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  1. Yes again SASS has a golden opportunity to promote the sport. Instead of one photo on the home page they could have a slide show of a variety of SASS members. Women, younger folks, different shouting styles, different firearms and new shooters. Make suggestions. Having the same photo is not only boring but ignored. Make it interesting!!!!!
  2. Using a wet tumbler with ss pins about 1/2 teaspoon automatic dishwashing detergent and 90 minutes. Theses are stainless cylinders. I clean one at a time. The insides are like new! I would not do blued cylinders.
  3. Maybe this is the time to move EOT around the country and possible promote the sport, like many have stated in the past. Having EOT within 700? miles or so every 4 years is a better choice. Doing so allows some to attend who would never attend due to distance, and others the opportunity to visit the other clubs in our sport.
  4. 3/4 ounce shot claybuster 3/4 ounce wad 14.4 grain Clays or Clay Dot This the lightest reliable load for DW's SKB to reset the inertial trigger.
  5. Top Shot had two shootings The first in the AM to determine the winner The second in the afternoon for the film crews Good for few seasons,then boring
  6. Hey Pards, Does anyone have any experience with using a stock Uberti lifter arm in a '73 that has a Pioneer short stroke kit installed? thanks, -wylie
  7. howdy

    i would like the lube and tools



  8. Howdy, I appreciate all replies, thanks you. I would like to suggest that updating the club web page is a LOT more efficient for everyone. EX. "We are aware that WInter Range has been cancelled, at this time Dec xx, 2020 we still plan to go forward with all our events. Please check back often for any dated updates" -wylie
  9. Howdy, Our turkey dinner was very nice. Trust your was the same. Now that Winter range has been cancelled for 2021, we are adjusting our Arizona travel schedule. We had plans for Territorial Prison Breakout Gathering of the Posse Arizona Wild Bunch Championship Fire and Ice Monthly matches at Cowtown and Ben Avery Desert International Black Powder Long Range Championship at Ben Avery I checked the various web sites and all is as it was, meaning they all appear to be moving forward with original plans. Does anyone know if any of the
  10. I and many of the local BPCR buddies use LP primers for BPCR. We can verify what Reb said, improve accuracy at longer ranges.
  11. FB is bad news (pun intended) Their business model depends on collecting data. (I know, so does Google). I, at this time, refuse to add to their data collection. Get a simple web site.
  12. Did the instructions mention what was a qualifying "hit" on the tree? Did the instructions mention if the tree targets needed to move? if so how far?
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