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  1. Silver Creek is right, it was a great shoot. Dawg worked his butt off. Major also did a fine job with the classic challenge. Looking forward to next year already. Jax T
  2. up for sale, Wyoming Traders rain slicker in 3x - 50.00. Also a Frontier Classic duster in 3x - 50.00 also. Thanks for looking, Jax T
  3. Be careful using the cleaning sponge above. It shaves lint off but will also wear into the felt if you rub to hard. Catalena Hatters did a great job cleaning, re-blocking, new liner and new sweatband one of my older hats for a really reasonable price. Just my experience. Jax T
  4. Red, I sent you a pm Jax T
  5. I am going to try and make the dinner also. Jax T
  6. Jax T


    I told them to cancel the order. It did seem odd nobody has STS shells and I could order 2 cases from them. To good to be true is the way again. Thanks again Pards for the help. Nothing like SASS people to count on. Jax T
  7. Jax T


    After I ordered I got a text with the paypal friends and family address to use for paypal. It has no part of the business name in the address. That is what caught my attention. He also wanted a screenshot of paypal when I sent the gold. I think I will shy away from this one. Thank you guys for the info. I really appreciate the help. Jax T
  8. Jax T


    Has anyone purchased ammo from All Ammo Shop recently?? Like to check before sending any gold their way. Thanks Jax T
  9. My condolences to you and your family Gregg. Jax T
  10. Damn, Yul that is beautiful. Incredible work again. Jax T
  11. Try Doc's old west
  12. It's not dyin I'm talking about, it's livin!!
  13. Received the brass today. Thanks again for the help pard. Jax T 106617L
  14. Capt, I have a set of Uberti clones with 41/2 barrels in 357/38 you could use if the Rugers don't work out. Jax T
  15. He repaired mine also when it broke. No charge. Really good guy and real nice carts. Jax T 106617 L
  16. Slick, ill take it if still available. Jax T
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