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  1. Both of my old 1894 Marlins run 200gr rnfp Schofield loads fine and my old Stoeger [uberti] 1873 will also feed Schofield. The way that the carrier is shaped [on the magazine side] cams the next round back into the mag when the lifter is raised.
  2. I’ve been reading about Marlins run of these short barreled rifles, too bad they still don’t offer them. A rifle with a 16.5 in bbl, a factory modified lifter and chambered for C45S would be a real big seller for the Marlin lover cas crowd. I’ll probably not mess with the lifter as mine will hold 10 Schofield loads and runs fine. I’ve shortened the mag spring to make more room. I might drill out the endcap to make a little more room for the spring if I need it. It needs a lever wrap too. Can’t imagine that it didn’t have one at some time but haven’t shot it in a match in almost 20 years using
  3. We do 3-4 WB shoots a year and set up the shoot so the cas shooters can shoot alongside the 1911 shooters. The WB guys shoot 15-20 pistol and the cas folks shoot 10. Rifle and sg are the same for both. We also do BAM along with cas shooters, Boltguns have their own targets but pistols and sg is the same for everybody. It’s not hard to do but folks have got to get over the whole ‘it ain’t cowboy’ mentality. Shooting is shooting. Here I’m shooting Spaniards with Teddy. ‘Remember the Maine’
  4. Started another build today. Normally I like long bbl’ed rifles especially muskets but I’ve been enjoying the 1873/76 Centennial build so much I decided to cut my wife’s old never used 1894s .45 down to a 16 1/2 inch Trapper with a src butt and forearm. Waiting on the buttstock and carbine rear sight. Cut the bbl and magazine tube and opened the mag tube channel in the forearm and opened up the front sight bbl band. Used my table disc sander to true up my cuts but I’ll borrow my buds facing tools to do it right. Tomorrow I need to instal a new belt drive on my mini mill to drill the holes in t
  5. Have an low primer alarm on one Dillon 550. Need another. Don’t load fast enough to merit a powder alarm.
  6. We shoot in Dare Co [near Manns Harbor] every 4th Saturday at ECSASS. We are not sass affiliated anymore but do use sass and WASA rules to play the game. We also do the occasional WB and BAMM along with cowboy at our monthly shoots. A fun club.
  7. I put the wide spur Super Blackhawk ss hammers [30.00] on my vaqueros [5] this year and like them. I have always shot duelist. It wasn’t hard to do with no mods to the gun, pick one up from midway and give it a try. They are grippier than the standard narrow ones but you could knock down some of the spur’s checkering if needed.
  8. I did a match many years ago that used two stage guns [not for every stage], my Ruger .22 vaquero and a model 39 Marlin. It was a little different having 2 rifle or 3 revolvers.
  9. While we’re talking .45 Cowboy, my Marlin 1894 will run 200 gr rnfp Schofield loads fine but will it run .45 Cowboy? If not can it be made to run the short brass? Just curious. Thx.
  10. I would disagree on one point, that being placing your safe on an outside wall. Thugs have been known to cut through walls and pull safes out. Your house has pillars down the center [at least it should unless we’re talking a tiny house.] Would also suggest not putting it where it’s visible through a window that’s facing the street. Don’t advertise. My safe was 1400 lb mty, heaven knows what it weighs now. Hasn’t fallen through yet.
  11. This kinda of brings up another question. Would you share your primers if your cas bud needed some? .22s are as valuable as primers. Give him a match worth, a pack, a brick? Charge him pre election [about 30.00/brick is what I paid last time I bought a brick] or current market value?
  12. Coping saw blade and jbweld fixed mine 20 plus years ago. Not fancy but still running.
  13. It’s just reloaders hoarding, ammo manufacturers building ammo instead of components and suppliers/resellers holding back supplies to run up prices. Why sell a brick of primers for 30.00 when you can get 50.00. I restocked after the last draught and haven’t bought any for a while. Barring any political influence they will return.
  14. We set up all 6 stages using the same target arrays in one berm with a slight target rearrangement after a lunch break. We have a small club with less than 20 shooters. KISS principle. Steel is heavy and we is old.
  15. He looks good now but wait until he finds out about girls and cars but then maybe he’ll return to cas if work, wife/girlfriend, kids don’t get in the way. Seen this happen with both buckaroos and buckerettes. Cas doesn’t stand a chance against them hormones. I know he’s a newby but watch the 170 on that crossdraw. Nice stages.
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