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  1. Interesting story, a Cowboy in South Carolina is shipping a long Gun and 2 pistols to my FFL in Oregon via UPS. Yesterday, Monday, he packed and shipped them, long gun, $20.00, 7-10 days delivery. Pistols, $160.00, next day delivery. 18 hours later, Tuesday, the UPS driver delivers the pistol pkg. to him to verify the shipping address. I may get it someday. Gotta love the people working (?) for the delivery services these days. My 2 bits.
  2. Skunked again!!! But it was all for a great cause. I like the way the drawing was presented. We could all see it 'live'. Very well done. Congrats to all the winners. Till next time, keep your powder dry!
  3. A local Club uses LARGE hay bales, stacked as dividers. Dirt berms for the back. A point blank shot with a lead slug was tried and did not penetrate. My 2 bits.
  4. Buckshot, Just remember, ta look like the part, ya got ta have the parts!
  5. lots Lots of heels type. Yours are flat for walking, roper style, and no spur shelf, 1/8 - 3/16" of the heel extended to hold the spur and not have it slide to the ground. The yoke of the spur, the "Y", needs to fit your boot so your heel is not pinched. It is uncomfortable and can cause blisters if not fitted right. Along with your spur straps there should be a chain strap under the boot in the instep. The need for that is to keep the rowels up, notice how most of the cowboy heel sides are sloped, that helps keep the rowels from dragging. Have fun, get crazy and listen to them jangles! Music to my ears!
  6. Lead or plated bullet? Grain weight? Cowboy or hunting load?
  7. As long as the lead doesn’t go over the berm, your s—t stays in the can, you can see where your going and having fun, keep on keeping’ on!
  8. Yul Lose, I will take the 2 cylinders, PM to follow, CK
  9. I'll take it all for $40.00 shipped, thank you! PM to follow
  10. Try Mark Kubes in FL at http://www.surplusfirearms.com/. He deals in a lot of military stuff. Good guy to deal with.
  11. HL, I will take them, PM to follow. CK
  12. Just my 2 bits. Let's see, the 1 second saved for 5 rounds by using lighter springs will offset the 5 second penalty for a miss due to a FTF?
  13. Matthew Duncan, No worries about North/South orientation. The poles are constantly switching so in about 10-50,000 years you should be able to shoot west with your North bullets! Caladisi Kid
  14. Use low velocity RAM SET 22 cartridges for blanks, available from most hardware stores, Home Depot, Lowes's, etc.
  15. Just my 2 bits, I just used a length of leather/suede lace from the craft store and put a length of neoprene/closed cell foam under the lace inside the loop for padding before I wrapped the lever. CK
  16. Depends on which model Rugers you have SASS Rugers already have lighter springs. Ditto on this
  17. My 2 bits: From the measurements given I would guess that it is an obsolete 8mm Lebel round cut down. The primer pocket looks to have been swaged to hold the primer in. WW1 machine guns, such as the Vickers, used the Lebel rounds. I could not match up any other rounds to fit. It looks like the red stuff is in the primer pocket as well as the base next to the rim, possible dirt left from a dug up? I do love a mystery. CK
  19. Try Choice Ammunition or Bullets by Scarlett, both SASS supporters/advertisers. https://choiceammunition.com/
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