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Why I feel old.

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He looks good now but wait until he finds out about girls and cars but then maybe he’ll return to cas if work, wife/girlfriend, kids don’t get in the way. Seen this happen with both buckaroos and buckerettes. Cas doesn’t stand a chance against them hormones. I know he’s a newby but watch the 170 on that crossdraw. Nice stages.

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7 hours ago, Baltimore Ed said:

He looks good now but wait until he finds out about girls and cars

Happened to both our grandsons.  #1 now plays airsoft.  #2 plays cello & sax.

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Well I tell yah pilgrims. They all grow up too fast and get involved in other activity. Had my daughter Tina & her husband  involved, Another Grand-Daughter, my son who is still at it being Leadfinger, and now we have a Great Grand Daughter coming up in the near future. And I have to add my Daughter-in-law  Tombstone Sally who is still involved also. And to top it all off My better half Sly Puppy involved and kicking my butt.  May as well add Jack our new Great Grand Son four months old. If I know my Son he'll get Little Jack involved also.


Have a great day pilgrims & God Bless.


Jackrabbit Joe #414

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