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  1. Doc, I think you were trying to respond to the closed topic on Alias lookup. ???
  2. I think he's only Lucky when outside of the reloading room. Have you seen the picture of him when his loader blew up? Well I guess he was lucky then that it wasn't worse!
  3. Had the case separation happen only once (.38). First I tried Shotgun Boogies extractor. It did not work. A gunsmith suggested the .45 brush, pulled into the chamber from the back so the bristles are pointing backwards and then pushing it back into the chamber. Didn't' work. Didn't have any round balls, but closed the action and tapped several .38 bullets down the bore until they stacked up in the chamber and that finally got the brass out.
  4. The base pin is in the forward position, which means it is a 2 position pin, and the new safety system uses a 1 position pin pushed all the way in. Also the trigger is more forward with the new system.
  5. Well, the umbrella is often really more for the rain than the shooters. In that case I can cover mine w/ a garbage bag.
  6. I know a number of people who have antiqued their matte finish guns as well.
  7. I had a smallish umbrella on my first cart. And some people want a seat on their cart. But I haven't sat down at a match in 20 years and only spend enough time at the cart to get what I need or deposit the empties. As far as minimalist goes, Dusty Leather has been using this cart for years, and he says the small wheels oddly enough cause no problems.
  8. Yes, the shotgun must be open. Unless totally enclosed inside a closed box.
  9. Others have used that cart with success. I was about to say that there have been a number of topics over the years on carts but you may need to find them with Google since the search function here is limited, but Sedalia Dave did it for you!
  10. Looks like a different gun! I see you also changed the grip frame and grip as well. Also looks almost like it has case colors.
  11. I'm not the OP but yes they are, and from the looks of them they are 4-click guns. edit to add: since these guns have a frame mounted firing pin, I don't know if Uberti ever changed them. New ones may still be 4-click, I don't know.
  12. That chart came from the Cimarron website. It is still there (link is at the bottom of their home page)
  13. He has a '66 which has no strain screw. Cowboy and Indian Store used to sell a lightened main spring, but I don't see it on their site now.
  14. I have a '61 with gated Kirst and an ejector assembly. Works great. But the .36 percussion guns have an oversize bore for .38's so accuracy will suffer unless you use hollow base wadcutters which will expand to grab the rifling, or line the barrel to .357 if you don't plan to ever shoot as percussion. I have done neither and at CAS distances I have not missed in the 4 or 5 matches I've shot it. If you use a conversion cylinder in a .45, the bore is already the perfect size. edit: you can also load heeled bullets in the .36, but that is way too much trouble for me.
  15. Don't roll crimped shells have less chance of sticking in the chamber when shucking the SxS?
  16. Anything over a month old and you can't find it on a Wire search. You need to go to google. I typed: site:sassnet.com Rough 'N Ready Rob CZ Hammer springs
  17. The Thunderer and the Dixie single action that the Major linked above are both Old Model frames. Here is the Cimarron Pre-War: https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/model-p-4-3-4-44-special.html in case you don't find a used one. That will be a 3-click gun, if that matters to you.
  18. Yeah, kinda pricey (like everything else). The kegs I bought locally were $235 each. BTW, new design for the Red Dot keg.
  19. In another post about primers at Natchez, Needle Nose Tom mentioned that they had Unique. Several of us found Alliant powders back in stock at local gun stores, but they finally found their way to the big retailer. I see Unique, Red Dot, Blue Dot, Clay Dot, American Select, Extra Lite all in stock at Natchez. Their website seems to be loading slowly for me again, possibly due to everybody trying to buy primers and powder, but this is good news.
  20. Way to go on those Texas Stars. NOT big and close!!
  21. I thought you made some guncarts where you pour your empties in the top, roll it around for a while, and loaded ammo comes out the bottom.
  22. People talk about hourglass and sundial timing all the time. When you're really slow they use carbon dating.
  23. Wow, looks like a little factory going there! Don't forget the final labelling
  24. FYI, 1875's are not made in stainless. Some are nickled.
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