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  1. This looks like another winner to me, so it HAS to become part of my "Ruger Collection" for sure!!! I'll take two please, in black!!!
  2. Here's another shout out, that I personally would like to share. I attended the SASS South East Regional back in November, and talked with T Star Leather (Brett Smith) in making me a custom shotgun belt. He took my measurements and we discussed the design. I asked Brett to wait until after the first of the new year to make it due to my limited funds for the holidays. The next thing I knew, I had a package delivery with the new shotgun belt on January 18th. At this time frame, I had not paid for it, but he went ahead and sent it my way, probably because I had some previous leather work done by him. Needless to say I was shocked and quite surprised at the same time that I had this OUTSTANDING shotgun belt!!!. I emailed him and ask for the "square" invoice which his wife Wendy sent and I paid immediately. So here's my shout out to a fantastic vender, who took care of me, thanks Brett for helping this SASS member!!!
  3. Nice gun Hillbilly Drifter. I have purchased two of these nice Texas Defenders and lover shootin' them. My smallest barrel is the 327 Federal Magnum where I will shoot 32 H&R and 32 Longs. The biggest barrel is the 45LC, but I do have to admit I would also like the 44-40 barrel. Currently I have a friend that is making me a red oak display case with one gun at each end and in between six additional cut outs for my other barrels; all in a soft green felt. At least when I kick off this earth, my daughter and son will end up with them.
  4. Patiently waiting to attend the RO1 class, I personally never had the opportunity to attend a session. I have looked over and read the RO1 and RO2 student hand books. But I sure would like to attend a session with Capt Burt soon, to learn more about our game!!!
  5. See you there hopefully on Thursday evening as well Chili Pepper.  Are you staying at the host hotel and is the Ms. comin' with you? 

    1. Chili Pepper Jack

      Chili Pepper Jack

      Yes she is and yes we are!! We hope to be on the road by about 10am or so Cpt Bill should be in about 6 or so. How would you like to go out to dinner with all of us? Are you shooting 49er? 

  6. Marshal


    I put the press on ebay ,the number is  232493967600

  7. Just curious to see what bullet weight does most folks use for the Marlin 1894 in 45LC. I have been using the 250 grain bullet mold from RCBS but I use a 200 grain bullet for my Blackhawks. Like to hear from anyone who uses 45LC. Thanks.
  8. As one of the "Newbes" I congratulate the SASS organization for an excellent idea. I only wished I knew more about this sport when I was stationed in Tucson Arizona 30 years ago, I would have joined then instead of waiting 25 years. Hope to meet up with more of you fine folks eventually at Winter Range or EOT.
  9. Howdy Shooting Bull, I recently switched from Dawn to Mcguiars Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner for my stainless steel media. The Mcguiars leaves them clean with a slight coating of wax on them. The mix ratio or recipe is two tablespoons of Mcguiars, 1/4 teaspoon of Lemishine and 1 gallon of cold water. For the winter months I still use my other tumber with Lymans Tufnut to ensure the cases are fully dried. Ensure you give the "Evil One" some trouble the next time you see him at work, LOL!!!
  10. A truly remarkable gun cart, you sir are indeed a true craftsman. I like the idea of the split seat and how it's covered.
  11. I like the idea of the brass single shot .410 to match the Goldenboy. I wonder if Hoss might be onto something, Henry making a SxS for our sport if they thought they would sell?
  12. I'm just curious for the Marlin 1894 Cowboy with 24" barrel, which size works best for SASS matches, the medium at 0.155 or the large at 0.185?
  13. Howdy Isom Dart, I agree with you about the SASS forum, but I definitely prefer the comradery at the SASS matches before, during, and after the matches. It's been a while since we shot together at Lonesome Valley Regulators, I need to get back with you all.
  14. I too like the notion of "do it yourself stuff". The casting bug got ahold of me about 2 years ago so I do not feel as if I'm a pro at this yet. I order my Lyman #2 from Roto Metals and have not had any issues. I use the Lee 10 pound bottom pour pot but want to get the RCBS Pro Melt soon. I have a variety of Lee and RCBS molds for SASS bullets.
  15. In my normal introduction of myself to my Basic Blueprints students at Robins AFB I mentioned that one of things I like doing away from work was target shooting and reloading bullets. One student Shorty Butte started talking to me about Cowboy Action shooting during one of our breaks. He talked me into coming to a match in June of 2012 and I liked what I saw and helped picked up brass that month. Decided to come back in July and I decided it was definitely something I wanted to do. Joined up that August and have even tried a few more clubs now in the state of Georgia. My twin brother works in Nevada and he said he knew someone in our sport named Shooting Bull and I have contacted him now and want to go to Las Vegas soon and have more fun!!! Has anyone else said "Addicting"?
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