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  1. Two grip sets, Eagle Ruger Bisley Black Polymer Gunfighter Grips Checkered, Used, but in great shape. $160 shipped.
  2. Any way to NOT see his posts going back a few years? I kid!
  3. After a bit of foot dragging by the Attorney General and the Governor, the Maryland requirement for a 'good and substantial reason" for a handgun permit is suspended! Of course we still have the other parts of the law for now. 16 hour class with a live fire test (exempt if LEO or DD-214), fingerprints, photo, and references. While components of this are likely unconstitutional, Maryland residents are giddy. Classes have waiting lists. And our politicians are studying NY and CA, salivating for a chance to infringe in January. ALL of the Democrat governor candidates have promised more restrictive laws. And Maryland is a very blue state. But right now, we are happy!
  4. I've never seen turquoise grips, but I kind of like them. Of course I want turquoise on the other pistol as well.
  5. The NRA seems toothless. Most of the Republican senators who supported the gun control bill are among the leading recipients of NRA dollars. They need to buy folks who stay bought! Still, folks in Maryland are elated. MD required a "good and substantial reason" to issue a gun permit. No more!
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