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  1. Lassiter is in New Lebanon, Ohio. Tom's Single Action Shop: 937-687-1039
  2. If somebody made a .45 Schofield that wouldn't chamber Schofields, well that would just be wrong!
  3. That is very nice. And congratulations again! I will be Elder Statesman in 4 months, so you'd better watch out! Or, uh, maybe not.
  4. Thanks Widder. I watched your videos and started practicing right hand loading. I did it today on the one stage where we started with shotgun in hand. I got to do it a lot because that was the stage that took 10 shots to get 4 targets. But my left wrist (and/or forearm?) is not strong enough to pick up the staged port-down shotgun (even with the stock bump you showed) so for staged shotgun I am still doing one in with the right then 3 over the top. I have practiced some with the first two over the top and second two from the right and when I get a little smoother I'll play "slap the timer" to see which is faster. When slam firing during dummy practice, it is definitely faster for me than pulling the trigger each time so I need to work on that. Coffinmaker: Well I do have two TTN's and plenty of brass shells (and real BP, not that heathen APP ). I used to think that '97's weren't cowboy but after I got one for Wild Bunch I found out they are kind of fun, too. So now I have 4. When I go shoot an NCOWS match I will take the TTN.
  5. Okay, AD told me the same thing and said he always slam fires. So, I've been practicing loading different ways in the bedroom and I'm "slam-firing" the empty dummies, so at the match today I decide to try it with live ammo (while shooting a stage of course). Six shots, six misses! (all low misses). Okay, I guess I need some live fire practice! I had 1 round left after the match and Whiskey Kid said that Phantom told him to aim at the top right corner when slamming, so I did and got that one. The journey continues.
  6. With the C&I kit, 3rd gen at least, if you are using a brass carrier then the front insides of it need to be filed (opened up) some to clear the bolt head.
  7. Major, you will for certain need to lighten your springs if you short stroke it, otherwise it will be harder to lever. Lighter springs are the major part of an action job for a smoother operating rifle. Several options for lighter springs, you can buy them, grind them, or turn screws. You could do that first and then decide if you want to short stroke it as well
  8. He might've been making that post on his phone will he was standing in line.
  9. The earlier Armi-Sport / Chiappa Spencers that shot pistol caliber were 44 Russian and 45 Schofield. Some people had success but in general those shorter cartridges were more problematic, so they switched to the 45 Colt and 44-40 because they fed better, even though it reduced capacity. 56-50 is a little shorter than those.
  10. This is a Smith Shop carrier, right? No problem with grit from the cleaning media getting into the spring loaded gate?
  11. Both a '94 and '92 will be considerable lighter than a '66.
  12. Plus tax and hazmat. The $115/K GMM at Natchez (that they have had for over a week) is still less even adding shipping. It is interesting that this site shows quantities on hand. They show 62 of the GMM available.
  13. A Tad lighter to a lot lighter. Uberti '66's come in 20" and 24" rifles (octagon) and 16" and 19" carbines.
  14. I bought my first CAS leather at a gunshow in '99, a cheap Mexican buscadero rig with a cross-draw. That xdraw has been illegal ever since the 30-degree rule came into being. I did an easy mod to it to change the angle. Punched a couple holes and tied them together with a piece of leather. A Chicago screw would be a bit neater, but I didn't have a spare. It has a decent size mouth and is roomy enough to hold my Type II conversions which don't fit some of my other holsters. Not the prettiest in the world but I've been using it lately and it works well.
  15. When I shoot BP, I usually start out with a statement to the posse like "remember, if you can't see the target you can't call a miss!" It usually doesn't work.
  16. Well, TL, getting to shoot neat guns and then having to send them back is okay, but it will be nice to have some to hang on to. Conversions are the coolest guns for those of us too lazy for percussion. I just added magnatusk grips from arizona custom grips to some of mine: '60 (with Navy grips), '61, '51
  17. A new shooter came to a local match recently with three boxes of Black Hills .45's ($55/box). Yikes. I still have pre-pandemic large pistol primers but am just now about to start in on my "expensive" small primers. I don't want to calculate cost, nor even think about it. Nor gas prices. If I do, it's just depressing, and I would rather enjoy myself and concentrate on the good stuff.
  18. San Antonio had consecutive 100 degree days Saturday and Sunday for the earliest dates in recorded history. So yeah, it's over here!
  19. So will 44 Spcl. Not that I "had to try it". It was more of an accident. But it hit the targets 5 times (back before big/close).
  20. Howdy PeeWee, I will take the black vest. It is just like one of my favorites that is fraying badly on the bottom. Sending PM.
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