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  1. Besides water, what do you eat/drink during a match?
  2. Just got the email. Clicked on the primers. Sold-out. $100 per 1,000
  3. Rotometals made me some targets, AR550. Square-round at different sizes. They cut mounting holes. Cost for 14" square was about $50 https://www.rotometals.com/ar500-steel-targets/ Champion target stand. Uses 2x4 https://www.midwayusa.com/s?searchTerm=target+stands&filters=4294964880
  4. Here is a link to the web site, which includes details of the club, range map and the Nevada State Wild Bunch information. http://www.northernnevadacas.com/index.html
  5. We have done this several times. The WB shooter can stoke the shotgun and load 5 rounds magazines. Then shoot only rifle targets or both rifle and pistol. Yes they are scored differently. Two points, make sure the TO is WB certified and warn the spotters (who have never seen WB). BTW, doing so may bring in some new WB shooters and this also encourages the use of 22LR and other semi-autos.
  6. In the Nevada desert it is easy to find 9mm and .223 growing out of the sand.
  7. More thumbs UP!!! The best range I have ever visited (Jerome is also EXCELLENT). When food trucks "skipped" the hosts brought in free pizza for everyone....twice. Too many to mention, all the members worked long and hard. See for yourself, attend the Senior Games in October. -wylie
  8. Duece, thank you for posting. I ALWAYS appreciate reading comments from the very top of the "pile". There is a reason why they are at the top. I wish they would all comment on interesting topics like this one.
  9. update device then update CAS scoring!!!!!
  10. Howdy, I spent hours experimenting with practiscore. I was never able to get a match to work. Now we use CAS Scoring. Training time for new users about 2-5 minutes. Very easy to setup a new match. It does require a "master" iPad. This works out GREAT. We use the master for signups, then load the match into the iPads to be used in the match. If something goes wrong the master is there to "save the day". After the match I load the scores onto my iPhone (yes you can use Iphone as a scoring device or even the "master") and convert to *.XLXS and use Excel t
  11. Being right-handed and right eye dominate, it is easier to look to the right when holding a long gun. The view to the right is not obstructed by my left arm holding up the long gun. Therefore sweeping left to right is more efficient. Regarding stage design (mentioned by several above) I like to leave gun order to the shooter. Shooting positions are somewhat controlled by target placement and the stage description requiring specific shooting positions to be used, but NOT requiring which gun needs to be shot at a specific position. I try to allow shooters to choose the best way
  12. Wondering what your thoughts are regarding selling cowboy guns? Gunbroker versus SASS Wire Classified versus ???
  13. After reading the above I would like to suggest that it is not the target sequence but the transitions and props that make a difference. Some clubs have unique props that require "action" during the stage, opening a door, shooting through bars or sitting in an out-house. The locals clearly have an advantage. Publishing a "stick diagram" prior to the match does not help much. On the other hand, publishing prior does warn the shooters AND then they can try to mimic the action required for that stage. Another example could be a split shotgun or pistols allowing shooters movement either l
  14. Goatneck said he installed a bolt
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