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    2019 Winter Range Black Powder Long Range 10/10 2nd place on time (again)

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  1. Thank you all for joining Roop County Days this year!! The stats have been posted at www.northernnevadacas.com More info and pictures may be found on the Battle Born Rangers Facebook page! We understand that there are many shoots to choose from, so we wish to express a big Thanks for Joining us in 2019!! See you down the trail! Wylie Fox Jeremiah Jonathan and the crew
  2. The 23rd Annual Roop County Days as hosted by the Battle Born Rangers is now in the books. Held in sunny Fernley, NV the competitors arrived from California, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska and points East (New England). A full third participated in the seldom copied, often ignored, Tom Horn categories. Rifle caliber rifles being used in all 12 main match stages. Smokeless or black powder, single shot or lever action, the rifle and shotgun reports and raucous approval of the challengers could be heard across the range. Additionally, the club found a half dozen of the category winners and five of the top 17, from the SASS Western Regional at Chorro Valley had signed in. Old friendships and rivalries quickly came to the front, but all came with the away with the enjoyable exhilaration of stage by stage challenges as the two day's match continued. The evening between the days found banjo melodies by RW SASS 98351, Will Cooner SASS 59484 on spoons and Sanddab Sam SASS 9632 on washboard, drifting through the camp. https://youtu.be/1weM_Dj7saE After the awards banquet and awards and the well filled raffle tables were cleared, the celebrations around the campfires flowed into the evening. Please find the results at northernnevadacas.com under BBR, see how close first and second place was, and consider joining us next year. Oh and BTW, the banquets food the best is by far the best. Jeremiah Jonathan SASS 50325 Wylie Fox, Esq SASS 94735 Match Directors
  3. Howdy Uriah, We were all very honored that you choose RCD as one of your stopping points along your cross county trip. The weather was very good, the shooters were great. Give me a few days and we will be posting all the results. Again, many thanks for spending your time with us. -wylie
  4. Then please answer why the ONLY email I was send from SASS was on the DAY OF the drawing. This thread had close to 1,000 views in less than two days. I wonder how many of those who viewed it, just learned about the raffle based on this thread. There is a saying in sales, "Those with complaints, at least have an interest. Good or bad, you never hear from those who do not care." Just maybe sending the email three months ago would have increased the interest and entries. You could have even had someone start a "promotional" thread, months . . . weeks ago. There are many members out there who care. You need to give them a chance.
  5. It could be possible SASS only wanted a few to enter. Maybe there was someone specific they wanted to win?
  6. Just got this today in my email (September 1, 2019) Drawing to be held on September 1, 2019 Just as well, I do not deserve such a low number.
  7. You all might take a look at the stages. http://www.northernnevadacas.com/WB-stages.pdf Stage 6 has an interesting bonus targets(3)
  8. Howdy Pards, If you have not yet registered, then take a minute to look over our shoot book. http://www.northernnevadacas.com/BBR-RCD-stges.pdf This just maybe the big bore shoot you have been looking to shoot.
  9. Add Northwest Shot Manufacturing Inc. to our growing list of major sponsors 1526 Camp Baker Road Phoenix, OR 97535 541-535-3404
  10. HK, We plan on providing you many good times and stories to share.
  11. Did I mention our famous banquet dinner. Lots of quality protein. Everyone eats!!!
  12. Did I mention our famous first place awards?
  13. Well nuts HUGH error on my part Yes 5th overall and he was the overall winner at RCD 2017 The competition for overall male will be strong Royal Quickly Dutch Maddog Howlin Fanner Gunrunner & Nels!!!!
  14. Did I mention we have a CA compliant Wild Bunch ready 1911 pistol to be raffled?
  15. ROOP County Days is the second part of a full week of shooting. The week starts on September 9-10 with the Nevada State WIld Bunch Championship. And ends on September 13-14 with a 12 stage two day RCD 23rd Annual Match. Check out the Who's coming list http://www.northernnevadacas.com/BBR-RCD-2019-WHO.pdf You will find the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 12th, 17th & 26th place overall shooters from the Western Regional held a few weeks ago. Along with five who were awarded first place buckles. https://www.chorrovalleyregulators.com/content/final-overall-results-main-match-friday-august-9-2019.pdf RCD has six Tom Horn categories to challenge your Big Bore skills. Yes, 12 stages of BOOM!!!! Free dry camping. Plainmans and Wild Bunch (yes a second WB match) side matches. A true long range match (with a sighting-in warm-up day), with ten categories. BP, smokeless, scope, military & repeaters . . . . This is probably the BEST long range cowboy match offered on the west coast (maybe the entire US). Check it out http://www.northernnevadacas.com/index.html
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