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  1. It happens to folks, done the sg rd over the berm, snagged the butt of my rifle and away it went and at an ipsc match got called for moving with my finger in the trigger guard. Not the end of the world. The worst screw up that I know of another shooter did at the NE Regional where he went to load his already loaded pistols at the loading table. I guess he stored them loaded in his gun rugs [a no-no] and never looked even when he put them into his holsters when he put on his gun belt at his vehicle.
  2. True spaghetti westerns. High stepping horses, weird looking wagons and gimmicky rifles and pistols. How about Banjo’s banjo rifle? And they never miss.
  3. Squibs, overly complicated stages, the lack of participation by folks who should be helping to keep the shoot moving and broken guns, either mine or the couple of good duelist friends that I compete against. If I beat them I want it to be because I was doing my best not because they had a bad load or gun. And to back up a hair, there is a difference between a complicated stage and an interesting stage. Interesting is good.
  4. Whenever Colour Sgt Bourne makes an appearance he uses my 1891 .44 WCF Winchester 1873 Musket complete with socket bayonet as I don’t have a Martini Henry to loan him. Now lets all sing ‘Men of Harlech.’
  5. Not a 10-22 but here’s my covid19 build, a old salt stock Browning T-bolt .22. Since my M1 turned out so nice with the Boyds Winter Laminate stock I thought that I’d try another so I put the T-bolt into a Sky laminated Boyds Varmint stock. I had it all parkerized years ago when I found the damage caused by the salt. Had been sitting without a stock in the back of my safe for many years. It has a bigger scope on it now. Also added a Harris bipod and a sling. Turned out nice, pretty much a drop in. Did a little action work too to smooth it out.
  6. Would also have to agree, a bad idea. Weak hand duelist is not a technique than comes easily to a shooter who always uses both hands to run their revolvers. The only guys that would benefit would be the rare double duelist. Hell, even a duelist would be at a disadvantage.
  7. I have a norinco trench that I bought new many years ago. A very solid sg, I wouldn’t be afraid to shoot buck or slugs through it. Other than a shell stop screw [metric] coming loose and falling out and needing replacement I’ve had no big issues. I did chip a screw head when I removed the bayonet mount to put in a 6 rd kit. But the op said riot [20 +- in bbl] gun which is what most of us use not trench. It definitely is a real treat to blast away with 7 rds and a bayonet hung on the end. If I was a german in a trench with nowhere to go I’d be intimidated too.
  8. The only time that I shoot .38s is when we do a BAM shoot and I wear my Span Am uniform, shoot a Krag rifle and use my 1892 Colt DAs with heel base bullets or my Colt New Service .38 spcl DA revolvers. Any other time I use .45s. If you have to game your loads to knock down a specific target imo that falls into a spirit of the game call. Aim high on it and hope or take the miss.
  9. You’ll be surprised at the amount of nastiness that will come out of the extractor hole if you’ve never cleaned it. Q-tips work great. It’s got to have room to be able to flex and do it’s job.
  10. I have to respectfully disagree, I don’t see how you can reload .38 cheaper than bulk .22 ammo. Just went to midway and the cheapest .357 lead bullet is .09-.10 each which is $50.00 for 500 not counting the brass, powder, primers, shipping or your time. When I retired I was getting $24.00/ hr. Midway also had bulk .22s in stock at .05/.06 per round. Now you could reload 38 cheaper back when fools wanted 70.00 for a brick of .22s but not now. And anyone who shoots should have been stocking up on .22s when they came back from the dead. I have. Btw, I just got a good deal on 1500 commercial .38 pc bullets at 35.00/500 but that’s still .07 each. And it cost me 7 gal of gas to go get them [along with 5000 other bullets].
  11. I’ve been reloading my 30-40 for my krags and 30-06 for 1903s with 9.9 gr of Tin Star V-V N32C with a 193 gr fp gc boolit. Easy going load for short range shooting, less than 100 yds. Use it at my cas clubs BAM shoots, won’t hurt close steel or you. I went to the range with my wifes uncle who was a big milsurp shooter one time many years ago. We shot a lot with a variety of rifles, anyway after we got back to the house and cleaned his toys I took a shower, when I came out my wife was shocked how bruised up my shoulder was. I like easy loads with steel buttplates, getting hurt isn’t fun.
  12. When I started playing this game I reloaded for matches but practiced with my .22s. I bought a ruger.22 vaquero and a marlin 39A [had it rebarreled and i reshaped the stock to look like an 1897] and used one of my .45 match guns. Always wanted a second Ruger .22 but .22 vaqueros were/are hard to find. So much of cas is simply getting smooth with the operation of the guns and with the transitions from gun to gun. No need to shoot a centerfire when .22s will do the same thing.
  13. It’s not hard, 5 rifle target, 5 pistol targets and 4 clay birds hung with some masking tape on a piece of rebar or two. Two birds on each end of the pistol targets. At the beep 1st pistol l-r for 5 rds, holster, pick up the rifle 5 rds l-r on the rifle targets with a 5 rd dump on any pistol target, rifle down second pistol r-l for 5 rds, holster, pick up sg for 4 any direction. Put them far enough apart that you can’t get two birds at one time.
  14. Will they work in a 1873 Winchester clone? Are they too short? Schofield loads work ok in my .45 carbine.
  15. Thanks for posting the article, Dusty. Interesting thing to me that the wearing or not of masks has become so politicized with the demoncrats being pro mask while trumpers being anti mask. While I voted against hillary and am an independent i wear a mask when I go out and give non mask wearers some distance. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if trump were to loose the election by the number of trumpers who will die from covid because they didn’t practice social distancing and mask wearing. Covid doesn’t care what your political persuasion is, if it gets in you it will make you sick. Maybe a little or maybe a lot. It’s not a civil rights thing, its a public safety thing. 100,000 Americans and more to come. Wear a mask until there is a vaccine so we can all be here in November.
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