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Late for an appointment?...


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I was excoriated for asking this question on another forum.


The notion of hours and minutes and seconds is an artificial construct, man-made and imposed on the universe around us.

This is keeps us organized and our busy world of shifts and appointments working smoothly.  It also gives us a point of reference.


But, before we had synchronous time references, how did people arrange meets and appointments?  Did they just say "We will meet in the morning early on the second day of the full moon?   (Or some such)?

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I’ll meet ya at sunrise or sunset? 

How about when the sun is directly overhead ?

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You ever deal with island time or in'shallah?


Moon cycles seasons and daylight it's what ya got left after Greenwich time is removed

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: you're LATE!


: ..... sorry ...


: you said you'd be here after lunch ....


: ........... like I said, sorry ...


: ..... well it's now 3:15 .....


: I haven't had lunch yet, would you like me to come back later ?


: I want this job done ......


:ok, I'll do the job now and then you'll owe me lunch as well ...... 







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