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  1. Howdy, So the purpose of my post was to encourage those who recommend, that the recommendation include contact information. Examples of not supplying contact information are easy to find and I do not need to point them out.
  2. There are often references to cowpokes who have "stuff", do repairs, or custom work. In addition to making a recommendation, how about listing some CURRENT contact information? A valid web link would be GREAT!!! thanks -wylie
  3. Slim & Jack, I mistake, thank you. Cowpokes, that is ONE example that has happened multiple times. Are there any others?
  4. Cow Pokes, I am still looking for an actual example that happened. The one above appears to be how it could happen.
  5. To be more specific, I intended the OP to only account for TO improper coaching. Slide #24 RO 1 course slide show
  6. I am looking for examples of when a reshoot was NOT allowed. Ideally this would be an example from a state shoot or higher. This bullet point says that improper coaching is NOT automatically grounds for a reshoot. Slide #24 RO I Safety Course Proper Coaching vs. Improper Coaching ΓΌ Improper coaching that either impedes the shooters progress or results in a procedural penalty may be grounds for a reshoot.
  7. Question for the pin-less wet tumbler users. Are the insides of the cases just as shiny? I use pins with cascade dishwashing soap. Rinse then no pins using auto wash-n-wax with leminshine. Outsides sparkle along with 95+% of the insides.
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