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A few years ago I bought the NRA edition of the takedown model and a year after that I gave it to my oldest son for his birthday.  He used it constantly for squirrels, shooting for fun, etc.  He fired countless rounds out of it.  Imagine the fun a boy with a 22 and 100 acres can have.  


Lately he has been complaining it was not accurate.   This boy can hit a small target with it from 200 yards.  It began to rattle at the magazine and where the barrel connects.  I fired it and said it is fine.  Maybe you need to go back to the fundamentals of shooting.   It just got worse. 


Yesterday we were out and he missed a large target at 100.  He was really upset.  I looked at it and the receiver broke off .  Never seen a gun do that before.


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Dear Ruger,

Send me a shipping label.   Your 10/22 broke.   Fix it and return to me.



Disgusted in Georgia





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Call Ruger, let us know when things are taken care of.

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Ruger will stand behind it !

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On a slightly different angle....just buy another 10/22.

THAT one just might be a collector item.

I would love to take a real close look at it.

Not quite enuf to drive there tho.

More pix if you are so inclined.

I bet Ruger will fix it for a very reasonable price unless its been

abused. And maybe even then.

Shooting a gun that rattles? WOW.




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Me thinks you may want to ask what he whacked with it…or perhaps he may have fallen on it? I think Ruger might ask when they see it. 

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Just looked at my take down 10-22 

 no cracks so far! it looks like a easy repair with the right parts 

I like the take down because the case is so small but having to use the stock barrel  is pain 

Good luck 

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Ruger, nor any other professional gunsmith is going to try to repair that damage.  Right now it’s scrap and it’s going to stay scrap.

Buy a new rifle and see what Ruger will do to offset the damage on the gun you have.  I doubt they will offer you a different gun.  If anything,, they might give you credit toward buying one or something like that.


Cat Brules

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