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  1. I have a Stoeger hammerless coach gun I could part with. It is not new nor a leftie but it shoots good. Let me know if your interested. Jax T 106617L
  2. Got my new loading blocks in and used them in a match this past weekend. They work great and they look great also. Glad I ordered them. Excellent job!! Thanks Again Jax T 106617L
  3. I had a defib. put in after my heart was in a-fib. My cardiologist said I should wait 3 to 4 weeks to resume shooting as long as it was opposite of the unit. Mine is on the left and I shoot on the right side. It has been 2 years since installation and I have not had any problems. But I think Colorado Coffinmaker is right, if your cardiologist won't give you a straight answer, I would find another one. My opinion Jax T 106617L
  4. Tried VTI and Taylors. Both are out.
  5. Looking for a 7-1/2" round barrel for an Uberti 1872 Open Top Pistol in 45LC. Any help would be appreciated. Jax T 106617L
  6. I have been looking for a set of these hammers since February. I found 1 at Taylors, but no others. Hope you find a set. Good Luck Jax T
  7. I will take the rest of the 45 brass. Please PM me for the count and paypal info. Thank You Jax T
  8. Bruce Cabot was a good one. Played in several John Wayne movies.
  9. Back to the top. Found 1, just need 1 more
  10. Looking for a set of hammers for my uberti 1875 outlaw pistols. Any help would be appreciated. Tried VTI and they are out of stock. Thanks Jax T 106617L
  11. My card got charged so I think I am in!!! Jax T
  12. Dave, I have a set of Uberti 1873 45's with 5 1/2" barrels. Same serial number RS and LS. Please let me know if you would like to trade. Jax T 106617 L
  13. Beautiful work once again Yule !!!!
  14. I have an IAC 87 that Lassiter did the work on. PM me if you are interested. Jax T 106617L
  15. Hey Billy,

    this Jax T. Just wondering if you are gonna be a posse Marshall at EOT??  We sure did enjoy spaghetti western being on your posse. 


    Jax T

  16. Al I'll take the mule ears if still available. PM me with info for the gold please. 

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    2. Jax T

      Jax T

       Sorry, I forget about that. Tony Clemishire. Let me know the total. 

    3. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      If you’ve got a cell I can text you . Can’t get to the post office till around noon.

    4. Jax T

      Jax T

      806-206-8872. Text is fine

  17. I totally agree with X. Nice to see some of the history of SASS. Keep it up!!!!
  18. Hey slim, did you ever sell the boot knife you had up a few months back?

    1. Rico Kid

      Rico Kid

      Sending out the money for the Case XX Trapper tomorrow.

       Thanks.... Rico Kid


      Ron Pulitano

      6815 Vista Road

      Eureka CA 95503

    2. joachim slim

      joachim slim

      I don't think I sold the boot knife. I would have to look.


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