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"Restoration Vintage Colt 1911 .45 Acp"

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This was painful to watch - but I couldn't stop.


First off, it is NOT a Colt; it's a Spanish made Star.  Not .45 ACP ("Acp" in the title).


I guess we might give the fella some credit for doing what he does with the most primitive of tools and methods, but Mark Novak he ain't.  :rolleyes:





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I think Kroil would work better than Wd40 and a hammer! Trying to pry the the slide lock with the slide forward seemed an impossible endeavor as well. But what do I know.

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12 minutes ago, Sixgun Sheridan said:

I've seen their other videos. I suspect they're taking guns and deliberately exposing them to a salt or acid bath just so they can go and "restore" them for YouTube. The corrosion never looks like something that occurred over time.

If that's the same guy I whose video I saw, he took an Airsoft copy of a Beretta 92, and tried to pass it off as a Colt.:wacko:

When I called him on it in the comments, he said that he thought that any American semi-auto was called a Colt. :blink:

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What do ya  figure he boiled it in that turned some parts black and left others silver?

That whole video is just WOW! :ph34r:

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Made it a few seconds in. The rust on the gun is too uniform all over. It appears “staged”. Also, why not soak the gun in oil overnight or a couple of nights. I stopped watching because the sound of the gun metal scraping marble or granite or whatever that plate is grates my nerves. Unless, of course, that is a technique for removing corner corrosion…regardless, I can’t watch / listen. 

Oh, I went ahead and fast forwarded and the cheap screwdriver technique of prying parts off? I can’t watch that either. 

Is that a rabbit? Gotta go…

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There didn't appear to be too much of a recoil spring in the "finished" gun. Looked like it took zero effort to rack the slide. Such a hack. 

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