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  1. Personally, I have shot with 4.000...000 non US based members.
  2. Tough to say. It depends on who you trust. I will not go into the science here, other than to say. I believe most folks do not know what N95 means nor the foundation of the 6' rule. It is all a matter of probability, real math supporting theoretical science!!!
  3. I will get specific. Match directors, how do you deal with the RO/TO being greater than 6 feet away? Most other issues can be solved and still have 6 feet.
  4. Just wondering what your plan is regarding the lunch and awards, with respect to Covid-19 guidelines. For 100 shooters you would need to plan for a 90X90 area. (100 shooters with 6' radius = 3600 ft sq or 90x90). Will the food be pre packaged? Will pards be serving themselves? What is the plan for TO's? How will they maintain 6' and be able to immediately deal with safety issues?
  5. Please post what your club has done to shoot a match and still respect social distancing. Maybe someone from Dixie Desperados will post what they did? -wylie
  6. Worth checking out https://www.expressnews.com/news/health/article/Texas-A-M-researchers-develop-DIY-respirators-15169122.php
  7. What about J.T. Wild's concept of an "open" category? Some club in Texas used this concept.
  8. Hold on Ol' #4, Reb should move out of ES as-soon-as-possible. -wylie
  9. Reb, Nice shooting. Can't wait to see you both and shoot with you at EOR in May.
  10. Got the shotgun.  Thanks!

  11. If your shotgun is still for sale, would you be willing to sell it for $350.00 shipped to my FFL?  If you would, I will take it.




    Knob Creek Drover

    1. wyliefoxEsquire


      Merry Christmas

      I will reply in a few days


    2. wyliefoxEsquire



      I would be happy to do $375 and I pay for shipping.


    3. Knob Creek Drover

      Knob Creek Drover

      Ok.  You gotta deal.  Please send me your name and address with phone number.  I will send you a check and and the FFL paperwork.  Thanks,  Knob Creek Drover

  12. Here you go.

    Deputy King

    016 (4).JPG

  13. Howdy, I remember in the early 1950's my dad showing me his "duty" revolver. A Hopkins and Allen "Saftey Police" 38 S&W. I had forgotten about this until a month ago when my brother mentioned finding this pistol. It was dilevered as a zip lock bag of parts. Well it is assembled except for the hammer spring. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wylie
  14. I consider the pocket clean once the new primer is seated for 38spl 357mag 45acp 9mm 40s&w & 12ga I deprime and wet tumble for all other cases.
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