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  1. Irish, you make a good point about vaccine development but over 3 million worldwide dead including 600,000 American families would have hoped for an even faster vaccine. There are 266,000,000 American guinea pigs plus the folks in the trials who are your test subjects. I’m 70 and have had my shots along with my son, daughter in law and grandson. The world didn't have 2 years to wait to develop a vaccine. I guess by next spring 2 years will have passed and if we’ve not turned into zombies or grown a third eye you’ll take a couple shots? Stay safe.
  2. Build your dummies out of sg hulls that you don’t use. I only reload red or gray WW AA hulls. I’d make mine out of another brand in another color....if I were that dedicated anymore. At 70 I shoot for the fun of shooting not the agony of defeat.
  3. If you are upgrading TO a Dillon from something else you don’t need dies as you’ve probably already got them. Dillon is just trying to move machines out the door.
  4. Can’t seem to be able to post photos on the WB forum and I’m guessing that a lot of us bounce between here and there so I’ll show it here. A Winchester Model 12 from 1925 with a polychoke, I cut the bbl and faced it at about 19 inches. The original shortened stock was split and the stock iron that the stock bolt screws into was bent so I believe a po fell on the stock to do the damage. My replacement stock was nos that I bought 20 years ago for another project but never used it till now. Stained and truoiled it to match it to the pump handle. Cut the mortise for the lower swivel on my mini mil
  5. As long as the slide is locked back and there’s nothing in the mag I personally would allow the gun to be holstered and carried to the unloading table but at ECSASS we ground the slide locked gun if there’s a long gun that has yet to be shot or drop mag, show clear, lower slide and drop the hammer if you’re all done shooting. Not a complicated or hard thing for the ro to do.
  6. I’m very impressed that there are so many progressive clubs in CAS Country that allow such a blasphemy. Shooting WB and cas together! At the same match! Good for you guys. We’re not NCOWS with their strict firearm and clothing parameters and with the oddball WB/sass categories we’re not reenactors either. Wether you admit it or not you are WASA/SASS. As I said in another thread, with the selling of Founders Ranch SASS is closer to it’s end than it’s beginning and with the political climate that we are moving toward it’s time to circle the wagons and get everyone inside, SASS, WASA, NCOWS, WB b
  7. We run WB and cas at the same monthly match with no problems. Just shot one in April, we had 9 WB and 9 cas shooters. Rifle and sg sequences are the same for both. WB loads everything at the loading table. For the first 10 pistol rds they are the same sequence for everyone too but WB shooters might have 5-10 more rounds to fire depending on the match director. We load 5 rds/magazine to help the spotters and shooters keep the shooting order right. We also allow DA’s at our monthly matches and allow shooters to load their sg’s with as many rds as needed for the stage ON the clock [WASA rules]. I
  8. Bought 2 pair of Tony Lama shooters boot[same size]. My brown pair fit fine while the black pair were tight. So I naturally wore the brown pair [reheeled them once] until the sole broke. Had them resoled and now they don’t fit. Been wearing my lace up ropers ever since. If I try the water trick do I get the inside of them wet too?
  9. I build 2 inch [oal] 12 ga shells that allow me to get 7 in my 6 rd magazines. I have Marlins, win and norinco 97s and M12s. The Marlins and original winchester seem to feed them pretty good but in the M12s the shell sometimes hits the front of the ejection port causing a problem. Just need to remember to tilt the gun a little. My old norinco trenchgun is just becoming balky with everything. Needs a tear down and cleaning.
  10. He was lucky that his father was there to get him to the truck and drive him to meet the ambulance. Moral of the story-don’t shoot other peoples reloads. Especially a round with the power of those things.
  11. Learn something every day. Was going to say that I didn’t think so but... I have a nice M1905 and a non cut down 10 inch M1. I didn’t recognize the M5A1.
  12. I will eventually get back to this build. A Riverside Arms/Stevens 520 that will have 2 bbls. It’s original 30 inch bbl and a trenchgun bbl. Been busy on other stuff. Got all the parts, just need to put it together.
  13. Loved it, thanks Loophole. I want an infantry model though, not the biplane version.
  14. You’ll want to buy a Lewis gun after watching it. Our last monthly was a WB [10 rds/stage] and the one before that was a DA/1911 match. Our may match is a BAMM with the option to use a 1911 or 2 DA’s. A local club can do anything they want. All of these matches are created so that the single action shooter can also compete. Imo, WASA/SASS club rules are the way to go if you want shooters. We had 18 [9WB-9cas] at the WB match, about 4 more than usual. We are a small group of good friends so we don’t even pretend to have categories. You know who your competition is. I created a monthly match yea
  15. To back up to the op’s question about it being a ‘lost’ art, at 70 years old sometimes I get lost and have to do some serious thinkin when I try setting up for a caliber that I’ve not reloaded for a long while. My last .38-40 and .44-40 loads date from about 2 years ago. But it does come back to me so it isn’t lost, just misplaced.
  16. Reloading is a necessary evil imo but I do like tools and gadgets and reloading is slam full of them so I guess it’s not all bad. And there is the satisfaction of putting meat in the freezer or shooting a match with your loads. But it’s still a chore.
  17. I have an ASM schofield. Since I’ve bought it I’ve used it in 3 shoots plus a little practice. Maybe a couple hundred rds. I like it better than the open top in the photo. Love my ‘73 Centennial build. No problems with it yet. I did add a couple thin pieces of holly under the oem grips to make them thicker.
  18. My [at the beach ] gun club had la de da sod installed over our original berm when they redid the terrible drainage but when we got moved next door into a new berm it’s just sparse grass and sand underfoot. A lot easier to find our brass. We couldn’t shoot into the ground with the sod but can shoot into the sand.
  19. Use it in a crossdraw holster and the long bbl isn’t as much of an issue. I have a Vaquero, open top and Colt with looong bbls and use crossdraw holsters for them but I have long arms too. If you are using a cool Schofield speed is not your desire. Shooting a neat revolver is. I like mine fine but fast it ain’t.
  20. Mine went home after 42 years. Been gone 3 years July 25th, I still talk to her every day. Miss that gal so much. Can’t imagine what 73 years would feel like.
  21. Also have used clays and clay dot in cas .45 cartridges and shotshells with a little tweeking without any issues. Couldn't get clays and was offered a keg of clay dot. Lasted me through the last powder drought. Close enough for gov’ment work imo.
  22. They’re just trying to jumpstart things to overcome the public’s fear of traveling. Personally I think flying is not the risk, it’s the crowds in the terminals and of course your destination that I would be leery of. When things get back to the new [abby]normal and the planes are full see what happens to your nickels and dimes.
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