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  1. Hank and Dee were outstanding supporters of CAS I wish them the greatest of happiness -wylie
  2. I would like to share my story. At our first Bordertown match 2018. We were checking out the targets the day before the match. From a few feel behind the shooting table I saw the pistol target. WOW they are really close. Then approaching the table I looked down to see the actual pistol targets. What I first thought were pistol targets were really rifle targets. Since then the 16" targets appeared to have been replaced with 20" targets. Big and close does not guarantee FAST. Last weekend our club had a "Blast from the Past" match. Using advice from Deadeye Dick and Brazos (check out the first six post) The match was far & small and FUN. We hope with Deadeye's and Brazos' advice this will be an annual event.
  3. Howdy, Just to describe the other side. If you are a NEW shooter looking to the EXPERTS for advice, sometimes those comments are difficult to interpret. To an experience shooter - - - ha ha. To the new Shooter - - - ? ? ? It is good to later confirm the tongue-in-cheek.
  4. https://arcmate.com/ezreacher-pro.aspx They will replace no charge if it breaks.
  5. Why not just use the 2023 specifications? They are adaptable. Not intending to be sarcastic, but why have the state championship track & field sprint at 95 meters and the world at 100 meters? You can still have the state title using the world specifications. There is no need to have different specifications. AND if in the process the competitor bests both state and world GREAT for them.
  6. Have you all looked at the specifications for the 2023 World Record? https://www.caswr.com/stage-instructions It is below the 2008 instructions. These instructions are target size-distance independent. They are based on MOA!! Excellent IMHO. A match can use the preferred target size and then apply the corresponding distance. OR If the range has a limited distance, use the corresponding target size. Who ever wrote this did an excellent job!!!
  7. SHB page 3 Bandoleers, cartridge belts, and pouches must be of traditional design (e.g., bandoleers must be loose and not secured in any way to prevent movement). Modern drop pouches, combat style shotgun loops, wrist or forearm bandoleers, and such are not allowed. I know of shooters who use a bandoleer to have all the loops filled with shotshells (even some all shot no powder). At a recent annual match I saw bandoleer with 100 or so 45LC brass dangling from the bottom. Asking these shooters why, the response is "It must be loose, all this weight helps to keep it in place and feel secured." Question, Is it fair to assume anything period correct would be legal to attach or dangle from the bandoleer?
  8. Kid, Will you be shooting those at "Blast From the Past" September 9-10?
  9. Blast From the Past The Allie & Starr Shoot is two-day eight stage shoot at the former site of “Western States Championship” of the early 2000’s. (30 minutes east of Reno) The stages were designed from the experiences of Deadeye Dick https://forums.sassnet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_02/5a88cc9623199_LosAltosRedShotgunRedDeadEyeDickDr.WillardB.SlipsnakeandHangFireHank.jpg.47b1faa603710b45bdc46351c66e1c22.jpg Brazos https://forums.sassnet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_02/5a88cdfaafce5_TexBrazosAppaloosaBuffordandDeadlyRedly.jpg.c4351f0b3397177ef07cadfc41812366.jpg On September 9thy and 10th, expect to use your front sights, throw knifes, lasso steer, cook breakfast, reload guns, and play cards. The match is “Clean Match Friendly” assuming you bring enough ammo. Parlor games on Saturday then pot luck dinner. Dry camping is available. Limited to 64 shooters Provided lunch and classic awards on Sunday Check out the Battle Born Rangers web site http://www.northernnevadacas.com/BBR-Blast-from-the-past-2023.pdf
  10. A lung shot at 100 yards is fairly easy.
  11. In my experience asking the long range officials about target size is often answered "I don't know". The local shooters of the match KNOW what is going on, and have a clear advantage. In all fairness, any large match offering long range should publish the distance and target size BEFORE the match. A female bison body is about 7 feet long and 3 tall (not legs, males are larger). Knowing that it is possible with iron sights to estimate distance. If you are a shooter who takes long range seriously. I offer that they should then shoot BPCR Silhouette.
  12. Here in western Nevada we refer to our friends located in California as being over-the-hill, meaning the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.
  13. ......and third place overall. Way to go my over-the-hill friend
  14. Fanner, way to go, First Place and Western Regional Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Champion.
  15. Ol' #4 not only took First Place in Senior Frontier Cartridge he also won the Top 16 Shoot off!! He might say Black Powder Rules!!!
  16. You go girl. Three times First Place Grand Dames and Western Regional Champion
  17. wyliefoxEsquire

    #9 shot

    My preferred shot for clays
  18. I see three areas, Speed Accuracy Transitions Of the three it is best, being new, to practice transitions. Train you muscles to remember. Minimize hand movements. One hand puts the gun down while the other is picking another one up. Be smooth. I have been told smooth is fast. Once you have mastered transitions then work on the other two. It is much easier to lower each transition by 2-5 seconds. Watch videos of the top shooters. Watch the transitions. See how both hands are always dong something.
  19. Excellent, Time for long distance shooters to show their stuff. So am I to assume the 700-800 will be shot on the Berger range and the others be shot on the BPCR silhouette range?
  20. I have heard that the 1050 does NOT have the same outstanding parts warranty as the other models.
  21. Hells, This happened to me. In my situation the block that pushes the case into the shell plate did not move the full length. How it got out of alignment may have resulted because of resetting all the dies after I broke a depriming pin. After adjusting, all is now good.
  22. Over the years I have had an occasion to disassemble some ammo. My second inertial bullet puller just broke. Super glue and JB Weld (Plastic) were no match. Time to replace. Please share your thoughts and experiences.
  23. 2022 EOT had the three guns there to shoot $2.00 a round.
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