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  1. Shot it today at our monthly along with the Schofield and open top conversion. Only had 11 shooters. Was clean for three scenarios but then the bottom totally fell out, we tried to wait it out but gave up and called the shoot. I’ll shoot my ‘73 again next month with it set up as the Spanish military carbine. We’re doing double action revolvers then. I’ll either use my .38 colt new services or .45 hand ejectors. Half a match is better than none. I have driven all the way [125 miles] out there and the range be under 4 inches of water in the past. At the beach you get interesting weather.
  2. Thanks for the compliments all. Yes, it’s to fill the extra space in the 1876 magazine channel between the difference of the .45-60 rim diameter and .45lc rim. The 1/2 in brass tube is a tight fit to the channel while the carbine mag tube is not as tight and has a couple of brass shims jbwelded to it on the muzzle end.
  3. Thought that I’d post my completed 1873/76 carbine build here. My donor was an ordinary Stoeger .45 LC carbine that was bought a couple years ago. I had initially decided to build a ‘73 Spanish Contract Carbine but after watching Crossfire Trail this past year decided to also make it a 1876ish Centennial Carbine. The forearm is from an 1876 NWMP carbine thats had a LOT of wood removed. It also has a brass tube inside of the mag tube channel that the 1873 tube fits inside of. The nosecap was a very complicated piece of shadetree gunsmithing to get it to work. The original buttstock was too figured to use so a plain semi inlet one was finished up for the build. The small differences between the two carbine versions are Rafe Covington’s ‘76 centennial has the buttstock cartridge carrier and a plain bbl band while the ‘73 contract carbine has a sling, sling swivels [ one on the buttstock and one on the bbl band] and an exposed cleaning rod. Just a matter of removing the carrier from the stock, installing the swivel, swapping out the bbl bands, install the sling and screw in the faux cleaning rod. I would have loved to do a real rod but with all the stuff happening in the nosecap and mag tubes there was no room. Here’s my gear for Saturday’s shoot, .45-60 canvas belt, wolfs ears holsters, a nice crown antler handled knife, a uberti 1860 open top conversion and an ASM Schofield. Never shot these in a shoot before, should be ‘more fun than a hog killen.’ They worked just fine in the backyard though.
  4. I use a door mounted coated wire rack on my door to hold 10 of my revolvers and a AR pcc and the long ‘s’ wires on the shelf directly over my long guns for my thinner autos. The rest live in bore stores on the shelves.
  5. An old used JM Marlin Cowboy Ltd in 45colt would be my suggestion. It can easily handle hunting loads or cas loads. Other than a one piece firing pin mine is stock. Bbl length is a personal thing, I like a 24 in bbl but generally a shorter bbl is faster. Did have to repair the ’jam’ once but my jbweld and coping saw blade has held for over 20 years. Had a Rossi 92 and wore it out in a year, I have a 66 musket and two 73’s [more or less stock ubertis] that are only shot occasionally. If I want to be competitive I carry my Marlin, if I want to play I carry the 66 or a 73. Ubertis always require aftermarket work, lighter springs, harder screws etc but they are pretty. The .38 caliber 66 loading gate is prone to breaking, larger calibers are ok. As said earlier, try before you buy.
  6. Built this cartridge carrier to go on my .45 lc 1873 ‘Centennial’ carbine couple of months ago. Ran into some snags on the rifle build but I should be about done with it. Part of my Rafe Covington impression. The rifle will also double as a Spanish Contract Musket. I’ll just put sling swivels and a sling on it and remove them for Covington’s ‘Centennial.’
  7. Last time that I bought primers they were 33.00/ brick. I run CCI in all my stuff but they are hard and if your cas gun mainsprings are extremely light buy the other brands. My springs are not factory length any more [missing a few coils] but work fine. The only gun that I’ve had to buy soft Federal primers for was my 1905 7.65 Mannlicher Argentine pistol. It has a crazy light mainspring. Had to build ammo out of .30 carbine brass as there isn’t any available. Got it to shoot though.
  8. Not that big of a deal to me, it’s just part of the whole process. Guess that I don’t shoot enough.
  9. McCandless, Yes we’ve shot together either there or at Swearing Creek probably both. After the weather breaks I’ll try to get out to RM. I want to shoot something different and use my new to me revolvers and 1873 centennial. But the 1876/1873 carbine build has hit a snag and is at the smiths. I hope it doesn’t have to be rebarreled. As I’ve said we’ve shot JW at ECSASS a few times over the years but since the covid shutdown we’ve only shot 2 matches. A cowboy match that I misunderstood and thought to be a WB so I shot it semi WB [loaded my sg on the clock] and our second shoot which was an actual WB and I surprised myself and was only one miss out of first. In a few weeks we will shoot a BAMM with double action revolvers [always shot along with the regular cowboy match for the cowboys who don’t shoot boltguns]. Should be fun, going to use a 1903 Springfield from 1919 that I remilitarized from a sporter and a pair of .45 Smiths. Here’s a pix. Looking forward to seeing you maybe next month. And while I’m here, as usual I’ve stirred up the hornets nest I would like to apologize for doing so. There’s no need to get ugly. As was pointed out ‘if I don’t like shooting sass then don’t’ so I haven’t for a number of years even though I’ve continued to support the organization. I do however enjoy shooting cas, WB and BAMM with other cas shooters that are not so intolerant of non sass matches and firearms. See you on the range.
  10. Tell you what guys before the years out I’ll try the sass club in Rocky Mount out again. I’m working on a new persona and have a .45 schofield, a 1860 conversion and a 1876 centennial looking 1873 carbine that I want to try out. The Old Hickory Regulators are a big club, run multiple posses at their monthly and have a very nice range with neat permanent buildings. I’ve shot the NC state match with a lot of these fine folks. Though I’m sure there are a lot of new faces as it’s been years since I’ve been out there. The last 3 or 4 times that I shot at an actual sanctioned SASS club’s monthly was the Neuse River Regulators dedicated monthly WB match. Every time everything was so ridiculously close it was not much of a challenge to me. I came in second several times as a lowly duelist so I stopped going there. I don’t hate sass, I’ve been all over the country with my lovely, understanding wife shooting, 3xNE, 2xSE Regionals, multiple state matches in 4 different states and traveled to Cody, Tyler, Cleburne Tx and one EOT. I’ve paid my dues supporting cas and am still a sass member [#11754]. I just wish sass would broaden its palette. The Span Am War was in 1898, 1892 DA Colts were in existence then as were 1896 S&W Hand Ejectors. How many modern center fire Henry rifles that load like .22s were in existence then? Don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth. SASS is better than NCOWS just because we do have a broader palette, imo. The cas purist always has NCOWS, we are not purists so don’t pretend that we are.
  11. Don’t need more categories, aren't the award ceremonies long enough? To shoot this once a year would be fun but to do this every match would be so boring. That’s one of the reason that I’ve put up my vaqueros and shoot a variety of SA- DA and self loaders at my progressive cas club. But my thoughts would be the extra revolvers should be staged as the long guns would be and carried around in your guncart not in holsters. Extra rds [sg or rifle] would be loaded on the clock. Would it be a dedicated duelist category? Should be. But the big problem with JW is that it’s a lot harder to hit a rifle or sg target with a revolver than it is with a long gun. If it’s a dedicated JW match then the long gun targets would be closer but if its only a shooter category in a regular 4 gun cas/sass match with correctly placed and sized targets there will be a bunch of misses or slow times which is just the opposite of the current thinking in sass- close [read point blank] -big and it’s all about the speed. Seems to me that it should fall in the duelist category. We haven’t shot one in over a year I think.
  12. All this cas stuff is a fantasy game. Josey Wales is a character in a book ‘Gone to Texas’ written by Forrest Carter. Got no problem with that, grownups playing dress up with real guns, real boolits and steel targets. Bang-Clang = Fun.
  13. He carried 2 walkers in his forward facing belt holsters outside his coat, another small colt in a rt hand shoulder holster and one in his belt sometimes inside or outside his coat without any holster that I can see.
  14. We haven’t done one in quite a while. I found a 7.5 in vaquero to shoot along with my short bbl vaqueros whenever we do have one. As I didn’t like the ugly banged up aluminum ejector rod housing on the 7.5 and had a ss hsg from a vaquero that I shortened to 2.5 inches i used it but then it didn’t look right so I swapped things around, added stags and have some zebra vaqueros for Josie to shoot. ‘Dyin’ ain't much of a livin’.
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