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The Cowboy Way.

Brazos John

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Trusting a stranger is pretty much unheard of in today's world.

That's why this group of cowboys is so special.

I found something in Classifieds that I couldn't live without, a little pre-1900 specialty.

I contacted the seller, Dakota Fox, and put a PO MO in the mail at lunchtime on Friday, and pm'ed him to tell him.

I checked the mail box on Monday, and there it is, waiting for me.

It made me feel good that a stranger trusted me enough to send his package before my money arrived.

"Stranger" might not be the right word, maybe "friend that I haven't met yet".

Anyway, I just wanted to tell others about a stand-up cowboy that I encountered, and would ride the trail with any day.

Thanks kindly, Dakota Fox.



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Same same with Jake the Snake on a certain SXS I bought from him several years ago.


Top hands!!  Every one!!

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Tyrel Cody last week. I PMed him I had sent the funds and he sent the item. 


A few few months ago I bought an antique model 3 from one cowboy and a stoeger supreme from another cowboy and carried the guns home with me on my word that they would get there money the next time we ran into each other. 


That is trust in a mans word. 

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I won't name 'em cuz I know I'll miss at least one! I've had the Cowboy style dealings with every Cowboy/Girl I've traded with. Thanks Pards. :FlagAm:

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I have made several purchases on the wire from different folks and all of my experiences have been great. Nice to know you are dealing with straight up pards when making a deal over the wire. Nothing but pure cowboy way in my dealings.


Thanks to All


Jax T

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Here's another shout out, that I personally would like to share.  I attended the SASS South East Regional back in November, and talked with T Star Leather (Brett Smith) in making me a custom shotgun belt.  He took my measurements and we discussed the design.  I asked Brett to wait until after the first of the new year to make it due to my limited funds for the holidays.  The next thing I knew, I had a package delivery with the new shotgun belt on January 18th.  At this time frame, I had not paid for it, but he went ahead and sent it my way, probably because I had some previous leather work done by him.  Needless to say I was shocked and quite surprised at the same time that I had this OUTSTANDING shotgun belt!!!. I emailed him and ask for the "square" invoice which his wife Wendy sent and I paid immediately.   So here's my shout out to a fantastic vender, who took care of me,  thanks Brett for helping this SASS member!!!

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When I was new to the sport .

I went to Wrange War hear in Michigan as a spectator .

One of the Vendor's selling  Clothing had a nice setup with everything a new Cowboy could want .

I was looking at a complete outfit with paints shirt vest scarf  and boots .

I asked if he did business by mail because I did not have the cash with me to purchase his merchandise.


The vender told me to take the stuff home with me and mail him a check next week !

I was floored at his offer .

With a hand shake and a Mans word we made a deal .


I have always lived by this creed myself ,

But to have a complete stranger who was willing to give up his merchandise on a hand shake and a promise.

That my   friends is 

The Cowboy Creed !

Just sayin .


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Yul Lose gets a big YEEHA from me.

Never met face to face, but, he's shipping me something entirely on trust.

Yep, The Cowboy Way is still alive and well.

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