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  1. I just saw this post. Maybe someone already made mention to what I am about to suggest. Some time back (up to two years ago?) there was a WTC post, showing a shooter with feet planted but upper body in continuous movement. Maybe someone could repost a link to that video, along with the discussion.
  2. Small correction to the above KE = 1/2 mv^2 or kinetic energy equals one-half mass times velocity squared
  3. so much for FUN!!! That was way too fast of a reply. But obvious.
  4. This could be fun!!! Two shooting positions left and right with tables. 10-10-3+ Firearm order pistol rifle shotgun Starting at left with pistols. Then move to right for long guns. after shooter finishes pistols moves to right, taking shot shell out of belt with left hand Arrives at table, with left hand drops shell in 97 carrier with right hand picks up rifle Finishes rifle then proceeds to pick up shotgun with shell in carrier and two more shells in hand(s)
  5. Try colored paper use a cross cut paper shredder (comes out like easter grass) stuff the shredded paper in with the shot.
  6. Maybe this should be a separate post/thread. Regarding the winter range black powder single shot match. I have shot this the previous two years, and in each year I shot 10/10 scores to earn 2nd place due to time. The first year the 10/10 took me about 300+ seconds so last year I was determined to not lose to time. No wiping no blow tube, my 10/10 took about 140 seconds only to lose out to the first place of about 130 seconds Almost any shooter could use my rifle-ammo-settings and score 10/10 it is fairly easy. This has become a SPEED event and if that is the intended goal then so-be-it, no need to read on. Personally I would like to have an event that requires more skill versus speed. Yes, the buffalo event is at a greater distance and I do not think there have been 10/10 hits. Suggestions, try targets distances that require different settings, different shooting positions, different target sizes.
  7. Got the shotgun.  Thanks!

  8. If your shotgun is still for sale, would you be willing to sell it for $350.00 shipped to my FFL?  If you would, I will take it.




    Knob Creek Drover

    1. wyliefoxEsquire


      Merry Christmas

      I will reply in a few days


    2. wyliefoxEsquire



      I would be happy to do $375 and I pay for shipping.


    3. Knob Creek Drover

      Knob Creek Drover

      Ok.  You gotta deal.  Please send me your name and address with phone number.  I will send you a check and and the FFL paperwork.  Thanks,  Knob Creek Drover

  9. Here you go.

    Deputy King

    016 (4).JPG

  10. Howdy, I remember in the early 1950's my dad showing me his "duty" revolver. A Hopkins and Allen "Saftey Police" 38 S&W. I had forgotten about this until a month ago when my brother mentioned finding this pistol. It was dilevered as a zip lock bag of parts. Well it is assembled except for the hammer spring. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wylie
  11. I consider the pocket clean once the new primer is seated for 38spl 357mag 45acp 9mm 40s&w & 12ga I deprime and wet tumble for all other cases.
  12. I would like the 1897 winchester

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