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  1. In the center of my range in the photo is a yellow steel circle with a sass marshal cut out of it, the [cut out marshal] ‘ghost’s’ aura. A smaller sass marshal is a few feet behind it.
  2. I always liked neat props with a storyline when I was building matches. I’ve done The Wizard of Oz, Inglorious Bastards [a 1911 match], The Wild Bunch with a dummy 1917 WC and bags of ‘silver rings’, for Holloween [I put pillow cases on the pistol targets] [built an aura target] and for Christmas [the bad guys were the Hells Elves] shoots. Built a jail, a pitcher pump well, the 1917 that was wired to my cassette player so that a loop of a 30 cal machinegun firing played when the trigger was pulled. Planning on a 1917 gas gun rebuild when I get around to it. Here’s my aura Halloween target, the
  3. I’ve fired up my Marlin 20 ga Model 30 that I bought for the daughter in law to consume 20 ga components and preserve my 12 ga stuff. Uses a little less shot and powder. A great sg. My DIL is a full time working mommy now and I really don’t see her getting back into cas in my lifetime. Maybe after her daughter is all grown up.
  4. A .45colt drops right in so I guess it’s either. Looks good with my Schofield and ‘Centennial’ carbine.
  5. Bought this .45 from a fellow shooter for my Rafe Covington impression and honestly don’t care much for it, maybe with a shorter bbl. Pretty gun but feels awkward to me.
  6. This is basically WASA’s Self loader category. Cas with a 1911. That’s what Carolina Schoolmarm call those 1911s, ‘funny guns’ as she always shoots SAs. Fun stuff.
  7. We indeed are not a SASS/CAS affiliated club anymore having voted ourselves out of SASS when SASS had the rulebook dust up years ago but we adopted WASA rules [same basic safety and dress rules with a 1916 firearm cut off date]. We are a ‘small letters’ cowboy action shooters club. I would have voted to stay affiliated but had to work that day and didn’t get to the match. I still have a current SASS membership card in my wallet even though I’ve not shot a state or regional in many years.
  8. My cas club uses WASA rules which allow the shooter to load his pump sg on the clock with as many shells as needed to do the stage. It’s not faster than loading one or two but it’s a lot more fun when you get to the shootin part. We also use spring loaded resetting sg targets so a 6-8 round sg stage fired from several positions is not uncommon.
  9. I wouldn’t worry about your outfit. A pair of blue jeans, a long sleeve shirt and any old boots will be fine to start with plus there are a lot of decisions about your persona that will need to be made. I used to shoot the NC State match in Salisbury every year and we had a shooter whose name escapes me who wore bib overalls, no shirt and no shoes. Ouch. I have dress clothes, working cowboy clothes and uniforms. I wear uniforms more than anything else. Concentrate on getting your guns and ammo together. Attend some matches and be a helper bee. Folks will help you if you’re truly interested. E
  10. Thanks Widder, I tweeked the extractor a little as suggested and it seems to be an improvement. We’re in the middle of a deluge but when it dries out some I’ll check it out.
  11. Th M1 Garand club and indoor range [ZSA match] that I’ve shot naturally required rifle flags [semiautos] but never at any cas match that I’ve ever been to.
  12. Yes you can Sue. I’ve got two, a Pacific and a Bair. One’s is 12 ga and one is 20ga. They are great machines.
  13. Dug through my stuff. Here is the ‘right hanging’ socket bayonet on my 1873 Winchester musket. I had to make a brass insert to tighten it on the bbl. The other ‘below the bbl’ bayonet was advertised as an 1866-1873 Winchester musket bayonet. Here’s a page from worldbayonets.com showing the description of the 1873 bayonet.
  14. Been building 2 inch 12 ga for a couple years. They run ok but you do need to remember to tilt the gun a hair left to help them find their way. More so in my Model 12 as they will hit the front of the ejection port. They give me another round in my WB shotguns, 7+1. Recoil is about the same as my full sized shells. I use the red wad shown.
  15. I have 2 originals, one is definitely an 1873 musket bayonet as it hangs under the bbl and sharp as a needle. The other hangs on the right and I’m not 100% sure as a lot of them hang that way. Might be a trapdoor? No id on either.
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