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  1. Today we were holding a garage sale for my 97-year-old mom. An elderly fellow wearing a Korean War Vet cap dropped by and visited for a bit. He was very lively and sharp. He was also 91 years old. His name is Robert McAnear. He handed me a card from a stack in his pocket, and asked me to share it if I liked. It was a poem he wrote: A NAME ON THE WALL I did not know you... You are from far away. ...from a small town I never knew. I did not see you when you fell. ...I did not hear your last breath, nor feel your last pulse. ...I only know you died. ...for the same cause that my friends died. The difference is that I heard their cries, and heard the sounds that brought this pain. ...Their blood mixed with mine, and I felt their hands...holding on to me. ...and I could not help them. I could tell their loved ones how they died, ...but I can never know their pain. ...or understand what they tried to say. I can only remember what I saw... in their eyes, in the half light, and I know they died for all of us...but...not alone. I cannot tell you what they said - that was only for those they leave behind, heart to heart, soul to soul, ..not to be shared with others. These were private thoughts - not for strangers - I do not know you, but my friend died, ...holding my hand, and, I honor you both the same. You both died for all of us, ...and you will be remembered. by Robert McAnear
  2. Depends. I have some Rem-UMC brass 12 gauge shells that I have reloaded over 50 times and they were used when I got them.
  3. To me, the Bisley looks like an SAA with osteoporosis.
  4. Half of my Schofield brass is A-Merc brand. The flash hole is off-center on a lot of them, so I have to use a universal decapping die for best results as trying to decap while sizing with Lee dies is problematic. Just FYI, in case you got any.
  5. Well, happy birthday. Some folks find they tend to shoot low due to the grip, but they were designed to be shot with a bent elbow which makes them point better.
  6. Dave, if your pistolas are stock, you will be wanting some aftermarket nipples.
  7. That's right. I bought a pair of used trousers when I was starting out that are about 6" too short, come to mid-calf. Inside my boots, nobody knows! I still wear them. These are a bargain.
  8. I have that exact coat, got it over 15 years ago. I remember, Wahmaker called it a McGonigal Town Coat. Mine is still that color on the inside but the outside is very sun-faded. It looks very authentic, I love it! Mine is a 42, if yours was smaller I'd have bought it. Good luck!
  9. It'll stay clean if you shoot a dash caliber.
  10. Well, I just checked my two Uberti .357 '73's, one made in 1997 and one in 2020. They normally are fed 125TC crimped in the groove which gives about 1.48" OAL. But I was curious. I've got some .38's I loaded short to fit in a Kirst Konverter and tried them. They are 1.406" OAL and I only loaded four but they cycled through the gun very smoothly. Hmm?
  11. Hmm, is Bounty Hunter trying to show that Richards conversions are the winning ticket?
  12. That would just make a short rifle. The '76 carbine is actually a full-stock rifle with a 22" round barrel. Some folks mistakenly call it a musket, since the'66 or '73 with a full stock is called a musket.
  13. Folks, a fitted brass grip frame and grip assembly is $135 plus shipping from VTI ( if it is in stock). This is a very good deal.
  14. I noticed that just above the "Add To Cart" button, is a "Financing Available" link. I guess if the price keeps going up we will need good credit to buy them! But thanks for the heads up.
  15. Only CCI large pistol now.
  16. If everyone agreed that there were ten bangs, including the bang-bang, and the rifle ended up empty, then it almost has to be this.
  17. Those pistols are Richards conversions made by Armi San Marcos (note rear sight on conversion ring).
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