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Happy 1911 Day

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Mine accompanied me to a Valentines luncheon with Schoolmarm today!!

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12 hours ago, DocWard said:

And on my birthday too! How about that!

Happy Birthday Doc :D


I haven’t owned a 1911 in 17 years. My last one was a Colt 1991A1. My daughter has that one now. My first Colt 1911 was the one I bought right after I got out of the Navy. A Colt’s Combat Gov’t series 70. What a great pistol that one was. I compare every 1911 I have owned or fired since to that one. That is one gun that I truly regret selling. 
Every time I pick up a modern 1911 today they just don’t have any appeal for for me. If I could afford to replace my original I definitely would, but I’d bet it just wouldn’t be the same. 

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