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    2014 EOT 1st Long Range Black Powder Single shot
    2016 WY State 1st Black Powder Buffalo
    2018 Winter Range Black Powder Long Range 10/10 2nd place on time
    2018 Eldorado Nevada State Match 1st Big Bore Single Shot
    2019 Winter Range 1st Quigley Bucket
    2019 Winter Range Black Powder Long Range 10/10 2nd place on time (again)

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  1. Howdy, Last year you posted the stages, which was VERY respectful. I just checked and I do not see them? thanks
  2. Battle Born Rangers

    shoots first and second Sunday year around




    39°32'10.8"N 119°14'25.0"W

    39.536339, -119.240286


    1. Mossy Pops

      Mossy Pops

      Thanks, the map is updated.

  3. Off hand I cannot think of another sport - competition where anyone can participate shoulder-to-shoulder (oh yea six feet) with a state, regional, national or world .champ. And all of them will talk to you.
  4. Jasper, Let me get this straight. For $25 I can shoot long range up to 700 meters, speed events, two 6 stage days with 12 stages of Big Bore AND your famous protein???? Also apply to participate in the Nevada State Wild Bunch Championship the Monday and Tuesday prior!!
  5. Howdy Rob, Please let the membership at Richmond Roughriders know that next year will be the ROOP County Days 25th annual. The weekend after Labor Day,. A full week of shooting big bore, black powder, long (700 m.) range & wild bunch state match. Deadeye Dick will be there. I can see his smile now when you 'all show up.
  6. Will do. He was and is my mentor
  7. Howdy R-n-R Rob I should see Deadeye tomorrow. I will tell him about your post. -wylie
  8. Do you think maybe Deadeye Dick knows?
  9. He did. Hope to see you soon in the valley or over the hill -wylie
  10. Hey Allie, Starr and I have heard alot about you from the many other California shooters who slip over the hill to shoot with us. Next year is the year to shoot ROOP County Days. The 25th!!!!!!! Will be a GREAT event, a full week of shooting with dinner by Jasper. Maybe we can be on the same posse.
  11. Howdy Jasper, I understand you and the cooking posse are providing the protein for Saturday night dinner. Have you figured out what that will be?
  12. HK Uriah, we really enjoyed your presence. You were fun to have around. Not to many clubs are willing to have a 12 stage shoot for Big Bore firearms. Hope you make the trip west again. FYI, locally we have 3 shoots a month, 2 at our range a 1 in Virginia City at a gold/silver mine.
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