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  1. I wet tumble with pins our stainless steel cylinders, ONE AT A TIME. Often with nickel brass. The pins do a GREAT job on inside the brass and the cylinders
  2. Tully, Are those knockdown way in the back screened by square plates?
  3. Excellent Still looking for that video OR any other actual example.
  4. OK, I will attempt to re-focus the OP. Some time ago there was a post (here , Facebook or ???) It showed a shooter planting feet-foot where upper body was clearly in constant motion, left to right. There was a discussion Page #12 SHB AND I think (which is why I would like to revisit that post) the conclusion was SDQ "moving on the move. Page #14 SHB, does not address this issue. Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire – Revolvers BTW, the hijacker tread about run-n-gun is very interesting to me. Please start a separate thread. -wylie
  5. Yep!!!! I would like to revisit the post and the resulting conclusion.' -wylie
  6. There was a post that discussed "shooting on the move". It was of a shooter not moving feet but moving rest of body from left to right. thanks
  7. Besides brass? I tumble brass base shotshells without any media and stainless revolver cylinders. It appears some tumble rifle carriers.
  8. Hells Comin, can use rank scoring to se if he needs to practice to continue to be faster than me.
  9. For some shooters, they might like to see how they did on a specific stage. I for one would be interested.
  10. Oregon State 2018? 2019? I think it was 5 rifle 10 pistol 4 shotgun One target Sequence 1 shogun 5 pistol 1 shotgun 5 rifle 1 shotgun 5 pistol 1 shogun Most everyone talked about how they would do it again.
  11. Okie I applaud your communication. It is GREAT! Maybe others could follow your excellent example
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