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  1. Clubs who shoot based on a sign-up order is a "playground" system. We shot at a club in Washington state a few years ago. They shoot in order of sign-up (which we did not know) and shoot the 6 stages by dropping 2 as the first shooter listed. Meaning 1 is first on stage 1, 4 on stage 2, 7 on stage 3, 10 on stage 4 . . . As visitors, we did not know the "system". shooters stood around the sign-up sheets not wanting to be 1, 4, 7 ... So when signing up they skipped those spots. The "leader" announced that there were not enough for 3 posse so he would assign posse t
  2. I/we have and shot all but one of the names listed above. Shotgun Boogie is well above the others. One listed I would NOT recommend at all.
  3. Agreed, your OP was about leadership and helping set-up matches. BUT!!! some did comment on the operation of the posse. I was referring to those comments. BTY, regarding your OP, there are too many shoot-n-scoot members. No need to hi-jack this post.
  4. It does not save time. what it might do is allow the "shooters" to ignore who is working and just focus on shooting. Phantom, this brings up your post regarding "Why don't you folks help". By splitting up the posse when I am a worker I work. When I am a shooter, I do NOT work!" I try to focus on shooting. Now I admit, the TO's cannot be great nor the spotters. On a monthly, I focus on me when I am a shooter. Save time, YES, it saves MY time recorded on the score sheet. Save time, for the posse, maybe maybe not.
  5. Perfect??? 1 shooter 1 TO 3 Spotters 2 loading 1 unloading 1 brasser 1 scorekeeper 1 getting ready 0-6 unable or unwilling to help This assumes there are a total of 3 good TO's, who space themselves shooting. This reminds me of the lyrics from The Gambler "There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done" There'll be time enough for talken' when the shooten' done I would much rather have two posse of 9 than one of 18 for monthlies. We are talking perfect, then for state+ matches 15-16.
  6. Where is Phantom?? Look, I see many of these discussions dependent on proper/good TO'ing. AGAIN, I agree it is the shooter's responsibility. OTOH, a "good" TO/RO can do a lot to help STOP these "WTC" discussions.
  7. Once again, a TO/RO should be able to pick-up all the shots. If the TO/RO is not able to pick-up all the shots it is on the TO/RO. Did the TO/RO realize once the second firearm was picked-up that the rifle would be last and warn the shooter? Yes , I agree that the shooter is fully responsible, always!!! The TO/RO is NOT there to help the shooter. No reshoot and a "P" for the shooter. Refresher RO course for the TO/RO.
  8. Some random comments based on shooting long range at SASS events. Few ranges have the ability to shoot more than 200 meters. BPCR shooters tend to dominate the event In the past Winter Range has become a "speed event" Hell On Wheels has an interesting approach, 7 shots 100 200 300 yards. Engage 100 until you hit then move on the 200 then 300 max hits wins, target size can make it challenging. 7 shots tends to more things along. If range has less then 100 yards or so, then shoot on paper measure for tightest spread Clubs should post distanc
  9. 20 " Round barrel Grade C walnut Case colored receiver, lever, butt plate & fore stock clamp. Full buckhorn rear sight Leather butt stock cover and lever wrap. Pioneer short stroke kit Original internal parts included $1,975 plus shipping to your FFL
  10. I agree with Phantom. Consider the following. Currently the 8" plates are 11.5 times smaller than the 18" square as measures by MOA^2. Now think about the amount of time to change targets. For many shooters (not elite) will take a second or more. The return on the invested time to change targets is a wash, regardless of the distance, assuming a one second bonus. Think about the motivation of the bonus. I would try to make the playing field more equal. Move in the 8" plates, two second bonus and move out (or make smaller) the dump plate.
  11. Come back to Fernley and YES!!!
  12. OK someone just earned a Pie in the face.
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