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  1. Reloading is a necessary evil imo but I do like tools and gadgets and reloading is slam full of them so I guess it’s not all bad. And there is the satisfaction of putting meat in the freezer or shooting a match with your loads. But it’s still a chore.
  2. I have an ASM schofield. Since I’ve bought it I’ve used it in 3 shoots plus a little practice. Maybe a couple hundred rds. I like it better than the open top in the photo. Love my ‘73 Centennial build. No problems with it yet. I did add a couple thin pieces of holly under the oem grips to make them thicker.
  3. My [at the beach ] gun club had la de da sod installed over our original berm when they redid the terrible drainage but when we got moved next door into a new berm it’s just sparse grass and sand underfoot. A lot easier to find our brass. We couldn’t shoot into the ground with the sod but can shoot into the sand.
  4. Use it in a crossdraw holster and the long bbl isn’t as much of an issue. I have a Vaquero, open top and Colt with looong bbls and use crossdraw holsters for them but I have long arms too. If you are using a cool Schofield speed is not your desire. Shooting a neat revolver is. I like mine fine but fast it ain’t.
  5. Mine went home after 42 years. Been gone 3 years July 25th, I still talk to her every day. Miss that gal so much. Can’t imagine what 73 years would feel like.
  6. Also have used clays and clay dot in cas .45 cartridges and shotshells with a little tweeking without any issues. Couldn't get clays and was offered a keg of clay dot. Lasted me through the last powder drought. Close enough for gov’ment work imo.
  7. They’re just trying to jumpstart things to overcome the public’s fear of traveling. Personally I think flying is not the risk, it’s the crowds in the terminals and of course your destination that I would be leery of. When things get back to the new [abby]normal and the planes are full see what happens to your nickels and dimes.
  8. They’ve got small flat steel springs on the various safeties, inertia block etc that are somewhat delicate but while I’ve bought guns with them missing I’ve never actually broken one. If kept clean and oiled they are ok. If Ruger had built these shotguns there would be ss coiled spings instead. Don’t dryfire these mty as it’s hard on the firing pins, use dummy shells. The Model 24 and 42 are the best imo with the better takedown.
  9. I often use my Model 24 at my clubs monthlys, a very slick sg. With attention to the small springs and multiple safeties the Marlin hammer sg is safe imo. I’ve seen a 2nd gen Colt SAA blow due to a handload and was at a match where a winchester repro Henry magazine detonated rounds injuring the shooter. Last time I looked reloaded ammo and Henry style rifles were still legal. Marlin lawyered up when sass shooters drug these antiques out of their attics and closets. After many years sass lawyered up. No big deal, no hard feelings. Liability lawyers run the show.
  10. As you cant have a roof that kind of limits what you can do. My suggestion would be a 6 ft long x 8 ft tall wall on the back edge of the 10x12 with a window. Another wall 10x8 ft divides the platform in half. The walls forms an ell [the inside of a livery] so you go through a wider ‘barn’ door into a corral area using split rail fencing thats also mounted on the platform with appropriate props ‘inside’ and ‘outside.’ Maybe have a half door in the short wall that can be opened on top to shoot through or both parts opened to allow the shooter to ‘leave’ the livery and move down range to engage t
  11. Used to buy Toni Lama mule ears Shooters Boots but I had my good pair resoled and they don’t fit my feet anymore.
  12. Ammo and component manufacturers are not stupid. They’re thinking why should we give away our products that are being marked up by retailers and then severely marked up by scalpers and that the consumer is still willing to buy. Until they get to a point that their products are sitting unsold on the shelves the sky's the limit. Kinda of like when the airlines realized that they could generate millions of dollars of revenue by nickel and dimeing the flying public by charging extra for what used to be included in the cost of a ticket.
  13. 1 1/8 oz shot is too much shot for cas imo but I don’t know what he’s using them for. Been using an old Bair reloader for years but I only use ww AA hulls. You’ve got to get the right amount of powder-height of wad-volume of shot to fit in the given space of a shell with enough but not too much space for the crimp to fold back into the shell. Wads are critical and come in different heights and different sized cups to allow for more or less shot or more or less powder. I always use an overshot card punched out of mty primers slipcovers. Eliminates the need to be exact on the crimp so if a hole
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