not the bottom?


I concluded that maybe Pnut Butter has a redeeming quality that defies gravity.


Mystery solved!




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Try sticking it under your tongue and see how enjoyable that is. Lol

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Peanut Butter is brain food. It’s trying to get to work quick.







Lord knows, you need all the help you can get. image.png.e501f3a664b3bc563a4716e40df19efc.png






image.png.15e4603a268f3f236e41dd9a0ec1d660.png The Devil made me do it! image.png.a974a932ddf46bfec182f0b9ed1d9d1e.png

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2 hours ago, bgavin said:


Combined with peanut butter. Delicious 


here comes the dental bill lol

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