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  1. Howdy, I appreciate all replies, thanks you. I would like to suggest that updating the club web page is a LOT more efficient for everyone. EX. "We are aware that WInter Range has been cancelled, at this time Dec xx, 2020 we still plan to go forward with all our events. Please check back often for any dated updates" -wylie
  2. Howdy, Our turkey dinner was very nice. Trust your was the same. Now that Winter range has been cancelled for 2021, we are adjusting our Arizona travel schedule. We had plans for Territorial Prison Breakout Gathering of the Posse Arizona Wild Bunch Championship Fire and Ice Monthly matches at Cowtown and Ben Avery Desert International Black Powder Long Range Championship at Ben Avery I checked the various web sites and all is as it was, meaning they all appear to be moving forward with original plans. Does anyone know if any of the above have been affected or plan to change? thanks,
  3. I and many of the local BPCR buddies use LP primers for BPCR. We can verify what Reb said, improve accuracy at longer ranges.
  4. FB is bad news (pun intended) Their business model depends on collecting data. (I know, so does Google). I, at this time, refuse to add to their data collection. Get a simple web site.
  5. Did the instructions mention what was a qualifying "hit" on the tree? Did the instructions mention if the tree targets needed to move? if so how far?
  6. Creeker's flow is good. I would include to check that the spotters are paying attention. If there is possible movement with long gun that the spotters will be back ( some shooters begin a step or two back so it is important to make sure the spotters are also back). It is sad that some TO's stand back, hold the timer low and watch the targets. Then after the last shot the quickly turn around to announce the time, ignoring the shooter completely.
  7. Which ones have you tried and could you share the issues you found? thanks -wylie
  8. If you all do not mine, I would like some more technical comments regarding the OP. thanks
  9. I have 650 and 750. Never used a 550. I have experienced launching the primer rod out of the 650 (along with splitting primer tube for 1/2 the length). Once the 750 priming system was aligned, it works GREAT. The 750 will not feed another primer like the 650, a very nice feature. I use the 650 for large primers 45ACP and 44 Mag (wild bunch). The 750 is used for small primers, 38-357 & 5.56 I would sell the 550 and get a 750. It is too bad there is not a simple way to share one case feeder, I have one for each.
  10. I am looking to get electronic ear plugs. The type that fit in the ear. A quick google search came up with SportEAR GhostStryke Electronic Ear Plugs (NRR 30 dB) Pair 3M PELTOR In-Ear Electronic Ear Plug, 30 dB Noise Reduction Rating NRR, Dielectric Yes Walker's Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds — NRR 23dB, Model# GWP-SF-SLCRR I would appreciate your comments. thanks -wylie
  11. Howdy, If you have ever been on a posse with Nevada Starr (NV State LSS champ) you understand the importance of a brass picker. Especially if you shoot 44-40, 32-20 even 45 Colt. She makes an effort for you to get all you rifle brass returned, even if it is several shooters later. Well her Acrmate Reacher Pro+ broke. https://arcmate.com/ezreacher-pro.aspx Busted beyond repair. (see photo) Inside the square tube is a blue plastic rod. What is missing is the plastic connector on the rod that fits in the handle. Not knowing the issue I checked out the Arcmate web site looking for a way to repair the picker. I read the FYI to discover they will replace the broken tool. I called on Tuesday and today Saturday we had a new picker delivered, NO CHARGES. I would suggest that Arcmate should be on the preferred list of SASS vendors
  12. In addition to be a great shooter. He is an outstanding person with great values. The way he handled a disturbance during the match was very respectful. As it rattled other shooters he was able to stay calm. We should all be proud that he is a member of our sport.
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